Growing Sikh community to build new temple, complete with gold domes

Ian Bushnell 7 February 2019 45

A rendering of the proposed Sikh temple in Weston, from the DA.

A two-storey temple to hold 400 worshippers, topped with decorative gold domes, has been proposed for Weston to serve the ACT’s growing Sikh community.

A development application has been lodged by the Canberra Sikh Association for the site of the community’s current temple, a smaller structure on Hickey Court next to the Orana Steiner School and the Baha’i Centre.

The new temple will incorporate the current one and require a lease variation to allow for an almost doubling of the allowable floor space from 1500 square metres to 2914 square metres.

The upper level will house a prayer hall, with the lower level containing a kitchen, dining hall and library or study, with an intermediary entry area with toilets and shoe rooms. There will be a new driveway crossing, car parking and landscaping.

The DA, prepared by Hugh Gordon Architects, says the large 11,234 square metre block is zoned for community use and the $427,000 proposal will meet the spiritual and community needs of the growing Sikh population in the ACT.

“This significantly larger, and accessible, Temple, is critical to fostering social inclusion in Canberra,” the DA says.

The pre-cast concrete structure is designed according to the principles of Sikh architecture, with the gold-painted domes an important design element.

Although a two storey building, the domes mean the overall structure will be three-storeys high but no taller.

The temple complex will be completed in two stages – first the mid floor and lower floor, with a gravel car park; followed by the upper floor, domes, and a sealed car parking area.

Initial consultation with the community prompted some revisions to the plans, but subsequent feedback from the school, Baha’i Centre and neighbouring residents has been positive and no objections have been lodged.

The DA says the proposed temple is set back six metres from the boundary and 26 metres from the nearest residential blocks.

The temple will use opaque glass on those windows facing the boundary to protect the privacy of closest houses, and it will not overshadow them, it says.

A Traffic and Parking Report prepared by Graeme Shoobridge Advisory Services says car parking will be sufficient for a congregation exceeding 550 worshippers and the predicted traffic generation is not expected to exceed the spare capacity of the existing road.


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45 Responses to Growing Sikh community to build new temple, complete with gold domes
Bob Sekhon Bob Sekhon 4:16 am 19 Oct 21

Our apology for the very delayed response. The Temple is open to all and anyone may attend when it is open. No special invitation is required. Feel free to come whenever it is open and just comply with the guidelines regarding covering of head and removal of shoes. Ask anyone around and they will be happy to assist and guide you.

Bob Sekhon Bob Sekhon 8:31 pm 12 Feb 19

All Sikh Gurdwaras (Temples) are open to everyone and do not discriminate. Prayers start around 10 am and finish by about 12 noon when holy communion (Deg) is served followed by Langar (vegetation meal)

Simon MacNab Simon MacNab 6:31 pm 09 Feb 19

Didn't see mention of a room to practice their Sikh flippy, spinny, stick-twirly dancing?

Flossy Hophop Flossy Hophop 2:49 pm 08 Feb 19

How beautiful! A lovely addition to our diverse community - hope there will be open days so we can all visit.

Jennie Gordon Jennie Gordon 9:08 am 08 Feb 19

Congratulations to the Sikh community the temple will be a great sanctuary for generations

Bek Tinkabell Norris Bek Tinkabell Norris 7:58 am 08 Feb 19

Wonderful! I love that there is a diversity of places to workshop in Canberra. Looks beautiful!

Soo Jay Soo Jay 12:07 am 08 Feb 19

It looks magnificent.

Hamish Sinclair Hamish Sinclair 11:38 pm 07 Feb 19

wish they'd build it at tuggs though

lunarboogie lunarboogie 9:02 pm 07 Feb 19

I see the beauty of God in all people. Great news.

Neenie Baines Neenie Baines 8:05 pm 07 Feb 19


gositsa gositsa 5:22 pm 07 Feb 19

What a mad building – fully Sikh bro.

Helen Mackenzie Helen Mackenzie 4:55 pm 07 Feb 19

sweetest people

Gabrielle Eagles Gabrielle Eagles 4:42 pm 07 Feb 19

These people are so welcome in our community.

Robert McMahon Robert McMahon 4:40 pm 07 Feb 19

Looks very smart.

Helen Kvalheim Stephenson Helen Kvalheim Stephenson 4:37 pm 07 Feb 19

Looks beautiful!

Paul James Paul James 4:37 pm 07 Feb 19

As a resident of the ‘new bit’ of Weston, I was please to join a diverse and welcoming community. Am looking forward to this. My only reservation is that it will take two stages.... hopefully the vision can be delivered more quickly.

    Bob Sekhon Bob Sekhon 8:35 pm 12 Feb 19

    Paul James The 2 stages are due to funding constraints. It is not possible to get a bank loan as the land is designated Community Use. All work being done will require cash up front.

Kyle Sharpe Kyle Sharpe 4:18 pm 07 Feb 19

Looks Sikh 😎🤙🏼...

Christopher Scott Christopher Scott 4:04 pm 07 Feb 19

So.... Sikh's are cool, but Muslims aren't?

As there was massive outrage about a mosque.

Not trying to be sectarian, just notice that people are being positive here about a Sikh place of worship, but there was anger about a Muslim place of worship.

    Saab InOz Saab InOz 7:52 pm 07 Feb 19

    Are you trying to incite a hateful between the two communities?

    Christopher Scott Christopher Scott 7:54 pm 07 Feb 19

    Saab InOz no, exactly the opposite if you read my comment right.

    My comment, in a nutshell is "Why do we care, why is one OK and not the other? Can't we just get along?"

    So why are you mad at my comment?

    Christopher Scott Christopher Scott 7:54 pm 07 Feb 19

    Saab InOz why the anger?

    Rupinder Pal Kaur Sidhu Rupinder Pal Kaur Sidhu 7:40 pm 09 Feb 19

    Christopher Scott ummmm because sikhs are known to help more than they are to terrorise, this was shown in the Paris outrage in 2016 where a Sikh allowed a lot of victims to stay in the Sikh temple as refuge. Mosques are just breeding grounds of terrorism and besides there’s a lot of mosques in Canberra and only one Sikh building (not a temple)

Fortress Epiphany Fortress Epiphany 4:04 pm 07 Feb 19

Lets hope no one comes here confused and thinks it’s another religion entirely. I’ve read that a huge percentage of Americans can’t tell the difference.

Kunal Chaturvedi Kunal Chaturvedi 3:43 pm 07 Feb 19

Can't wait to participate in The langar

    Dakshinamurti Chirravuri Dakshinamurti Chirravuri 7:10 am 08 Feb 19

    Kunal Chaturvedi ... seva first ; langar next

    Kunal Chaturvedi Kunal Chaturvedi 9:43 am 08 Feb 19

    Yes that's why participation and not eat!

    Rupinder Pal Kaur Sidhu Rupinder Pal Kaur Sidhu 7:41 pm 09 Feb 19

    Kunal Chaturvedi hahahaha free food all the way

    Bob Sekhon Bob Sekhon 8:37 pm 12 Feb 19

    Kunal Chaturvedi that is available every Sunday noon at present🤨

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