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Have you ever seen a Chief Minister whine so much during an election?

By johnboy - 16 October 2012 0

Great whines that have reached me in recent days despite being thousands of kilometres away:

    Young Liberals are beastly.

    It’s true, the only thing on earth that can make young Labor activists look good are young Liberals. The political class are well advised that the general public despises them both. (The same can be said for the most “popular” politician, we’re not talking about climbing Everest). But suck it up soldier or press charges if the behaviour really was serious.

    — My signs are sooo expensive.

    Complaining that the commandeering of the commons by our political classes is being resisted by the very populace they are seeking votes from is intriguing. You’re taking our public spaces and using them for cheap advertising. Don’t complain about the cost! (Also it’s great to see evolution in action with posters on roadsides without gutters now usually sitting next to serious bits of concrete, no more 4wds using their roo bar to beautify the roadside en masse)

    I don’t like their message

    There’s nothing quite like drawing attention to your opponent’s message. It was probably unwise to post out stonking great rate rises at the same time as an election, but they did have 12 years to sort that out and chose not to.

    It’s true the Liberals claim is only true over time scales which near the geological. On the other hand Labor have shown few signs of seriously reining in their costs and rates are the only thing that’s going to pay the bills (and they all need paying eventually).

Combine this unprecedented level of wailling with the Liberals offering to brief me on their polling (went to Bali instead) and Labor keeping mum and retreating to their Twitter echo chamber and you have to wonder if something isn’t really up.

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