Hayfever in full effect

zig 12 October 2009 10

Not having experienced hayfever for about 10+ years, it seems to be back in full effect.

Is it just me or any other Canberrans suffering particularly bad this year?

Had a raw sore throat for about a month now, a slight cough and I’m tired all the time. Doc gave me some rhinocort for my nose but that has run out. I’ve been taking antihistamines(Telfast) which seems to be helping. Any other ideas to combat the dreaded allergy or alternative suggestions to taking antihistamines(ie Naturopaths)?

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10 Responses to Hayfever in full effect
cleo cleo 12:32 am 14 Oct 09

Also if you have an infection you really need antibiotic’s, a lot of doctor’s don’t understand this, they may give you a script and a repeat, if it’s really bad you need at least six scripts, I have learnt this from past experience, after seeing a specilist, Dr Vageese in Tuggers specializes with asthma, sinus, all chest problems, very good, he dianosed me with asthma when others could not.

busgirl busgirl 9:42 pm 13 Oct 09

No hay fever for as long as we’ve been in a drought…spooky…could this be a sign that this drought is finally coming to an end?

Thumper Thumper 7:56 pm 13 Oct 09

Canberra has seriously allergenic grasses, possibly some of the worst in the world I believe. If it rains in spring then the sun comes out you are going to suffer…

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 6:31 pm 13 Oct 09

I had it when I was a kid. This is the first year I’ve had symptoms since coming to Canberra in 96. Itchy eyes and the mother of all sinus headaches. Panadol seems to take care of the headache, the occasional shot of saline for the eyes.

Jenna57 Jenna57 12:35 pm 13 Oct 09

Hayfever was once the bane of my life which often led to sinus and chest infections, aggravating my Asthma. During once such episode, a Doctor refused me antibiotics and instead suggested I start taking Horseradish, Garlic and Vitamin C tablets daily. That was in 1994, and I have not had an infection episode since. If, as occasionally happens, I start getting hayfever symptoms, I immediately add Echinacea for 2 weeks, and double my dose of Horseradish etc until the symptoms subside and then go back to my usual dose. I swear by it.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 10:27 am 13 Oct 09

As I’ve said on all the previous hayfever posts here: Beconase. Stick with it – takes a few weeks. Completely gone here.

Crypto50 Crypto50 8:04 am 13 Oct 09

The Hierophant at Griffith shops. Buy some Sabba Dilla (apologies, phonetic spelling)

busgirl busgirl 7:13 am 13 Oct 09

Try eating pineapple…

cleo cleo 10:02 pm 12 Oct 09

The Fess doesn’t work for me after awhile, as I have cronic sinusitis, I use Beconase, twice every day, morning and night, you can buy without a perscription at any Chemist.

Bronto Bronto 6:38 pm 12 Oct 09

I hear your frustration. I’ve been getting it on and off for the past few weeks and luckily the rain has been washing most of the dust and pollen away. On occassion when it gets sunny again and then windy, it comes back. I mostly get sinusitis now which can be worse because of the pressure in the face.

I’ve been using Fess nasal spray which is more natural as it doesn’t contain steroids etc and it cleans the sinuses out. There are different types of sprays under the ‘Fess’ name that you can get at any chemist. I know a few people who are using it now and think it’s helping. It might be worth a try and hope you feel better soon 🙂

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