28 September 2005

Heartless useless hapless wankers (Ssantas take on collection bins)

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I have spent a very large part of my life practising how to switch off my conscience, but this morning it jumped back to life and sparked me into fury after reading this article about certain members of our community putting rubbish in clothing buins around Canberra. You people piss me off, as I am finding it hard to find a place to sleep. No, really it is not on.

The article is saying that “Charity bins have been used as dumping grounds for dead animals, used syringes and rubbish, with a costly litter problem forcing an exodus of collection bins off Canberra’s streets…

…Kitchen scraps, dirty nappies and blood-stained mattresses are among other items charity bin collectors have been confronted with as they go about helping the needy. ..”

Not groovy children, not at all. This sort of behaviour is actually ruining what I consider one of the best things about living in a community, the ability to be compassionate and charitable and to help out those who genuinely need a hand.

Time for the rubbish vigilantes I think.

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hang on – the charity bins are run by a charity, why shoudl the gummint, or you the taxpayer impose fines on people leaving goods for them amd setting up complex cctv monitoring systems ? just pull the damn bins out.

Absent Diane11:22 am 29 Sep 05

I guess the only issue is that a) you may have weirdos/unsavouries going through your stuff on the front yard b) it makes the streets look ugly!!

Thumper: it works well? That’s it then, we won’t see it here….

Absent Diane10:33 am 29 Sep 05

They do it succesfully in melbourne…. it also gives people an opportunity to go around and scavenge for useful stuff that other people don’t want…. helped me out when I was struggling for cash….

If the cost of dumping your items at Mugga Lane was lowered, there might be a little more incentive to go there…

Frankly I’m appalled that the Mugga Lane operation receives income from

1. The council to provide waste disposal services
2. People who use the dump
3. Sales of recycled items
4. Harvesting methane off the waste

They’re making a packet and I’m assuming that they are paying for all of their costs from item 1.

It’s about time that a little more social responsibility was handed down and dumping of rubbish was made free again.

Vic Bitterman9:24 pm 28 Sep 05

Canberra needs a free twice yearly hard rubbish collection. Lord knows we pay enough for our rates.

Then, the housing commision types who dump their hard rubbish at the charity bins, won’t need to.

Absent Diane3:18 pm 28 Sep 05

I must admit when I was a teenager the charity bins were a good place to sleep when I was too boozed up to know where I was……. I would hate to think that the generations of kids that are following in my footsteps would have to contend with all sorts of garbage such as suggested above!!

You know, I’d love to do a costing of all the “I want, I want” postings that crop up here.

If it’s not people bitching, whining, moaning and complaining (I know they all mean the same thing but one seems insufficient) about any of the activities of the government, it’s expecting the world to be laid out for them on a platter, with every possible service and amenity on offer.

Just like an opposition party I guess. (Who never seem to feel the need to revisit these positions when the wheel finally turns)

(For the record, I think charity bins are an essential part of society and that people shouldn’t just dump their shit wherever they choose)

Unfortunately this is not a new story either. I read something like this every 18 months or so.

Well said Santa. don’t worry about bonfire, he hates anything that might possibly make a contribution to society. It is not the fault of the bins that people are irresponsible and dump stuff. I’m surprised you aren’t advocating we kill all the people, instead. I’ll vote for it, if you promise to go first.

either that, or provide places apart from the pay per dumping rubbish tips we have. We have recycling stations in each of the town centres, why not have a place where old couches etc can be chucked as well? More Second hand Sundays? The only reason people dump rubbish near bins is that they are lazy. There are no excuses for that.

Don’t they have a phone number where you can dob in someone you see dumping stuff at charity bins?

I think the anger is misplaced.

Charity bins are an eyesore. They attract irresponsible people who dump all sorts of crap. Despite the signs. They always will.

Remove the charity bins and the eyesore disappears also.

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