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Hitler Youth exceed targets in pledge extraction from smokers

By johnboy 4 April 2006 18

Last month we covered the workings of the thought police’s youth wing as they set about the “re-education” of smokers in Civic.

According to the UC student e-zine NowUC it’s been a great success with over a thousand canberrans renouncing the devil and all his works pledging to be good boys and girls and not litter.

Whitney Tomlinson, a campaign “educator”, informed smokers of the environmental impact of dropping cigarette butts. She said the public had reacted positively.

“The goal was 10,000 pledges nation wide, our goal was 840 for the ACT and we reached that goal by the second day of the campaign so were now up to over 1000 pledges just for the ACT,”

And how many of those who pledged were likely to toss their butts beforehand? How many give a damn about their pledge? How much is young Whitney earning? And would the city have ended up cleaner if we’d just set her and her cohorts to picking up the trash?

What’s Your opinion?

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18 Responses to
Hitler Youth exceed targets in pledge extraction from smokers
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RandomGit 2:52 pm 07 Apr 06

ie. I got Enoromously pissed at that pub crawl.

That pump made my penis Enoromous.

Each time Dame Edna speaks, it makes Australia’s self loathing Enoromous.

Thumper 1:35 pm 07 Apr 06

Good definition…

RandomGit 1:20 pm 07 Apr 06

Enoromous – Having been the subject of multiple enormity expansion events.

Mr_Shab 1:13 pm 07 Apr 06

Touche Thumper – Good question. If I was still smoking, I’m sure I’d be talking to shady guys at Allawah Courts, and gagging for my fix of Dunhill Blue.

Plus, I’m not sure the taxes collected on ciggies cover the cost of health care for smoking related illness anyway.

Thumper 1:07 pm 07 Apr 06


I’ve invented a new word….

Thumper 1:06 pm 07 Apr 06

Smokers also pay an enoromous amount of taxes….

I wonder what would happen if smoking was completely banned.

It certainly would be interesting….

Mr_Shab 1:04 pm 07 Apr 06

My apologies bonfire – you’re quite right. Your paranoid ranting encompasses people of all races, creeds, colours and genders.

“Social engineering” people to stop smoking is every bit as legit as trying to stop people taking heroin IMHO.

I’m the first to admit that smoking and taking heroin are totally different social pathologies; but indulge me and look at it in terms of cold economics.

Junkies cost the government and the public big money. I’m sure you’re happy to agree with me there.

Now – smokers get sick more often. Fact. They also tend to die slow, lingering deaths from cancer that cost medicare et al truckloads of cash to treat and support. Ergo, they also cost big money.

People have to die of something, but non-smokers are more likely to die quickly or as a result of treatment being withdrawn because they’re old and “It’s just their time”.

I’m sure there will come a day where shovelling down fast food will be as villified as smoking is now. The anti-smoking campaign started with “smoking is a health hazard” and are moving up the scale to pictures of what smoking will turn you into, kiddies.

Yeah, it’s patronising, and doesn’t allow people to fuck up for themselves; but do you think the government etc are going to sit back and let something they can reduce erode their cash base?

The anti-smoking lobby aren’t out to get you personally. Please remove your tin-foil hat.

Hippy and fluffy as it sounds, they’re trying to build a healthier public.

bonfire 12:32 pm 07 Apr 06

that is a misrepresentation of my position.

all smokers are targets of the social engineering softheads.

Mr_Shab 1:17 pm 06 Apr 06

I dunno how reasonable bonfire’s tin-foil-hat-wearing, “the-government-is-out-to-get-me-and-all-other-straight-white-males-because-I-smoke” arguement is, Maelinar.

Maelinar 1:03 pm 06 Apr 06

I stopped that after you started speaking reasonably again, although I’m minorly surprised it took you this long to query it.

I never disputed that you think of things differently to me, well to most other people actually… That’s not a significant enough reason not to talk to you though, I’d be putting myself in SGS’s shoes if I did that.

bonfire 12:46 pm 06 Apr 06

maelinar i thought you were never going to respond to anything i said ever again.

i guess that was a non core promise.

in the great scheme of litter issues, fast food wrappers, oil spills etc are greater than a few bio degradeable ciggarette filters.

i maintain that this campaign is a canard for further social engineering of smokers.

i wonder if the next step is to ban implements used for smoking such as pipes. which would then criminalise pipe owners.

Maelinar 3:10 pm 05 Apr 06

umm, because; that’s why.

Perhaps it’s not seen as such an important target, given that kfc, maccas et al provide rubbish bins and a cleaning service for their customers already. When was the last time you stopped at a Dunhill smoke stop, where after you had your final drag on the lung candy a helpful chap took your rubbish off you and deposited it in the bin on your lazy ass behalf ?

When was the last time you went on the Peter Jackson cleanup Australia day ? (Mcdonalds is a major sponsor)

Not saying it happens all the time, every time, but since you’re being so noxious about the whole deal, I thought I’d remind you of those services, in an attempt to get you to see why, within reason, anti-litter campaigners are targetting smokers first.

From what I read on this site you’re not going to listen anyway, I’m sure you’ll comply once you have to queue up at the Canberra Shopfront for the umpteenth time though to pay your fine.

bonfire 1:10 pm 05 Apr 06

why dont they camp outside kfc, maccas et al and harass their patrons.

Sssanta 3:26 pm 04 Apr 06

I think it is actually a shame that somone has to harrass people into not littering. Mind you, as a smoker if one of these ‘educators’ were to pop up and start telling me about the inherent evils of throwing butts around I proboably would have stubbed a lit ciggie out on their heads.

bonfire 3:23 pm 04 Apr 06

to proclaim success you need to look at what the definition of success or failure was.

what is the pledge ? is it binding ?

what if smoker A said ‘yes’ so you would fuck off and leave him to go about his business unobstructed by jackbooting social engineers impinging upon his ability to be left in peace.

Maelinar 12:22 pm 04 Apr 06

The fact they ran a successfull campaign isn’t really something to lambast with the devil and hitler youth.

They have delivered an unpopular model with a high degree of success (we certainly don’t need to look far for critical examination – just click the link JB put up); this is an outcome I’d expect from trained professionals.

I think the Uni students involved with the project should pat themselves on the back for mixing it with the pro’s.

Mr_Shab 12:12 pm 04 Apr 06

I see enough of them survived a hail of scorn from bonfire to make a difference. Ah, bless. We shall all dance, arms linked, through green, unspoiled fields under the fair blue sky.

jamius maximus 11:34 am 04 Apr 06

This re-education thing is awesome!!

This lunchtime I’m going out to target people eating junk food at the food court and get them to pledge not to eat it anymore. Who’s with me?

The article quotes a 9.9% reduction in butts after last year’s campaign. How do you measure that??? And with to one decimal point accuracy too.

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