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Holden Airship and APEC?

By kenk - 25 August 2007 24

Is it a coincidence? The last time I recall an airship over Canberra (advertising some obscure brand of chocolate) was when the US President was in town. In fact I vaguely recall it arriving in an enormous aircraft before being let loose (we are near the airport).

Now, with APEC bringing Dubya to Oz, I see the Holden airship buzzing around. I wonder if it is on its way to Sydney to watch out for snipers?

What’s Your opinion?

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24 Responses to
Holden Airship and APEC?
Pickle 10:56 am 26 Aug 07

Vic Bitterman 12:31 am 26 Aug 07

I’ve been a Ford man all my life. My parent’s brothers, uncles, cousins are all Ford.

But you know, this airship/blimp suddenly makes me want to buy a Holden.

N O T !!!!!!!

What a woftam this blimp thing is.

PS I’m a Holden man 🙂

Maelinar 10:50 pm 25 Aug 07

** Disclaimer **
This activity has nothing to do with me, nor my elaborate prank.

el 10:20 pm 25 Aug 07


Whatever happened to vg, anyway?

asp 10:18 pm 25 Aug 07

P.S. to any ASIO or Police reading this, by shot I mean photograph:)

asp 10:17 pm 25 Aug 07

Looked red to me. I’m going to be out and about tomorrow with a 100-400mm Canon lens. If I see it, I’ll try and get a shot.

Aeek 9:08 pm 25 Aug 07

that was Friday, around 6pm

Aeek 9:05 pm 25 Aug 07

Didn’t see any red on it from around Scrivener Dam and was too far away and off angle to read anything.
The lit grey stood out nicely against the dark clouds. APEC did cross my mind.

jamieson 8:27 pm 25 Aug 07
hairy nosed wombat 8:25 pm 25 Aug 07

It could also be an attempt of ambush marketing by Holden. You know, have it fly a few laps around field where a football game is being played, that happens to be sponsored by Mazda.

cranky 7:54 pm 25 Aug 07

Unless the snipers are already onboard!

Vic Bitterman 7:34 pm 25 Aug 07

The Holden VE ute was just released the other day, so it’s probably related to that….

We saw it last night near Queanbeyan… then today it floated over our house in Tuggers… it’s quite speedy and by the time we got a camera it was a fair way away!

asp 7:11 pm 25 Aug 07

It was doing laps over Civic around 4pm today. Unlike the more famous Goodyear Blimp, the one today features (based on my observations while doing 100kp/h and trying not to go into a tree) a sizable text display system with two large screens made for broadcasting simple messages to those below. Protesters bringing out the big guns?

el 6:34 pm 25 Aug 07


shiny flu 6:32 pm 25 Aug 07

It’s blimp.

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