Hot in the City: Doughnut worry, be happy because Mrs Kim’s Donuts have opened in Kingston

Amelia Bidgood 17 August 2021 139
Mrs Kim's Donuts

Mrs Kim’s Donuts: more than 1000 doughnuts a day are flying off the shelves. Photo: Michelle Kroll.

Doughnut lovers rejoice – a doughnut bar has opened in Kingston. Located in the space once occupied by Hale + Mary, Mrs Kim’s Donuts are dishing up a selection of sweet treats, pies, milkshakes and, of course, doughnuts. Opening on 8 July, they’ve been selling out early every day – Canberrans are devouring more than 1000 doughnuts a day.

Many doughnut lovers, myself included, have been patiently waiting for the opening of the new doughnut bar for months. Originally intending to open in late-March or early-April, COVID-19 quickly put a halt to their plans.

Mrs Kim's Donuts shop

Mrs Kim’s Donuts is located at 9/15 Tench St in Kingston. Photo: Michelle Kroll.

Assistant General Manager Corby Le and owner Kim have owned and operated a few businesses in Canberra and in other parts of Australia over the years. Corby was living in Melbourne before he moved back to open the business.

He says they struggled with border restrictions that prevented their head baker moving to Canberra from Melbourne, and a Sydney technician they were relying on couldn’t travel to set up their specialised equipment.

“I had to become the technician myself and learnt to install things on video calls,” Le said.

“There’s been a lot of obstacles and challenges, but we’re starting to get on top of things so we can give Canberra the best doughnuts we can. We’ve owned a few bakeries and a patisserie, so bakeries and the products you find at bakeries are in our DNA.

“Doughnuts are a blank canvas because there are so many ways to fill them and really be creative.”

Some of the doughnuts at Mrs Kim’s are sliced in the middle and the filling is piped down the centre to resemble old-style cream buns. But that’s where the similarities end.

Selection of Mrs Kim's Donuts

Mrs Kim’s Donuts are high, light and fluffy … and very delicious. Photo: Michelle Kroll.

Le says their doughnuts are special because of their texture.

“We’ve been working on the recipe for three years, and what differentiates our doughnuts from other recipes is that they’re very high, light and fluffy.

“The texture isn’t chewy. They dissolve in your mouth and the cream filling is smooth and well balanced.”

Corby says the doughnut craze hit Melbourne years ago, but there aren’t many options for the much loved sweet treat in Canberra.

“Doughnut stores are everywhere in Melbourne. They’re on every corner; they’re as common as McDonald’s down there.

“We have fond memories in Canberra and we noticed the gap so we decided to open our own doughnut store here,” he said.

You can find flavours like Biscoff cheesecake, wild strawberry, cookies and cream, taro, pistachio and traditional jam and cream on the menu. You can pick up one for $3.50 or a six-pack for only $15.

The team have plans to release weekly specials and their petite mini-tarts ranging from almond caramel, chocolate and lemon meringue would make a great addition to any morning or afternoon tea.

“It’s been a long journey trying to get here. We’re always working to improve things, no matter how big or small, and we’re always trying to perfect our craft. We’re really passionate about doughnuts. Food brings people together, and we’ve already seen a lot of people come together to eat our doughnuts and that makes us happy,” Le said.

“We hope people enjoy our creations because that’s the most important thing.”

Get in early if you want to get your doughnut fix from Mrs Kim’s Donuts before they sell out.

Mrs Kim’s Donuts is located at 9/15 Tench St in Kingston. It’s open Monday to Thursday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, Friday and Saturday from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm, and on Sunday from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm.

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139 Responses to Hot in the City: Doughnut worry, be happy because Mrs Kim’s Donuts have opened in Kingston
Stasia Maree Stasia Maree 6:34 pm 23 Jul 21

I will wait to go until you get back Rob! 💜

    Rob Mackay Rob Mackay 7:27 pm 23 Jul 21

    Stasia Lol go... Plenty of other doughnuts places here ahaha

Sophia Barbour Sophia Barbour 4:44 pm 23 Jul 21

Ben Lehmann doughnut date soon

David Hemer David Hemer 9:16 pm 21 Jul 21

Karlie Battese Have you tried on yet?

    Karlie Battese Karlie Battese 6:42 am 23 Jul 21

    David Hemer no, but don’t you worry, I will be!

Madi Smith Madi Smith 8:36 pm 21 Jul 21

Bridget Lisa when are we heading Eleanor’s way next?

Emmanuel Morfiadakis Emmanuel Morfiadakis 8:33 pm 21 Jul 21

Kalia Morfiadakisekei konta den meneis

    Emmanuel Morfiadakis Emmanuel Morfiadakis 9:14 pm 21 Jul 21

    Kalia Morfiadakis nice expect me :)

Marichris Vincent Marichris Vincent 8:07 pm 21 Jul 21

Hannah Marshall is this the place you were talking about? 🍩

Anadil Javaid Anadil Javaid 7:23 pm 21 Jul 21

Mohammad Javaid Lalarukh Javaid did you guys know about this

    Lalarukh Javaid Lalarukh Javaid 9:23 pm 21 Jul 21

    Yeah, I think they were giving out free donuts at their opening earlier this month. I don't think either of us were able to leave work for a donut...a sad life.

    Mohammad Javaid Mohammad Javaid 9:38 pm 21 Jul 21


Sarah Tindale Sarah Tindale 6:45 pm 21 Jul 21

Ash Hodak

Chloé Allen Chloé Allen 1:10 pm 21 Jul 21

Emily Hardy how far from your place?

Nick McKay Nick McKay 12:30 pm 21 Jul 21

Dani Jäger right up ur alley

    Dani Jäger Dani Jäger 12:32 pm 21 Jul 21

    Nick McKay haha I have seen these they look so good 🤤

    Nick McKay Nick McKay 12:34 pm 21 Jul 21

    cool you can buy me some next time thanks

Beck Reynolds Beck Reynolds 11:45 am 21 Jul 21

Jade Louise Caitlin McGarvey we need to go

Andjela Djokovic Andjela Djokovic 9:40 pm 20 Jul 21

Noor Shahbaz we go. We do soon. We must.

Laura Macedo Laura Macedo 9:18 pm 20 Jul 21

Omg Chloe Farthing 😍🤤 hurry up and visit so we can go xxx💜

Anshika Gupta Anshika Gupta 9:06 pm 20 Jul 21

Srijita Ray Monalisha Ghosh Dastidar Alishba John let's go

Jane Lovett Jane Lovett 8:37 pm 20 Jul 21

Emily Jane can this be my baby gift if I ever have it

    Jane Lovett Jane Lovett 8:38 pm 20 Jul 21

    Emily Jane maybe we go one donut for every day I’m over 😂😂😂

    Emily Jane Emily Jane 8:39 pm 20 Jul 21

    Jane Lovett I see 8 donuts coming your way 🤣

    Jane Lovett Jane Lovett 8:39 pm 20 Jul 21

    8! What that’s not optimistic at all 😂

    Emily Jane Emily Jane 8:41 pm 20 Jul 21

    Jane Lovett haha sorry 🤷🏼‍♀️ you got a stubborn one on board lol

Ray Coppin Ray Coppin 8:28 pm 20 Jul 21

Ben Johnson see ya there 2moz

Lesley Henderson Lesley Henderson 8:28 pm 20 Jul 21

Cherie Taylor this is our new morning tea destination

Neil Sullivan Neil Sullivan 7:45 pm 20 Jul 21

They look sickly sweet!

Meaghan Lonard Meaghan Lonard 7:03 pm 20 Jul 21

Please go for me Amie Nebauer

Jennifer Power Jennifer Power 6:32 pm 20 Jul 21

Been there Done that!

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