I used to enjoy the races…..

Disgruntled punter 30 November 2009 12

Well today I came back from “my cup” (according to the promoters) at Thoroughbred Park and what a dissapointment. Fair enough the weather was poor, but I’m sure the minimal numbers that were there were probably treaty to a suitably underwhelmeing experience as myself and my party were subjected to.

Australia’s racing culture has class, excitement and enjoyment in abundance but that just seems lost on the promoters, event and all associated with Thoroughbred.

We were unfortunate enough to have decided to splash out on a reservation in the silks rooms – apparently one of the most prestigous packages on offer. For the price of a return flight to Melbourne I wish I had just waited until the next race at Flemington! Below par entree (after a long queue), revolting main course and some dried up desserts, coupled with a choice of…. wait for it…… 3 drinks – Boags draft, bubbles or white wine – meant we found ourself actually moving downstairs to get some variety and experience “The thrill of it all”! Phah!

If Canberra racing really wants to continue to charge extraoridinary prices for such an average experience the depleted numbers which were seen today will surely continue.

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12 Responses to I used to enjoy the races…..
Coach Coach 1:28 pm 01 Dec 09

For sheer entertainment at a race meeting, I can’t help but think back to my one and only visit to the Bong Bong races in the early 80’s. It was rough, it was a mass pissup, but it was fun and entertaining, whether you drank or not. It was a party, that happened to have some horses runing around the outside of it.

Mothy Mothy 9:01 am 01 Dec 09

What about Goulburn or Queanbeyan? Anyone been to a good race day at either of those?

vibes vibes 2:26 am 01 Dec 09

I go down to Melbourne for the Cup and Derby most years, i love it. I don’t bother going to the races here. The only time I went to Thoroughbred Park I found the betting ring totally lacked atmosphere. The bookies, rather than touting for business and shouting prices, stood like stales bottles of ….and mostly said nothing.

I ‘m afraid that if the Thoroughbred Park is too expensive they are only chiming in to get some of the surplus some of the more well heeled Public Servants might earn. Pity for those on average incomes.

Clown Killer Clown Killer 9:16 pm 30 Nov 09

I’d have to agree with those suportin the county / bush races. The Roxby Downs Cup is a great day out, as are the Birdsville Races. In another life when Iwas a resient of the Southern capital I also enjoyed the Healsville and Yarra Glen races.

Only been to the Canberra track a couple of times and both outings were disapointing – altough to be fair, one was spoiled by running into Laurie Daley for which I can’t blame the racing fraternity.

busgirl busgirl 9:15 pm 30 Nov 09

…seems like any event these days is a magnet for the youngens who have no reason to be there other than to get really, really pissed.

…was chatting with my uncle the other week; we were comparing how times have changed regarding the behaviour of young people at various social events. Back in his day in old Melbourne town…and he’s only in his early-sixties…young people went to the local dance where it was unheard of to be served alchamahol.
…fancy that, guys and gals going to a dance these days and drinking nothing more potent than cordial…how different might things be…?

sloppery sloppery 4:58 pm 30 Nov 09

It’s always a shame when you lash out on something that’s supposed to be nice that ends up being crap.

I wouldn’t go to the races anyway, but that’s just me. Thanks for the review, though.

rosebud rosebud 3:56 pm 30 Nov 09

Country racing carnivals have it all over city ones. Thinking of Hanging Rock races where the horses and riders disappear for 30 seconds of so out of sight and the carnival goes on for three days with camping and great local community. I am sure there are loads of country cups in NSW nearby that would be similar. Anybody been to any?

mad_kiwi mad_kiwi 2:06 pm 30 Nov 09

Snake gully cup is another event not far away, well worth it, held in Nov

Chop71 Chop71 1:52 pm 30 Nov 09

Well head off to the Wagga Gold Cup 1st Friday in May or the Albury Cup held around March. Country Cups have far more excitement as the whole town comes out to play. People actually go to the effort of dressing up and showing off the local community.

Are there any jobs going with ACT events? I’d love the opportunity to plan activities for this city. It is hard to cater for people when you split them between events ie Cup/Foreshore and with Trackside last weekend (alot of young people were already at the racecourse the week before). I have noticed during the football season we have 2 or 3 codes playing on the same day. (hardly good for numbers and no-one wins).

Canberra is a fantastic city with 10’s of thousands of people looking for things to do each and every weekend. (even more during the uni periods)
Where do I send my resume?

icantbelieveitsnotbutter icantbelieveitsnotbutter 12:08 pm 30 Nov 09

I might as well jump on the band wagon here… I went as well. Although we were in “legends Lane” with about 40 other people… they had room or about 200. No atmosphere, no excitement. No going again…

Mothy Mothy 11:39 am 30 Nov 09

Cheers for the review, am glad I didn’t bother with that. Am in my eighth year in Canberra and despite my family all being mad keen punters and loving a day at the races, have only once attended a race meeting at Thoroughbred Park, about four years ago. Once was enough.

Chewy14 – Read this article back during the Spring Carnival – Normally don’t think much of Rebecca Wilson but had to agree with a lot of it. Echoes your sentiment there.


chewy14 chewy14 10:36 am 30 Nov 09

Flemington has better racing than Canberra. Who would’ve thunk it?
Sunday, bad weather and the day after Foreshore festival may have something to do with it.

“Australia’s racing culture has class, excitement and enjoyment in abundance…”

Every big race meeting these days is dominated by blink drunk 20 somethings out on the lawn who don’t care a rats about the actual racing.

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