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Images of Canberra – Westfield Belconnen gets even uglier

By johnboy 24 October 2006 17

I had the misfortune to be in Westfield Belconnen yesterday and was struck by the way they’ve managed to take a deeply ugly space and make it uglier still by ripping the elevator out.

Well done Westfield! Hooray for cameraphones! I can’t wait to see Santa and his atheist elves frolicking in the shadow of that lot.

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17 Responses to
Images of Canberra – Westfield Belconnen gets even uglier
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Thumper 8:01 am 27 Oct 06

“My personal protest is to still call these centres ‘Woden Plaza’ and ‘Belconnen Mall’. I refuse to say the W word in my everyday speech”

Miz, I think I am in love with you.

miz 10:28 pm 26 Oct 06

My personal protest is to still call these centres ‘Woden Plaza’ and ‘Belconnen Mall’. I refuse to say the W word in my everyday speech.

And has anyone seen the horrible ‘in-your-face’ enormous plasma screens suspended form the ceiling everywhere you look at the Tuggers ‘Dome? If I had a camera, I would show you. I am seriously thinking about completely boycotting the big centres.

andy 7:58 am 25 Oct 06

bah. i avoid the mall as often as possible.
evil place.
i must admit i was there the other day though.. waiting for my car to be fixed and had nothing else to do.. so i went for a stroll.
it was around 3:30, so the schoolie hordes hadn’t quite made it in there yet

Ari 4:34 pm 24 Oct 06

There’s a public health bonus in that a percentage of the plundering hordes of Belco fatties are being forced to use the stairs

Kerces 4:30 pm 24 Oct 06

Clearly you didn’t read any of the multitude of signs explaining what’s going on JB. They’re replacing the lift because it’s older than me and if you can tell them how fast the new lift will travel (1m/s from memory) you can win the honour of cutting the ribbon when it opens sometime in late November or early December and a Westfield gift voucher which could also be used at superior shopping centres like, say, Bondi Junction.

Absent Diane 3:51 pm 24 Oct 06

I would keep up with fashions if they looked ok – and the shops weren’t full of irritating humans. but I am quite sadly stuck in the ninties.

VYBerlinaV8 3:32 pm 24 Oct 06

It’s where the ugly, stupid people congregate. Sometimes they buy things at the shop. Belco is like a human zoo.

As far as fashion goes, people who are slaves to the latest fashion need to learn to shut up and keep walking when members of the public point and laugh loudly.

Growling Ferret 2:25 pm 24 Oct 06

If you don’t like your car stereo, just park at the Mall for a couple of hours and it will be gone!

Geoffco 2:23 pm 24 Oct 06

At least the mall is magnetic to most of those types, keeping the rest of Canberra in the clear.

Mr Evil 2:14 pm 24 Oct 06

“can you take your too long trousers to the tailor for shortening, instead of letting the torn ripped ends drag on the ground.”

Couldn’t agree more, Bonfire.

Ah, fashion is a load of shit anyway!

Absent Diane 1:57 pm 24 Oct 06

I think a better thing to say would be ugly overweight skanks should not show there belly buttons. I know it is less PC but it is the truth… as someone who is not in the best shape of my life… I certainly don’t go around wearing shirts that show off my beautiful man boobs.

bonfire 1:45 pm 24 Oct 06

women over 25 should not show belly buttons.

some women under 25 shouldnt either.

can you take your too long trousers to the tailor for shortening, instead of letting the torn ripped ends drag on the ground.

Absent Diane 1:43 pm 24 Oct 06

seriously I go to the mall all the time and I see people in uggies everwhere. I have also been known to have dreams about lions hugging me in spa’s so it is possible I am crazy.

its funny you can actually hear the IQ drop. The GF gets embarrased sometimes because I can become quite loud and arrogant and angry when in the mall.

The reason I go to the mall… because there are very few places in belco you can get something quickly and reasonably healthy except in the mall.

Thumper 1:37 pm 24 Oct 06


I lied about the ugg boots.

Growling Ferret 1:35 pm 24 Oct 06

“millions of bogan kids in ugg boots”

Thumper, as someone who avoids the place like John Howard has avoided watching the Inconvenient Truth, I had the misfortune of being there the other day. And I did not see a single set of ugg boots. I did see a thousand young girls trying to out-slut dress Paris Hilton, and the same number of teenage lads dressed like a Canterbury Bulldogs player leaving a cop shop.

As for fattie boom-bahs, when Donut King is a healthy eating option in the food court, what do you expect?

RandomGit 1:35 pm 24 Oct 06

On those values it’s nothing compared to Woden Plaza.

The mess is because they are putting in a new elevator.

Thumper 12:55 pm 24 Oct 06

And that my friends, is a graphic example of why I stay away from the Mall.

Apart from no car parking, millions of bogan kids in ugg boots, fat women and men bowling you over so they can be first in line at MacDonalds, idiot teenage girls, and…

Ah, I hate the place.

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