It feels so close to Summer the party has already started @ The Venue

venme_venue 11 October 2007 13

Counting Down Friday and Saturday Every Weekend Until Summer

After months of experimenting and feedback The Venue is giving you exactly what you want.

Fridays & Saturdays
Free Pool 5-8pm
Free champagne for girls 8-9pm
Top 40s/Dance/RnB from 9pm
(Saturdays with a twist of retro)

Free Entry for anyone who is a member of our mailing list or Facebook group.
(Join at or

Plus $4 Cruisers ALL NIGHT

So whether it is on the way out, on the way home, or to party all night long, The Venue is the place to be.

Business has been a bit slow, we are looking to have a really good weekend so if you could forward this on and or invite all your Facebook buddies to the event we will be eternally grateful.

Join us Wednesday nights for The Southside’s best Value Dinner
Good sized meals served with chips and or veggies and your choice of sauce
$7.50 Chicken Schnitzels with chips
$10.50 T-bones

Be sure to checkout our website for all the info about our upcoming events and bands.

A few coming soon are worth mentioning now :

October 17th Chris Franklin and Friends Comedy night
Yes that’s right, the “I’m a bloke, I’m a Yobbo guy

October 19th Brad Strut – Legend: Official
One of this year’s hottest Hip Hop tours (Presented By Triple J’s Hip Hop show)

October 21st One Night In Vegas Dinner Show
Elvis, Deano, Frank, and Johnny Cash – A Show not to be missed, a dinner to die for.

November 8th The Original Angels
Triumphantly return to The Venue stage with a new album

As Always
Your Humble Servants
The Venue Crew

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13 Responses to It feels so close to Summer the party has already started @ The Venue
V twin venom V twin venom 8:54 am 15 Oct 07

Good luck Tim. Public preception and being a responsible community citizen will be the key to your success. Fail in this area and you are doomed. Employ communicators not bone heads for your security.

ps. clean up outside after every big night.

venme_venue venme_venue 11:22 pm 12 Oct 07

V twin venom fair comment. There is a bit of history to it though. My partner and I are software developers :-} We started out with a third partner who had years of industry experience, he obviously was going to manage the place while we ran entertainment, publicity etc.
Unfortunately for whatever reasons he ended up running us into debt and walked out on us (obviously this is a much longer and less single sided story, there were problems from all camps)

However this left two software engineers all of a sudden running a 1000sq meter bar/nightclub/pool hall/ live music venue. We went through a series of managers we hired but repeatedly had problems. We are striving to do things better everyday, we have learnt alot very quickly and are still learning. Coming from 20 years experience you would fully appreciate just how much there is to know.

I am not looking for pity, forgivness or even understanding 😉 Just want you guys to all know we are doing the best we can and aiming to improve. If you have any advice or critism I would gladly take it on board.


venme_venue venme_venue 10:47 pm 12 Oct 07


Yep the problem should be fixed now. Our hosting company was hacked via an Apache vunerability. Had to clean all the files 3 or 4 times before they would belive me and update their servers.

Hope the virus didn’t cause too many problems.

Androyd Androyd 9:00 pm 12 Oct 07

Hey Venue – I’ve visited once for a gig and it was v good setup for bands. BUT last time I typed in your web address, I noticed my computer took me there via 2 other websites which gave me viruses on the way! Hope this is fixed?

V twin venom V twin venom 8:48 am 12 Oct 07

I’m with hingo, who gives a rats. I have been to the shops under and around this hole on a Saturday morning and it’s a crap. Broken glass, vomit, blood and puddles of only God known what all over the place. I have 20 years in the pub/club game behind me and the way this place seems to be run is a joke.Do these people pay to post thier own testimonials?

Thumper Thumper 8:26 am 12 Oct 07

Agree with El.

Tuggeranong PJs, bogan central…

venme_venue venme_venue 12:50 am 12 Oct 07

hingo_VRCalaisV6 you would be suprised ;-}

Fear not we are still commited to supporting live original music, local comics, family sessions and all the funky stuff that doesn’t necessarily make money.

But we also started in this business to provide entertainment, and a nice place to go for people in the south. This latest promotion embraces this resposibility we have taken on, gives a large portion of the South what they want, and is giving back to our regulars who have made it possible for us to still be here.

Plus is a good way for everyone to get ready for the summer season, you should always strech before running you know ;-} and if you eat always wait an hour before attempting a wet shoe shuffle.

As an aside speaking of wet shoe shuffling, a good mate of mine DJ Cynan(UK) is visiting from Oxford. He is lovely, talented, environmentally and socially minded and always up for a chat. He will be having a turn on the decks sometime on Saturday night(1am or so)

Check out a podcast of some of his stuff

Plus checkout his home club Honeypot and some more podcasts at

barney barney 10:00 pm 11 Oct 07

Charny is full of lesbo’s …

el ......VNBerlinaV8 el ......VNBerlinaV8 9:40 pm 11 Oct 07

Forget Charny, Erindale is bogan central.

barney barney 8:50 pm 11 Oct 07

Oh come on. What person in their right mind would not want RNB and cheaper Cruisers 😉

boomacat boomacat 7:16 pm 11 Oct 07


Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:34 pm 11 Oct 07

“Who asked for that?”

Knobends with no imagination?

hingo_VRCalaisV6 hingo_VRCalaisV6 3:12 pm 11 Oct 07

“After months of experimenting and feedback The Venue is giving you exactly what you want.”

“Top 40s/Dance/RnB from 9pm”

Who asked for that?

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