“It is not just his fault”: Dickson cafe owner calls for multicultural education after racist abuse

Dominic Giannini 10 March 2021 106
Vincent Wong

The owner of the Folks Gallery in Dickson, Vincent Chen, has called for more education on multiculturalism after a racist incident at his cafe. Photo: Dominic Giannini.

The Chinese-Australian man who was racially abused by a school-aged boy in a now viral video has said he does not want to visit hate on the group of children involved but rather wants to use the incident to educate the community about racism.

A video taken by staff at Folks Gallery in Dickson on Friday shows a boy racially abuse staff before spitting on the cafe’s outdoor table.

The clearly identifiable teenage boy is shown filming cafe staff, making racist references to their appearance and referring repeatedly to “viruses” before spitting deliberately on an outside table and telling staff “clean that up”. Two girls standing on the footpath continue mocking staff members while the boy makes an obscene gesture. Region Media has chosen not to show the video.

Racism video

A screen shot from the video. Image: Supplied.

The cafe’s owner, Vincent Chen, said he had asked a group aged in their early teens to stop smoking outside his store and told them to leave when they started racially abusing him.

The group allegedly responded with a statement along the lines of “We won’t leave, you leave Australia”, and made comments involving COVID-19, Mr Chen said.

“At first I was of course angry, if someone talked to you like that you would be angry. I was shocked,” he said.

“I have lived in Australia and Canberra for so many years and I did not expect this to happen because people are really, really nice to me.

“We know we are aliens, we are coming from other countries, people here might think we will rob their jobs, I don’t know. We try our best to contribute to society, we have our business here, we choose to live here because we love the country.”

The boy in the video has since apologised to Mr Chen.

Racism against Asian-Australians increased during the pandemic: one ANU study from late last year found that more than four in five had experienced instances of discrimination between January and October 2020.

Mr Chen said the incident was not isolated. He said that other businesses in Dickson and his friends in Melbourne had reported similar examples of racist abuse, but he did not want to use the video going viral on social media as an excuse to spread hate.

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“It is not just his fault, it is what people are taught or brought up with,” he said.

“It is what information they have been given. They have never been to China, maybe they have never had a friend who is Chinese, they did not know how nice we are. [Instead,] they learn from the mass media and social media.

“I hope they understand how much we contribute to society.”

The video also circulated around the Chinese social media site WeChat, which was where it came to the attention of Chin Wong, the President of the ACT Chinese Australian Association.

Ms Wong said countless incidents are ignored and passed off as “stupid comments” but that the seriousness of the video meant that it could not be ignored by the community.

“This incident is the one we thought, hang on, this is really bad, we cannot be silent anymore, we cannot allow this to continue,” she said.

Ms Wong also criticised the ACT Government for not doing more to combat racism in the community but ACT Education Minister Yvette Berry said the government would use this incident as a chance to educate the community.

“This behaviour is not acceptable. While we can’t change what has been done and said, this incident presents an opportunity to educate these young people and to reinforce to the community that this is not acceptable behaviour,” she said.

“It is important that we make sure the people who have been subject to this abuse feel welcome and supported.

“We also need to make sure these young people, their families and their school communities are supported as well.”

The Education Directorate said that ACT Policing is working with all parties involved after the name of the 14-year-old was posted online and schools in the ACT have received hundreds of angry emails from the millions of people who have now viewed the video online.

If you experience violence, abuse or other criminal behaviour, you can report it to the ACT Human Rights Commission on 6205 2222.

If you need support, you can call Lifeline’s 24-hour crisis support line on 13 11 14.

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106 Responses to “It is not just his fault”: Dickson cafe owner calls for multicultural education after racist abuse
HiddenDragon HiddenDragon 7:26 pm 11 Mar 21

“….ACT Education Minister Yvette Berry said the government would use this incident as a chance to educate the community”

Also, hopefully, about the stupidity of kids taking up smoking.

    Capital Retro Capital Retro 10:09 pm 11 Mar 21

    If her department had educated the children involved in the first place we wouldn’t be having this discussion yet, somehow she implies it is the community’s fault? Give me a break!

Jordania Jordania 5:49 pm 11 Mar 21

Yvette Berry: “We also need to make sure these young people, their families and their school communities are supported as well.” Supported to do what? In the case of the kids, carry on their disgusting behaviour? In the case of their families, not curb their disgusting behaviour? Or, in the case of their “school communities”, by which, if she weren’t so incapable of normal speech, she probably means schools, who knows what she wants THEM to do? What is that woman on?

bryansworld bryansworld 5:40 am 11 Mar 21

Linda Stapleton racism is plain wrong. However, what you refer to as the Government’s “hate China crap” are actually serious policies to counter a serious threat, namely the brutal, authoritarian government in Beijing. If you want racism, take a look at what is happening in Xinjiang.

    jorie1 jorie1 11:25 am 11 Mar 21

    I agree Bryan. How China is behaving is terrible and it will have global consequences for them.

Su Hanfling Su Hanfling 5:52 pm 10 Mar 21

Sending you respect Vincent - I’ll be heading over for a coffee soon. Thanks for all you do to make the world a better place.

Capital Retro Capital Retro 5:15 pm 10 Mar 21

“Jaffa Groube 9:46 am 10 Mar 21
Given our racist British heritage who’s surprised?”

What a stupid comment to make given that most comments on this thread would be from people with British heritage.

    JS9 JS9 10:15 am 11 Mar 21

    What is wrong with it Capital Retro? If one looks at the statement objectively, the British empire invariably was largely built on a bunch of racism based policies….. one can recognise the facts of the past while looking to improve in the future. Unless one is stuck in the dark ages I guess…

    Capital Retro Capital Retro 11:04 am 11 Mar 21

    Did you ever read a history book JS9? There was a British politician named William Wilberforce who “improved the future” for millions of people.

    Maybe after you check it out you could review your response.

    JS9 JS9 4:55 pm 11 Mar 21

    What precisely needs to be reviewed CR?

    I never said there weren’t good people in the British Empire CR, such as Wilberforce. But hang on a minute, what happened in the 200+ years before he came on the scenes with his buddies, the period in which the British Empire established its economic might and dominance of the globe?

    Oh that’s right, the British Empire was the greatest slave trader of them all, transporting millions of black African slaves halfway around the world to feed their economic machine….. now your welcome to try and mount it was all about ‘economics’ as much as you like, but at the end of the day, the policies of the day that endorsed that economic model were based on a clear assumption of superiority of the white man, who genuinely felt it was within their right to enslave another man for his own economic gain…. that is absolutely undeniable.

    Capital Retro Capital Retro 5:42 pm 11 Mar 21

    The British (that’s a collective noun, by the way) were slave traders as were the other empire builders at that time. The British did not however carry out occupation and genocide like some of their continental neighbours.

    Countries colonized by the British became countries of the British Empire and the host inhabitants co-existed with the British settlers. They all progressed to independence which is the epitome of democratic society.

    This “white superiority” stuff simply doesn’t exist anymore.

    chewy14 chewy14 1:07 pm 11 Mar 21

    On what basis would you suggest the British empire was built on racist policies?

    Nationalistic and economic policies yes, but that isn’t the same as racism.

    JS9 JS9 4:49 pm 11 Mar 21

    If you want to pretend what the British empire did in Africa, the Carribean and India was solely about nationalism and economic policies, go for your life. But you don’t start slave trading people on a basis that you think they are your equal, do you….

    chewy14 chewy14 6:18 pm 11 Mar 21

    You said:
    “the British empire invariably was largely built on a bunch of racism based policies”.

    Slave trading might be a bad and racist practice but the British empire wasn’t “largely built on it.”

    Your claim was clear exaggeration and hyperbole, in no way could anyone realistically claim that the British empire was built on racist policies. It’s nonsensical.

    jorie1 jorie1 6:41 pm 11 Mar 21

    Some of us prefer to look to the future. But if you want to talk about the past, Australia was founded by the British and it was mostly white British (and white Australian) people who fought for, gave their lives for, (and created) all the good things you take for granted in Australia today (like our system of government, the rule of law, innocent until proven guilty, free healthcare, the right to housing and welfare etc.). Those are things white British people established here in Australia, so please don’t generalise by being racist against white people.

Dave Taylor Dave Taylor 5:03 pm 10 Mar 21

Group of eshays, they're disrespectful to everyone, not just foreigners.

Antonietta Lavin Antonietta Lavin 4:18 pm 10 Mar 21

No dam excuse for what they did. Commonsense Lacks !!! Bring back punishment ! These types get away with it ! Why don't the parents teach them About Respect of others. Nothing new re racism being happening for centuries still happening should Friggen stop !

Veronica Meyer Veronica Meyer 2:01 pm 10 Mar 21

Mason that video I sent you!

Emmy Kudo Emmy Kudo 1:28 pm 10 Mar 21

Anneka van der Velde this is what I was talking about!!

Andrew Collins Andrew Collins 1:23 pm 10 Mar 21

I am saddened this happens across our country and in this case to Mr Chen.

Dylan Silke Dylan Silke 11:48 am 10 Mar 21

Ben Silke you do in fact not love to see it

Gillian Nolen Gillian Nolen 11:31 am 10 Mar 21

Where is the responsibility of the parents, not teaching kids racism is wrong

Inder Heer Inder Heer 11:24 am 10 Mar 21

Never had someone come out of this situation so gracefully. God bless him

Zheng Ye Zheng Ye 11:24 am 10 Mar 21

Education is 100% the way forward.

I actually feel sorry for the young kids because they are simply not educated enough.

That’s not to say I think they shouldn’t get punished for the crime.

    Ash Manwaring Ash Manwaring 11:27 am 10 Mar 21

    Zheng Ye it’s most likely the parents that need educating. Racism is taught.

    Adrienne Yeo Adrienne Yeo 4:44 pm 10 Mar 21

    Zheng Ye You know what, the best education would be for the cafe owner Mr Chen to give these kids jobs

Robyn Barber Robyn Barber 11:14 am 10 Mar 21

I love campos coffee, so next time I’m in Dickson I shall grab a coffee from the cafe.

Linda Stapleton Linda Stapleton 11:00 am 10 Mar 21

As an Aussie it shames me when this sort of thing happens. Over the last four years or so social media, news media has pushed the 'hate China' crap and we have all had to put up with it in one form or another. If we adults do not stand up and refuse to tolerate it the how can we expect our children to be better than us. This is the shame of adult Australia and we need to own it and change.

Capital Retro Capital Retro 10:03 am 10 Mar 21

It seems the cafe owner is over it so we all should follow his lead. This sort of thing happens all over the world, regularly.

Maybe the focus should be on the general behaviour of the offenders. Appears the ACT education system has failed them badly.

Isabella Rose Isabella Rose 10:03 am 10 Mar 21

Cameron Ribbons protect Vincent at all costs

Tiger Tim Tiger Tim 10:00 am 10 Mar 21

Amazing response by Mr Chen. The PM and other members of the government as well as State and Territory governments need to respond to incidents like this.

Jaffa Groube Jaffa Groube 9:46 am 10 Mar 21

Given our racist British heritage who's surprised?

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