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Jail size reduction due to high building costs.

By DarkLadyWolfMother - 17 October 2006 114

Our planned jail is to house 300 guests, down by 74, because of high building costs in the ACT. Due to the construction boom they’ve had to cut back on their original plans to stay within budget. By dropping the number of guests housed, they believe that they can keep the quality of rehabilitation up.

It’s to be hoped they build it within budget; unlike some other projects that have got out of hand. It’s also to be hoped that by the end of it we have enough capacity to make it worth building, and justify the $113 million plus that we’re all spending on this.

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114 Responses to
Jail size reduction due to high building costs.
Mr Evil 11:38 am 17 Oct 06

Reoffenders should be given a dose of hot lead, thereby freeing up more room for the virgin offenders.

Absent Diane 11:23 am 17 Oct 06

the prob with that ralph is that if you can’t cycle them in and out it becomes a burden on tax payers… even if they only get the bare minimums.

darkladywolf 11:21 am 17 Oct 06

What happened to contracts with fixed prices and deliverables ?

I’m beginning to get the feeling that that doesn’t apply to our local government.

Ralph 11:19 am 17 Oct 06

Well if I were running the show they’d be going in there and not coming out – for a long time.

And what’s this crap about corbell saying they don’t want to compromise the ‘quality’ of the prison? WTF is that about? Who says the need heating and views of the Brindabella’s. All they should be looking forward to is a concrete slab for a bed, hard labour and views of walls and bars.

Absent Diane 11:19 am 17 Oct 06

i think jail has to find the perfect balance of punishment and rehab. Too much rehab.. and society starts whinging that they are getting more than everybody else… too much punishment and the crims come out worse.

Perhaps teaching them to build and to work with other people wouldn’t be such a bad idea?

Swaggie 11:13 am 17 Oct 06

I confess I lost track of all the figures long ago but what were the projected savings from not having to pay NSW to look after the ACT scumbags in NSW prisons?

Mr_Shab 11:13 am 17 Oct 06

Yep – so they can come out completely un-rehabilitated and maladjusted and reoffend immediately. The role of justice is not just to punish, but also to educate.

Besides, jail is not a warm and fuzzy place Ralph, no matter how many counsellors you stick in there.

Ralph 11:06 am 17 Oct 06

Ideally we would get the prisoners to build the prison, but the unions won’t like that so that not a goer.

Who says prisons are a place of ‘rehabilitation’? This is a place of punishment and reflection, not hugs and soothing chats with 40 something female counsellors.

Absent Diane 11:04 am 17 Oct 06

you really wanna whip people don’t VY 🙂

VYBerlinaV8 11:01 am 17 Oct 06

I’ll stand there and whip their weary frames to keep up the work…

Mr Evil 10:58 am 17 Oct 06

“Neat-o. And we can have a mean life expectancy of 22………..”

If the life expectancy of 22 can be applied to criminals, then bring it on! 🙂

snahon 10:50 am 17 Oct 06

“It’s to be hoped they build it within budget”

What happened to contracts with fixed prices and deliverables ?

smokey2 10:45 am 17 Oct 06

Much easier to relocate some of those disused houseboats on some of our former rivers and lakes to Lake Burley and use as 21st century prison hulks.

Mr_Shab 10:36 am 17 Oct 06

Neat-o. And we can have a mean life expectancy of 22 and only allow land owners to vote.

Mr Evil 10:13 am 17 Oct 06

They could save money by building the perimeter fence, and then make the prisoners break rocks all day to build the buildings – just like they used to do in 1788.

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