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Jail size reduction due to high building costs.

By DarkLadyWolfMother 17 October 2006 114

Our planned jail is to house 300 guests, down by 74, because of high building costs in the ACT. Due to the construction boom they’ve had to cut back on their original plans to stay within budget. By dropping the number of guests housed, they believe that they can keep the quality of rehabilitation up.

It’s to be hoped they build it within budget; unlike some other projects that have got out of hand. It’s also to be hoped that by the end of it we have enough capacity to make it worth building, and justify the $113 million plus that we’re all spending on this.

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114 Responses to
Jail size reduction due to high building costs.
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london 4:41 pm 27 Feb 16

Easy solution is bring back death penalty for murder and deport any person from overseas after finishing their sentence.
Perhaps deport their family as well.
All countries have their criminals but why does Australia have to continue to import them.

Mr_Shab 5:11 pm 18 Oct 06

You’ve read some of my work in Penthouse forum then VY.

…in prison, you say (squirrels idea away for “later”)

Mr Evil 4:43 pm 18 Oct 06

“I loved your story Mr Shab. I love all stories. Especially the one about these hot chicks getting married…”

…in prison?

VYBerlinaV8 4:39 pm 18 Oct 06

I loved your story Mr Shab. I love all stories. Especially the one about these hot chicks getting married…

FC 3:58 pm 18 Oct 06

It was supposed to say “The fact that the two stories are so similar….”

FC 3:57 pm 18 Oct 06

Mr Shab, I think your story did illustrate that point.
The demonstration of the two stories being so similar yet having a completly different point also demonstrates that just because an opinion is written/published with clever metphors does not give it any more credability than someone just having a bitch.
Ppl always seem to think that because someone, somewhere published something that it must mean that it is somehow accurate…

Absent Diane 3:44 pm 18 Oct 06

nothing worse than getting to a point over numerous paragraphs and then to have someone say the same thing with as much meaning in 1 small paragraph.

Mr_Shab 3:39 pm 18 Oct 06

Yeah – my story sucks, VY. It just illustrates my point that you can’t sum up a complex problem with cute allegories about squirrels and grasshoppers.

“It is true that we need to stop the cycle – but there is also a point beyond which people can’t really be helped (can’t/won’t help themselves), but cutting off their $350 a fortnight doll money is still only going to make situations worse for both them and the community through their subsequent actions as a response to having their income taken away.”

FC – I wish you’d come out with that before I spent my lunchtime tapping out bollocks about furry animals.

VYBerlinaV8 2:37 pm 18 Oct 06

Good story FC. I don’t think too many people begrudge welfare to people who use it as a hand up to something better. The issue is when people simply rely on it long term.

FC 2:24 pm 18 Oct 06

So I guess was a “I can” then.

FC 2:23 pm 18 Oct 06

Interesting point on the baby bonus – has anyone ever refused it?
One thing about the Welfare point.
A good friend of mine had a kid at 18 and then got a job in the public service earning about 45K an year, she has since left that job and began studying (she is actually financially better off being on Welfare with the child care and housing rebate than she was working as a single mum), however, while the welfare fact is what helped her decide to return to study, she is now almost finished her degree and will be better able to contribute to the ecomony as being a skilled worker.
If it wasn’t for her being able to go on welfare -yeah, she would still be working, but in an unskilled job without any real chance of furthering her career and contributing to society in a meaningful way.

VYBerlinaV8 2:16 pm 18 Oct 06

I didn’t hand my baby bonus back – I used it towards buying another investment property.

Mr Evil 2:14 pm 18 Oct 06

Gas chambers.

Absent Diane 2:06 pm 18 Oct 06

I hate the won’ts with a passion….. no matter what you do for them… they won’t help themselves.. I have seen it so many times. It’s bullshit that they bring the system down.

Just on another little attack… I wonder how many of those who complain about welfare.. recieved their little baby bonus and how many handed it back because they were so adamantly against welfare.


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