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Julep Lounge Canberra’s most influential bar?

By johnboy - 18 October 2009 29

I’m given to understand that Manuka’s Julep Lounge is a bit of a watering hole for the fashionable young women of the Canberra Times.

Which might explain why Jessica Wright is all over that cocktail bar being named as the only Canberra establishment on a “list of Australia’s 50 most influential and celebrated bars of the past decade”.

(It would be nice to know which list this is, who compiled it, and who paid for it)

Now I’ve got nothing against the Julep Lounge. It’s very nice, the cocktail menu is interesting and they execute it well.

But I do wonder about whether any other Canberra bars have perhaps been overlooked here.

I don’t know if it still goes on but the machinations of Wednesday night karaoke at the Kingston Holy Grail during sitting weeks used to be quite something.

Your thoughts?

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29 Responses to
Julep Lounge Canberra’s most influential bar?
RatsNest 12:30 pm 20 Oct 09

Thanks lod, I’ll check it out.

Muttsybignuts 9:02 pm 19 Oct 09

Danman said :

Underage at The Asylum, Terrace Bar and Zorros were all influential to me.

Being overage and The Asylum, Terrace Bar and Zorros were all very influential to me. My highlights include seeing Dub War at the Asylum and seeing the Zorro painting move in that fuzzy wiggly way ( you know what I’m talking about).

lod 5:12 pm 19 Oct 09

I’ve always enjoyed the Parlour (
I tend not to be a cocktail drinker myself but the atmosphere is good and the music a reasonable volume.

mouthface 4:50 pm 19 Oct 09

It seems that Johnboy’s main concern is whether the article or the list were paid for. Bartender magazine, to the best of my knowledge, is an industry publication and it is distributed to bar operators and hospitality industry insiders. The fact that Julep Lounge made it onto the list probably means that the editorial team at Bartender simply thought it deserved a mention, that’s all. It would have made the Canberra Times because the management at Julep Lounge would have brought it to the attention of Ms Wright, and good on them! Its newsworthiness is fair enough. A local bar gets a mention in a national publication. Nothing wrong with that. As to whether the bar itself meets the obviously high standards of the discerning rabble of riotact is another matter altogether, but I’m fairly confident that the apparently evil hand of paid editorial may not be a factor here. Rest easy you little lefties!
As for myself, I don’t mind the place but unlike RatsNest, I find the place to be a little too quiet. I think it needs a little more bustle than it currently has. The cocktails are pretty good, but they ain’t cheap, and it does attract quite a few young ladies, although most of them seem to be in for a sensible night and a quiet chat with girlfriends. Maybe a few more loose and crazy girls might make it more fun. Or a pole where they can practice their newly found love of the latest fitness craze…

Clown Killer 3:44 pm 19 Oct 09

My understanding was that the list was compiled by industry insiders who were asked to rate the top 50 most influential bars in the country over the last decade. ‘Influential’ can be subjective, but you’d have to read the article to find out how they made ther decisions.

RatsNest 1:10 pm 19 Oct 09

Only been to Julep once and didn’t think it rated. The drinks were ok, but the atmosphere was crap. Place too dark and cramped, music not to my taste (I accept that, can’t please everyone) but was way too loud to allow basic conversation beyond shouting in each others ears. Not a pleasant evening and I won’t give it another shot at changing my mind.

Are there any places in Canberra where you can get a decent cocktail and have a conversation with those around you?

jackal 12:51 pm 19 Oct 09

“(It would be nice to know which list this is, who compiled it, and who paid for it)”
As far as I can tell the list is in the latest edition of Bartender Magazine, an industry publication, ie the magazine is paid for by the industry for the industry. If Julep Lounge was the only Canberra bar on the list it stands to reason that the only story in the Canberra media about the list is about the Julep Lounge, regardless of where the journalist goes there or not. Having come from the hospitality industry, it’s not surprising Jessica Wright would be keeping her eye on such publications.

Hercsie 9:49 am 19 Oct 09

RIP Boot & Flogger

Danman 9:02 am 19 Oct 09

Underage at The Asylum, Terrace Bar and Zorros were all influential to me.

cabbage 12:26 am 19 Oct 09

Friday nights at the Wellington RIP

Holden Caulfield 10:30 pm 18 Oct 09

Private Bin RIP!

Footloose 7:49 pm 18 Oct 09

Hmmm….influential bars(?) I don’t know what sort of influence we’re talking about here but I might have thought Filthys’ would be the toast of Canberra culture for its scotch and late night shenanegans. A fantastic contributor to our late night landscape.
Am dying to see who else is on this list; can someone post it if/when they find it?

bd84 7:31 pm 18 Oct 09

Never heard of it..
Though if it is popular with young women, it sounds like a place I’d like to visit!

Morgan 5:29 pm 18 Oct 09

I dont feel influenced by a bar I have never been to.

Clown Killer 3:15 pm 18 Oct 09

I think that where the Julep Lounge excels is attention to detail and adherence to doing things the way they’re supposed to be done. There’s a seriousness about the business of cocktail making there that you just don’t get with the vast majority of other Canberra establishments.

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