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Junkies Not Good Recylcers

By che - 17 March 2006 23

The CT has this story about nearly 5000 syringes being dumped in recycling bins across Canberra, putting the people who do the sorting of recyclables at risk.

Add to this the 3401 syringes that were were dumped in public places, and I get the distinct impression that Canberra’s junkies aren’t signing up to Canberras No Waste by 2010 drive.

PS if you ever find a syringe you can call the SHARPS Hotline on 132281

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23 Responses to
Junkies Not Good Recylcers
schmerica 11:00 am 19 Mar 06

They are still people…You make them sound like they are some parasite. They are normal people, with a problem.

seepi 9:21 am 19 Mar 06

FEw issues here. Unfortunately junkies do manage to interact with the rest of us, so it is preferable if they don’t have extra diseases that they (and we) don’t want. Not to mention the medical costs of treating them. The more removed from society they become the more feral, and the more likely to attack / abuse you in the bus interchange.
It is actually in all our interests to try to keep them healthy, and in touch with rehab options, even if you despise every one of them.

Unbeliever 9:14 am 19 Mar 06

As for all the false logical causal links and premises in DVD’s argument – I disagree with everything DVD said.

Vic Bitterman 8:59 pm 17 Mar 06

I agree with everything DVD said.

DVD 3:55 pm 17 Mar 06

Stanhope and his fellow do gooders could throw new needles from their never ending bucket of hugs and cuddles high in the sky and there would still be masses of Hep A,B,C HIV+ junkies living out their pathetic lives at the flats and in the interchange.

Shut the Drug Referral Information Centre in the city interchange for a start, leave the junkies to re use their needles in the flats and with any luck by 2010 they will have self imploded and killed each other off.

There would be less to spend on digital TV’S for the masses, then Stanhope could put that money to REALLY good use and fill his new ‘prison’ with plasma’s and XBOX 360’s ! hooray !

barking toad 1:23 pm 17 Mar 06

Nice in theory swaggie but they couldn’t give a fugg about the old needle once the shot’s in

“err, sorry I haven’t got me old one on me. I safely disposed of it one of those bins designed specifically for the purpose – now just give me a new one!”

Just don’t hand any out. Let ’em use a hollowed out pointy stick. And spread disease amongst themselves rather than leave discarded needles everywhere.

Swaggie 12:56 pm 17 Mar 06

Is there any reason the needle exchange can’t be made to operate as a needle exchange instead of a give away shop? I don’t know who works there but how difrficult can it be to say to the junkies “give us your old needle and you can have a new one”. End of story.

Thumper 12:26 pm 17 Mar 06

Needle exchange, what a joke. It doesn’t exchange them, it just gives them out and as bonfire said, smackheads really couldn’t care less what happens to the needle.

bonfire 12:20 pm 17 Mar 06

newsflash – tonight on the bleeding obvious – junkies dont care about anything except themselves.

seepi 10:59 am 17 Mar 06

sigh … injecting room… sigh

johnboy 10:37 am 17 Mar 06

Pragmatism over principle.

would you rather them spreading disease re-using needles that haven’t come from the government?

VYBerlinaV8 10:30 am 17 Mar 06

How about identifying these folk when then targeting them for rehabilitation of some sort. I for one don’t like the idea that the govt knows people who are breaking the law and does nothing about it.

johnboy 9:50 am 17 Mar 06

Maybe they need to exchange a digital TV for the needles?

Kill two social policy objectives with one waste of taxpayers money?

Mr Evil 9:44 am 17 Mar 06

This why the Needle Exchanges should be operating as a “needle exchange service”! Bring in your used needles and exchange them the same number of new needles.

But then no doubt some do-gooders will say this is an invasion of druggies rights!

johnboy 9:44 am 17 Mar 06

Wasn’t the needle exchange concept supposed to reduce this?

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