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Jury Service

By HenryBG 4 March 2012 123

I was greeted on Friday afternoon by an unwelcome-looking summons-like document in my mail.

“Oh no”, I thought, “they’ve finally caught up with me for….that DUI I skipped 20 years ago in Victoria by using erm, a creative ID?”, nah, not possible.

Open it up – I’ve got #$@*ing Jury Service for 3 weeks. They’ll pay “an allowance”, they say…

What I need to know is this:

1/ Will the allowance cover my company’s loss of $1400/day for me being stuck in a room of slow-moving lawyers doing %$@#-all to stop a limp-wristed magistrate from giving some scumbag druggie his 35th “chance”?

2/ Please give me the best strategy for getting out of this, because it’s just not going to work. Not for me, nor for anybody else. Pretty please.

3/ How much is the contempt-of-court fine for mouthing off at the slow-motion lawyers/magistrates for being parasites fleecing the public with their time-wasting bollocks? (If it’s less than a couple of $,000, it might be worth it, if it gets me kicked off quick smart).


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Jury Service
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ungruntled 11:09 am 30 Apr 15

I’ve served on 3 juries. I regarded it as a duty, a responsibility & a privilege.

Interesting, that you perceive your value in terms of the money you earn. In this case it seems to have

addled values. Or was it that the values were addled, causing the choices and the attitudes expressed


My late father was bombed out in Darwin & continued repairing communication lines while a Japanese

bomber was strafing after him & anyone else who moved.

He remained an honest & honourable man all his days & made a good income. I am appalled that your approach to community & duty is what has resulted.

Can I suggest you grow up and endeavour to become a whole & responsible human being.

potatosalad 9:32 pm 22 Mar 12

While I agree that HenryBG could have approached this with a little more tact, people seem very very petty for making such a big deal about the $1400. My last employer charged a daily rate of $1650 for my services and paid me less than $100k, and it made perfect sense because they materials costs and the costs of the people employed above me and around me etc. were reflected in those rates. Therefore, if I had gone off to jury duty for a few weeks, then yes, it would have cost my company a fortune covering those losses and no I wouldn’t have been an overpaid jerk.

HenryBG 4:39 pm 16 Mar 12

Mr Evil said :

HenryBG and Passy should hook up sometime and have a chat!

I’ve got one of Passy’s mates in the family. Despite their far higher average IQ, there is something seriously broken in the way they lefties think which prevents them from appreciating some aspects of reality.
They’re basically wishful-thinkers.


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