Keep an eye out for route 88

johnboy 7 April 2009 46

We can’t do bus services to the airport, but Chief Minister Stanhope has announced that his pet prison is going to be serviced by a new Route 88 to take visitors who lack cars out to the facility.

    “Staff and visitors will benefit from new ACTION bus services to the AMC departing daily from the Woden Bus Interchange including weekends and public holidays,” Mr Stanhope said.

    “The new bus services are part of the ACT Labor Government’s ongoing commitment to provide a quality public transport system that meets the community’s needs.”

    Route 88 departs from platform four at the Woden Bus Interchange at 8:26am, 12:40pm and 5:10pm. Return services depart from the AMC at 1.50am, 4.50pm, and 8.05pm.

    On weekends and public holidays Route 988 departs from platform four at 8.40am, 12.25pm and 5.10pm and returns at 11.35am, 4.35pm and 7.35pm.

I’ve got a shiny gold star and the pint of your choice for the first person who can get me a picture of one of these running.

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46 Responses to Keep an eye out for route 88
TP 3000 TP 3000 10:29 am 12 Apr 09
TP 3000 TP 3000 1:16 am 10 Apr 09

MrPC said :

If I were ACTION, I’d be more interested in carrying prison employees then people whose friends or relatives are prisoners.

Quamby Youth Detention & Belconnen Remand Centre have both always had bus services out to them. The new Bimberi also has a bus out to it. So why should AMC be any different. I wonder if the buses even end up going out to AMC empty?

MrPC MrPC 8:28 pm 08 Apr 09

If I were ACTION, I’d be more interested in carrying prison employees then people whose friends or relatives are prisoners.

bd84 bd84 10:51 pm 07 Apr 09

Maybe they could create an “expresso” service with the route number 666 for the peak visiting periods..

MrPC MrPC 9:06 pm 07 Apr 09

Speaking of ACTION and the airport, the buses to AMC could be beefed up for near zero cost by running the Route 786 bus in there. The 786 runs 3 times in the morning peak from Tuggers to Snowtown and three times in the afternoon peak from Snowtown to Tuggers, via the Monaro Highway, right past the AMC. Trouble is there’s no bus stop on the Monaro Highway.

On a barely related note, it’s also a bit of a slap in the face of the ACT gay community to name a public facility after Alexander Maconochie, who was publicly in favour of punishing sodomites by flogging them. Granted the regulations and laws of the day permitted execution for sodomy, but still, why was it any of his business what two men did with each other consentually?

monomania monomania 7:43 pm 07 Apr 09

jessieduck said :

As Jerra is NSW Action won’t be go there- It suck balls that the ACT Government won’t subsidise Deane’s so that the boarder crossing becomes more cost effective.

Why should the ACT subsidise non residents who use the Canberra community for work, entertainment and many other services but make no direct contribution though taxes or rates or the share of GST from the Australian Government.

TAD TAD 7:14 pm 07 Apr 09

LOL, I don’t think we’ll be outing any RA members as Nazi’s just yet.

Ryan Ryan 6:56 pm 07 Apr 09

It’s a shame that ACTION can’t run to the airport. Apparently its because Snow and his cronies want to charge the government an arm and a leg to do it.

Put out a challenge to the photographers at ACT Bus, they’ll probably be able to snap some shots of the 88.

Danman Danman 6:53 pm 07 Apr 09

Uh tad – I mentioned that in post #8 – only you seemed to pick up the significance so I left it.

Are we hiding something from the rest of RA community ?

TAD TAD 6:51 pm 07 Apr 09

Yeah, yeah, I’m pretty sure there aren’t any neonazis in local govt as well…..

DJ DJ 6:35 pm 07 Apr 09

Ummm, thanks TAD.

TAD TAD 6:15 pm 07 Apr 09

My post probably makes no sense. Here’s the link re: Blood and Honour Nazi site re: other thread

The references to “88” are Heil Hitler (H is the eight letter of the latin alphabet). Similarly references to “28” are Blood and Honour, and “828” is code for Heil Blood and Honour.

vg vg 6:12 pm 07 Apr 09

Get your kicks

On Route………88

TAD TAD 6:04 pm 07 Apr 09

Funny 88, wasn’t that Nazi shorthand for Heil Hitler (8th letter x 2) on the other thread?

88 (Heil Hopeless)

TP 3000 TP 3000 4:30 pm 07 Apr 09

I think that Route 88 should be extended to Hume. However for that to work, ACTION would need to start the service before 7am. This is because most people in industry start work around that time.

toriness toriness 2:29 pm 07 Apr 09

maybe this could be a new tourist attraction ‘route 88’ like the US has ‘route 66’?

seriously though, and more on topic, are there going to be bike racks installed on the front of route 88 buses? for people who have to ride to woden to catch the bus from there?

Hells_Bells74 Hells_Bells74 2:08 pm 07 Apr 09

Hehe Igglepiggle.. Should’ve mumbled that you were just out on day release. Or did their faces already suggest that? Oh and please be sure to tell us that story at some stage, sounds juicy.

caf caf 2:03 pm 07 Apr 09

Well as a service for NSW residents, I can’t see the ACT Government coming to the party (there’s unlikely to be many Canberrans using ACTION to avial themselves of the civic delights of Jerrabomberra).

Igglepiggle Igglepiggle 12:55 pm 07 Apr 09

Had to do a day trip to the forensic hospital at Long Bay prison as part of a student placement while I was at uni. Scary, but thats another story…
One of the funniest experiences in my life was getting on the bus at Central Station in Sydney, in my jeans, and asking in my best bogan voice for “half fare to Long Bay thanks”. The looks on the old duck’s faces on the bus were priceless!

jessieduck jessieduck 12:22 pm 07 Apr 09

caf said :

Surely if anyone is subsidising Deane’s to provide service to Jerrabomberrians it should be the Queanbeyan Council that they pay rates to, or their State government. Certainly not the ACT Government, anyway.

From what I understand it comes down to the ACT Government offering the subsidies. Deane’s is subsidised by the NSW Government for it’s local, NSW centric, services.

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