Labor announces candidates for 2020 ACT Election

Lachlan Roberts 18 October 2019 84
Chief Minister Andrew Barr

ACT Labor has announced its candidates for the 2020 ACT Election. Photo: File.

ACT Labor has announced which candidates it will take to the 2020 ACT Election as the party seeks its sixth straight term.

Chief Minister Andrew Barr and Health Minister Rachel Stephen-Smith will lead the party’s campaign in Kurrajong, alongside one of the Chief Minister’s advisers, Jacob Ingrim.

Community and Public Services Union official Madeline Northam and Canberra en français magazine director and co-founder Nancy Waites, who also ran alongside Katy Gallagher as Labor senate candidate in the 2020 Federal Election, will also run for the seat.

Deputy Chief Minister Yvette Berry, Attorney-General Gordon Ramsay and backbencher Tara Cheyne will contest the Belconnen seat of Ginninderra, alongside public servants Sue Ducker and Greg Lloyd.

Fresh-faced Minister Suzanne Orr headlines the party’s candidates in the Gungahlin electorate of Yerrabi, alongside CFMEU’s legal officer Tom Fischer and public servant Georgia Phillips.

The backbencher responsible for the controversial cannabis bill, Michael Pettersson, and Deepak-Raj Gupta, who took his place on the backbench after Meegan Fitzharris’s shock resignation, will also contest Yerrabi.

Labor MLA for Yerrabi Deepak-Raj Gupta

Labor MLA for Yerrabi Deepak-Raj Gupta stepped into his new position in July this year. File: Photo.

Transport Minister Chris Steel and backbencher Bec Cody will run again in Murrumbidgee, alongside pre-service teacher Tim Dobson and ANU researcher and Centre for Gambling Research director Dr Marisa Paterson.

Charles Sturt University economist and former treasurer of the Canberra Labor Club group Brendan Long will also run for the seat of Murrumbidgee for a second time.

Mick Gentleman and Joy Burch will look to be reelected in Brindabella, alongside ANU researcher Dr Catherine Day and Australian Workers’ Union organiser Brendan Forde. Former Brindabella candidate and public servant Taimus Werner-Gibbings rounds out the ticket.

ACT Labor secretary Matt Byrne said he believes it is a strong, committed and diverse field of candidates that will win Labor the election next October.

“Our candidates bring with them a life-time’s worth of experiences and knowledge. They are the best team to deliver good government for the ACT,” Mr Byrne said. “Only Labor can deliver effective, progressive government that delivers quality health care and education for our community whilst being able to tackle the big challenges our city is facing such as climate change and global economic uncertainty.”

Labor candidates

The full list of Labors preselected candidates. Chart: Supplied.

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84 Responses to Labor announces candidates for 2020 ACT Election
noid noid 1:46 pm 25 Oct 19

I don’t care who is voted in as long as it is not the Labor Green party. Any party in for this length of time loses touch with reality and the everyday needs of the people. They start focusing on ego monuments so they can satisfy their ever expanding ego. They think they are the only ones who know what is good for us so disregard any other options even if they have merit……………..sound familiar?
Time for a new government…………….any new government and probably good to vote them out in another 4 years as well. Lets get a bit of democracy back in this place.

petunia petal petunia petal 8:15 am 25 Oct 19

C’mon Canberra – please vote for anyone except Lab/Lib, but make sure you get to know the candidates. On that point – why do candidates have little to no information available about them. A Facebook page is free – you don’t even need a website. Last election I looked up each independent and was amused/appalled at what some people running for office consider an appropriate bio and policy platform. It would be good if this information was collated and you didn’t need to search for it.

Jess KA Jess KA 5:51 pm 24 Oct 19

👏👏👏 some amazing candidates 🙏

Robert Solecki Robert Solecki 4:55 pm 24 Oct 19

Looks like I need to be ready to stand by my front door, to see these lazy humans once again knocking on my door, and asking the same question again: What could we do better for Canberra, sir? I always do give them the same answer: remove Mr Barr and his party from the office. ☹️

Sofia Zivkovic Sofia Zivkovic 6:12 pm 22 Oct 19

I can’t bring myself to vote for Labor flogs, so it will be Liberal.

John Scheltus John Scheltus 4:48 pm 22 Oct 19

Excuse me 2020 election? You are kidding aren’t you? Go have a shave andrew and stop dreaming abt light rail. Remove the debt from this inytiny territory and wake up😀. Then you may have a chance

Frank Italiano Frank Italiano 3:17 pm 21 Oct 19

We will be in trouble if you get in again Barr let’s hope not

Dennis Burt Dennis Burt 11:43 am 21 Oct 19

You get what you really deserve Canberra

Emily Carter Emily Carter 7:25 am 21 Oct 19

Wow Labor's choice of candidates are questionable at the most especially if they are letting certain people run for office. I'd sooner vote liberal. Digusting.

HiddenDragon HiddenDragon 7:32 pm 20 Oct 19

About as much diversity as a three day old “Manager’s Markdown” supermarket sponge which has been decorated with vegan sprinkles.

Capital Retro Capital Retro 6:08 pm 20 Oct 19

I am surprised Jon Stanhope’s name wasn’t there.

Then again, we can’t afford another bottomless money pit like the arboretum or Rhodium Asset Solutions can we?

    JS9 JS9 9:21 am 21 Oct 19

    At least the arboretum, if (And a big if) is managed well can provide a reasonable return to the Territory in terms of tourism and the like. Rhodium was a horrendous decision at the time, and definitely proved to be in time. TotalCare was just as bad….

Paul Mills Paul Mills 2:02 pm 20 Oct 19

Well said Jo.

Kieran May Kieran May 7:39 am 20 Oct 19

Has anyone got a trade or business background?

Hayden Lindsay Hayden Lindsay 10:40 pm 19 Oct 19

They might as well be 3 year olds. God knows they’d definitely do a better job than what we have.

Kagiso Ratlhagane - Australian Progressives Kagiso Ratlhagane - Australian Progressives 8:51 pm 19 Oct 19

If u guys are looking for a fresh new party to vote for

    Alan Sargeant Alan Sargeant 8:53 am 20 Oct 19

    We already have had a "progressive" government for the past six terms. In what way does the Australian Progressives offer a real alternative to the current government.

    Andrew Dudley Andrew Dudley 10:00 am 20 Oct 19

    Alan Sargeant read their policies, it’ll take 5 minutes, blindly supporting the LNP and not even considering new minor parties in the ACT isn’t better than blindly supporting the ALP.

Veceslav Stanuga Veceslav Stanuga 8:16 pm 19 Oct 19

Totally agree with you Peter

gooterz gooterz 7:16 pm 19 Oct 19

Voters just vote the same way then try to reason why they did it.
Cognative dissodance,, typical labor voter cant see the forrest for the trees.

Vanessa Jones Vanessa Jones 6:48 pm 19 Oct 19

Where is the ACT ICAC? Make sure no building company can do more than 10 or 20% of local builds.

Jo Richardson Jo Richardson 6:22 pm 19 Oct 19

Barr should hang his head in shame at the state of our hospital system. Canberra hospital has third world standards while he builds light rail and demolishes heritage.

    Lachlan Ryan Lachlan Ryan 7:25 pm 19 Oct 19

    Jo Richardson you haven't been out of Australia much have you, what a rediculous statement.

    Jo Richardson Jo Richardson 7:55 pm 19 Oct 19

    Lachlan Ryan. Actually I have. You an Andrew Barr staffer? Just had a relative in Canberra hospital. People on beds in corridors etc. terrible treatment after that. Have you experienced it? Have you not heard of the ambulance bypasses? 🙄

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 10:43 pm 19 Oct 19

    Jo Richardson what heritage is he destroying?

    Metree Taffa Metree Taffa 11:01 pm 19 Oct 19

    Jo Richardson a couple of months ago my 96 yr old Mum spent 4 hours in emergency corridor and then took another 6 to get admitted.

    Jo Richardson Jo Richardson 11:02 pm 19 Oct 19

    Thank you Metree Taffa. Others commenting on this have No Idea.

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 12:05 am 20 Oct 19

    Jo Richardson you still haven’t answered my question as to what heritage is being destroyed.

    Oh and my mum has been taken to hospital about 4 times over the past 3 years and every time straight in. From what I’ve seen that is the norm, though of course there are times when it is busy (and of course the ambulance bypass story a few months). But that in itself is not a sign of something wrong.

    Colin Vivian Colin Vivian 7:58 am 20 Oct 19

    Ashley Wright here’s a couple of examples. Many more: flats along Northbourne, multiple listed trees. Also loss of green space to development and public housing when new suburbs built without any consideration of it and then has to retrofitted into reserved spaces. Most public housing in CBD has been lost thanks to Govt failure to enforce any of its policies for it to be included in new developments.

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 11:13 am 20 Oct 19

    So what is the alternative then Colin? And not not talking politics but talking what would you do to accommodate a changing and growing city?

    Neil Goodwin Neil Goodwin 11:30 am 20 Oct 19

    Ashley Wright infill is needed. Certainly. But not to this extent and ugliness and loss of open spaces. Also, the LDA has been buying up vast tracts of rural land (C/T report and also LA Estimates hearings). There is a shortage of land gazetted as "residential' - but not yet of land generally in the ACT.

    Benny Franc Benny Franc 9:53 pm 22 Oct 19

    Jo Richardson agree with the heritage. Would have been nice to see some of the large concrete architecture buildings from. The 70’s retain some of their look. I liked the old AFP building on cooyong and northbourne. Would have liked to see them incorporate the facade into the new building

Jenny Bruce Jenny Bruce 5:43 pm 19 Oct 19

Time for Andrew Barr to leave he's screwed up Canberra's bus system enough

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