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Labor Club to open on Petrie Plaza

By johnboy - 29 September 2005 20

The old Angus and Robertson by the Merry Go Round was one of the worst book shops it has ever been my misfortune to step foot in.

Brendan Smyth now brings news that the site of that pox on literacy is to be the new Civic location for the Labor Club.

Brendan is aghast that a licenced club is to be allowed above ground in Civic. Which would appear to miss the point that to the average punter the legal status of the liquor licence is at best a curiousity, and many bars in civic are above ground.

That no-one wants to drink at a Liberal Club is indeed a tragedy, that wheels would appear (note: appear) to have been greased for a Club with commercial ties to the Government is a broader concern.

As usual Brendan has buried his lead.

What’s Your opinion?

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20 Responses to
Labor Club to open on Petrie Plaza
el 10:49 am 30 Sep 05

All the pokie revenue should be diverted to funding light rail.

colsim 10:16 am 30 Sep 05

And Bonfire, please, for the love of God, never quote the Whitlams again, ok? πŸ™‚

colsim 10:15 am 30 Sep 05

The ATM angle seems pretty irrelevant from here – are there any clubs anywhere that don’t have them onsite.

As for the rest, I think that the trade off for clubs having pokies should be providing live entertainment – surely it couldn’t be that hard.

Why is there no liberal club? (not that I’d go mind but I would’ve thought the champions of private enterprise…)

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 10:00 am 30 Sep 05

Sorry, it was late and it looked like “head” from my angle. Obviously my misreading led me to push Brendan’s point of view, just because I thought it was being hidden.

I will say this though, I think we shouldn’t have ATMs next to poker machines…nor should we have banks next door to pokie places. I would be interested to hear what the comrade has to say as his silence so far indicates he is guilty of mischief.

I also remember hearing something about laws being passed 12 months ago which enabled this whole thing…were the ALP waiting for a nice vacant spot?

bonfire 9:53 am 30 Sep 05

i wish they would blow up the pokies…

Thumper 9:38 am 30 Sep 05

Putting them in storage and not in use. Waiting until a new venue opens where they can be unleashed upon the world….

that sort of thing….

Jey 9:24 am 30 Sep 05

Thumper, what do you mean warehousing of pokies?

Thumper 9:16 am 30 Sep 05

Either way, it doesn’t worry me. Everyone has always known that the Workers and Labor Clubs pump heaps of bikkies into the ALP. Whats the problem?

The warehousing of pokies is a little suspicious as I was led to believe that you could not do that under ACT Gaming Laws. However, someone may correct me there.

And, isn’t the City Club a bit a pseudo Liberal Club?

Indi 9:02 am 30 Sep 05

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is just the Labor Party Club looking for another suitable, well-located den to fleece the inner-city punter (local residents and idle lunchers alike).

Above ground location will provide the opportunity to show-off the ‘bling bling’ of the personal income extractors…

Evictor 8:45 am 30 Sep 05

The Canberra Labor Club pumps a shitload of money into junior and senior sport as it is.
Seems like it was just a slow news day to me.

The only issue for me is the proximity of banks. I have to agree with Brenden – giving punters teh ability to pop next door and withdraw 1000 from their credit card is a bit harsh. I know gambling is a tax on stupidity but that is taking it a bit far I reckon …

Jey 8:39 am 30 Sep 05

The Canberra Club and the current City Labor Club are above ground, they’re not quite in the center of town but I’d say they’re still in ‘Civic’.

Jey 7:54 am 30 Sep 05

What’s the fact that the new club will be above ground got to do with anything?

Will this somehow increase profits or something?

johnboy 6:55 am 30 Sep 05

And the more I think about it the more Brendan’s relationship with the Civic Club bears scrutiny, as he seems to be arguing from a club manager’s perspective not a punters.

johnboy 6:48 am 30 Sep 05

LEAD sam, burying his LEAD.

The only issue is whether the Labor Club is getting corrupt favours from the Labor Government.

Competition with other clubs and cafes I care naught for, the presence of nearby banks (when clubs have ATM’s inside) is meaningless, the altitude of the club is irrelevant.

the unusual poker machine warehousing on the other hand, and the exact process for their planning application, is very interesting indeed.

if I had a time machine I’d warn the city planners 50 years ago to stricly limit poker machines in clubs to 20 per club. then we’d see clubs being clubs, not the dodgy private empires they have become.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 12:32 am 30 Sep 05

I just heard Brendan on WIN News Late Edition and he was in full rant mode, he had a lot to say and certainly didn’t seem to be burying his head. He was instead concerned that the Labor Club would divert pokie funds from the City Club (and then on to local junior soccer teams) to the Labor Party.

He also seemed concerned about a Bank being next door and another one opposite…and then he went on about the cheap meals costing the cafes business.

Stanhope was nowhere to be seen, instead he was announcing some horrid plan to the old powerhouse into ax extension of the ANU glassworks…and a bunch of people who seemed to look similar to him were providing guided tours of something that isn’t there yet.

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