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Learner Drivers on the Highways?

By aa 19 January 2009 123

I’m not sure if many people here have done much interstate driving, but over the past few months, I’ve done a bit. Nearly every times I’ve gone to the coast or to Cooma or to Yass, I’ve been stuck behind a few learner drivers.

Now, I understand they need to learn, but on roads that the limit is 110 and they can’t drive more than 80, I’ve noticed it’s caused a lot of people to get angry and overtake the learner where they shouldn’t.

Back in the days when I got my license, I wasn’t allow to have more than the licensed driver with me when I was on my L’s, has the law changed now because the 3 learners I overtook today had a full car of passengers with them (and they were going 60km/hr on the Federal Highway).

I personally think learner drivers shouldn’t be allowed to drive on roads where the limit is over 100km/hr.

What’s Your opinion?

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Learner Drivers on the Highways?
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peterh 12:56 pm 20 Jan 09

Holden Caulfield said :

aa said :

I could be wrong, but i think in NSW even P platers have to be 0%.

You would have thought that to be the case.

Surely a cough syrup/mouth wash wouldn’t show up in a blood test? I’m not sure on the detail of the procedure required, but I can’t see how asking Plod for a blood test after blowing 0.02 would clog up the courts, assuming, of course, the blood test supports the driver’s claim of innocence?

HC, the active ingredient in most mouth washes is ethanol. I will certainly tip you over.

peterh 12:53 pm 20 Jan 09

Skidbladnir said :

1 legal standard of drinks at 10g of alcohol innit, putting a ‘standard’ _man_ still below the limit, at roughly 0.025% at the end of the hour.

2 standard drinks, 20g of alcohol, 0.05% for the standard _man_

Your liver takes a while to kick in and break down alcohol with whatever the enzyme is (as in there is a lag between swallowing it and even starting to process it into urine).
When it does, the _male_ liver breaks down about 10g/hour (depending on rates of metabolism).

Hence two drinks to put you at the limit, and one drink/hr to keep you there. (in every hour after the first, your alcohol input should only equal your alcohol processing rate, or you will have a surplus of alcohol (ie: be over the limit))

For women, as they have different concentrations of body fat and are (generally) smaller, there is less blood and body (higher B), and higher relative amounts of alcohol (bigger A%), and so the concentration (C ) is higher (more BAC%).

The fact that their liver doesn’t produce the same amount of enzyme, means their rates of breakdown is lower.
So they get the (1 standard drink per hour) _guideline_.

skid, i was sure it was much faster from ingest to getting a full bladder…


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