Looking for pure breed chicken ASAP

grumpmachine 8 August 2010 9

Hello all you chicken types out there. Our poor Isa Brown carked it today. She was only two, and I wonder if her hybrid nature (bred pure for battery conditions) predisposed her to an early death. ‘Lay fast, die young’, I believe is the term – they kind of burn out really early.

I’m looking for a pure breed point of lay pullet to replace her, as we have a rather discombobulated Isa who needs a new chum.

Any recommendations?

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9 Responses to Looking for pure breed chicken ASAP
cb60 cb60 9:01 am 05 Dec 10

chickens for sale now at our place ingebra.com

Mia80 Mia80 12:43 pm 09 Aug 10

Sorry to hear about your Isa.

The only breeder I have ever been happy with is the Chicken Man at Epic Markets on a Saturday morning. Although I don’t know if he is contactable during the week.

He usually has a variety of chooks (pure breds and cross-breeds).
He is also the only breeder I have spoken to in the Canberra region that immunises against Mareks. (We lost a couple of silkie pullets to Mareks, which we bought in Queanbeyan – a very nasty disease).

Not sure if there is anyone else out there… We have an Isa, a Rhode Island Red and a Sussex from him, but he is the only one I have been satisfied with.

P.S. I’m on the look out for an (immunised) Australorp (hen/pullet) if anybody knows of where I can find one.

grumpmachine grumpmachine 10:29 am 09 Aug 10

Thanks buzz and prhhcd. Good to hear that Isas are a generally healthy breed, because they are real characters and produce the best eggs. Will be getting a new chook from Jan Spate tonight, yay!

Buzz2600 Buzz2600 9:07 am 09 Aug 10

We’ve had Isa Browns for years. We started off with a mixed bunch but have ended up with all Isas as they are the easiest going, friendliest chooks we’ve had and good layers. I’m not sure why your chook died but I wouldn’t write off Isa Browns because of it. The paper sometimes has poultry for sale.

prhhcd prhhcd 7:53 am 09 Aug 10

Contact Jan Spate. She usually has chickens for sale: 6230 2322

bd84 bd84 9:56 pm 08 Aug 10

KFC? I hear they use real chickens these days..

grumpmachine grumpmachine 5:47 pm 08 Aug 10

Thanks Peppablack, Andy’s is a great site but I need a chicken by tomorrow! I wouldn’t say the remining hen is exactly grieving, just lonely and moochy. Plus it’s just too cold at night for one hen in a hutch.

Ugh debeaked, what’s the point? Thanks for telling me that, I was going to try a pet supply place.

Pork Hunt, while the chooks at the supermarkets are very tasty, they don’t lay very good eggs…

Pork Hunt Pork Hunt 3:59 pm 08 Aug 10

Supermarkets have chooks for about $10.

Peppablack Peppablack 3:09 pm 08 Aug 10

You can try Andy’s Backyard poultry site (http://www.backyardpoultry.com) under noticeboard, you should find quite a few breeds for sale including Isa Brown. Also the Hall Markets, there is a guy that sells chickens, etc. I got my Isa Brown’s from him, they are very tame and are laying well. Not sure if any chicken auctions/shows are coming up, but you can usually purchase good pure breeds from there. I would avoid getting any from pet supply places or queanbeyan as they are usually debeaked and wings clipped. Good luck and Isa Browns are lovely chooks to have

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