Man charged with historical sexual assault, Oxley

notdingers 2 July 2008 23

AFP Media realese and same again from the ABC

A 31-year-old Wanniassa man is expected to front an ACT court today charged with the historical sexual assault of a female who attended private music lessons in Oxley.

The charges come as a result of an investigation by ACT Policing’s Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Team into allegations made by a 23-year-old woman who was sexually assaulted when she was a young girl in the early 1990s.

The man has been charged with nine counts of sexual intercourse with a young person under 10. He has also been charged with three counts of acts of indecency with a young person under 10. These are unrelated matters.

Police would encourage anyone who may have attended music lessons at Oxley or who may be able to provide further information to police, to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

It has been a rough week for Wanniassa, first a drive by shooting, now the arrest of a sex offender. Glad to see this sick bastard off the street. Excuse me, alleged sick bastard.

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23 Responses to Man charged with historical sexual assault, Oxley
BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 8:13 pm 03 Jul 08

S4anta said :


see this. It should explain whats going on here.

Gold I tells ya, GOLD!!! Best post of the week award to s4anta!

Clown Killer Clown Killer 5:09 pm 03 Jul 08

I’d rather masterbate with a cheese grater

That’s some typo neanderthalsis!

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 5:06 pm 03 Jul 08

yes, and on reading my post I realise I made a few typos. These I attribute to 5:00pm catatonia.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 5:03 pm 03 Jul 08

Skip, maybe you could petition the AFP to include definitions of terms in all their releases.

For future reference Skip:
A Historical event means an event in the distant past;
A Recent event means something occurring recently.

Maybe we could all debate the quantative definitions that seperate “historical” and “recent” and pin an exact time when recent becomes historical,personally, I’d rather masterbate with a cheese grater.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:46 pm 03 Jul 08

“VG” and “Big Al” aren’t the same ‘imaginary’ person, are they?

lux lux 4:29 pm 03 Jul 08

S4anta said :


see this. It should explain whats going on here.

Sigh, how true it is.

serpico serpico 4:02 pm 03 Jul 08

There is a great saying ‘Never argue with an idiot because people may not be able to tell the DIFFERENCE.’

S4anta S4anta 3:46 pm 03 Jul 08


see this. It should explain whats going on here.

lux lux 3:39 pm 03 Jul 08

Wah Wah Wah.

It’s people like vg who pick out meaningless faults in other’s posts, and people like FC who take the bait and challenge vg’s actions, that make RiotAct unreadable of late. This is happening in every thread, amounting to hundreds of meaningless posts that are essentially “you’re shit” – “how dare you say that, i am not, you are.” – “you have no idea how shit you are and it’s not worth trying to explain to you” – etc etc etc.

It is tedious and petty and RiotAct is all the poorer for it.

vg vg 12:05 pm 03 Jul 08

Remind me who the nit picker is again

FC FC 12:03 pm 03 Jul 08

Ok Vg.
Firstly, I never said anyone was a nit picker.

I also never said that I didn’t understand what the phrase meant either. Of course I understood what it meant.

And saying that you are awesome and intellegent wasn’t a cop out. It just seems that you like to twist everything to suit your own purpose and make out everyone else is a twit, but that you are so clever and witty. So I just thought I would fill that need for you.

I don’t even want to bother conversing with you anymore because from reading previous posts you have commented on you just seem to go on and on and on. Basically just trying to put other commenters down and prove that you are ‘right’ and therefore everyone else is just dim witted. I must have been confused in what I thought this sight was about. perhaps if people like you continue to post on it it may be call, “The RIOTACT – the sight for getting you self esteem from insulting people”

It makes me think of those people that like to pick fights with people on the internet because in real life they have no real social skills and they get a sense of power from hurling insults around. Maybe a sense of power they lack in their real lives. But the internet provides a ‘safe’ outlet for them.

Not that I am saying you are this type of person VG. I was simply put the idea out there

For F’cks say though. I am seriously amazed at why people are so up tight and angry and so quick to jump to name calling, questioning peoples intellegence, and insulting them.

I wish more people would try and see things from others point of views, be quick to try and inform them of anther opinion, yes, but without the insults, and perhaps with a desire to exchange views, not just to bag out on anyone that might see things a little differently.

vg vg 11:37 am 03 Jul 08

Its not nit picking when 99.99% of the public accepts the phrase for what it means.

Nit picking is what you are your fellow atom splitter Skip have done. Why is it that everyone else knows exactly what the phrase means but you don’t/ Then ask yourself who the nit picker is.

“But go ahead vg, you seem to like picking whatever negative you can out of posts and bagging out on people for them.

your so awesome and intelligent.”

How’s that for a cop out, when you know you’ve been caught short comprehension wise? Just try and keep up with the adults

FC FC 10:34 am 03 Jul 08

I understand that obviously what is meant by that is that it likely happened years agos, instead of last week.

I was merely trying to see what skip said from his point of view and thought, “Yeah, I get the point they are trying to get across”

But go ahead vg, you seem to like picking whatever negative you can out of posts and bagging out on people for them.

your so awesome and intelligent.

vg vg 10:05 am 03 Jul 08

“what skip wrote isn’t stupid.
His point is completely valid.”

…..and running in a very close 2nd in the same contest.

If you can’t understand the concept of what differentiates an ‘historical’ sexual assault from one more contemporary then please reserve your reading and commentary to the Dolly forum

FC FC 8:02 am 03 Jul 08

what skip wrote isn’t stupid.
His point is completely valid.

People being charged for a crime are always being charged after the fact and one would therefore assume that all crimes are historical.

On point of the topic though.
I would think the same as ‘whats up’ in that it is more widely reported now.
However I also think that there maybe something to do with the sexualisation of children.

vg vg 2:27 am 03 Jul 08

Skip said :

Still can’t get my head around why is it referred to as “historical”. If “historical” means something that happened in the past, then aren’t all crimes “historical”?

Nomination for most incredibly stupid post ever

MRB MRB 12:11 am 03 Jul 08

Gee Skip…..and here I am having trouble getting my head around why anyone would commit such crimes (allegedly…) – I have obviously missed the point!

Skip Skip 11:37 pm 02 Jul 08

Still can’t get my head around why is it referred to as “historical”. If “historical” means something that happened in the past, then aren’t all crimes “historical”?

Whatsup Whatsup 9:17 pm 02 Jul 08

I reckon that it has always going on but a several things have changed.
1) People are more likely to report it.
2) Others are more likely to take it seriously not just sweep it under the carpet.
3) The media / multimedia like emotive stuff so report it widely.

The days of it being a ‘taboo’ subject and not discussed are mostly gone, that is why we now hear about it. More of the victims are likely to reach out for help these days.

bigfeet bigfeet 8:01 pm 02 Jul 08

Oh…. sorry for all the italics….

Long time lurker… first time poster and still trying to work out how to use it.

[Ed. (Jazz) you manage to delete the closing quote tag. all fixed now]

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