Mini Boos – These are set to be the next biggest craze in kids toys!

Emily Morris 23 October 2017

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Whether it’s Troll Dolls, Pogs, Cabbage Patch Kids, Tamagotchi, Shopkins, Polly Pocket, Furby, Tickle Me Elmo or Pokemon Cards that resonate with you the most, we all carry much-cherished memories of enjoying our favourite childhood toys and collectables with our friends.

With new generations come new crazes and these latest creations are a sure-fire bet to become the next biggest thing in playgrounds everywhere…

They’re called Mini Boos and they’re the latest creation from Ty—the same company that rose to fame in the 90s for inventing the much-loved ‘Beanie Babies’ and more recently, their range of ‘Beanie Boos’, which are those soft and colourful animals featuring slightly oversized glittery eyes that pretty much anyone who has children under the age of 10 are guaranteed to have encountered at some point.

So what are Mini Boos? They’re miniature, hand-painted figurines which are similar to their larger ‘Beanie Boo’ relatives, but with one major difference—they’re surrounded by mystery!

Each Mini Boo is concealed in a completely peek-proof box marked with a big colourful question mark, meaning your little one won’t know which Mini Boo character is hidden inside until they open it.

With the concept most likely evoking thrilling memories of the ‘Lucky Dip’ games from your own childhood, it’s the same ‘surprise’ concept which is sure to ignite excitement in the current generation of boys and girls.

The collection brings together 13 cute characters including Bamboo the panda, Waddles the penguin, Coconut the monkey, Sammy and Pinky the duo of owls, Fantasia the unicorn, Leona the blue leopard, Kiki the grey tabby cat, Safari the giraffe, Duke the ironically small St Bernard and Icy the white seal.

With the exception of one character (Slush the husky who can be seen peeking out of its packaging), it’s a complete mystery who you will find when you open up that little white box!

Then there’s also the harder to find and much-coveted ‘Mystery Chaser’, which your child will, without doubt, think you’re the bees’ knees if you can help them to get their hands on.

It’s not hard to see how why Mini Boos are going to be the next biggest craze among kids. Can’t you just see them all getting such a kick out of negotiating their latest trade with their Mini Boo comrades in the school playground in attempt to move one step closer to completing their collection!

Like any collectible craze, the key to helping your brood build the best collection of Mini Boos is to get in quick before they’re flying off the shelves and next to impossible to find.

We have found a stash of Mini Boos at City Market Chemist in Canberra Centre in the ACT. We haven’t found any other location in Canberra yet that stocks Mini Boos (will keep you updated if we do) so we assume they will run out of stock before you can blink so you better make your move quickly!

Even better, why not buy a whole stash of them while they’re still readily available and slowly reveal them to your kids whenever they start to think all hope in finding more is long gone—a guaranteed winning tactic if you’re aiming for parent of the year!

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