Ministerial sky walk for the pleasure dome?

johnboy 30 May 2011 12

The Canberra Times has a story on the luxurious accommodations the Gallagher Government is planning for its leaders in the new mega office block they’re hoping to build for a cool half billion dollars.

The location of the ”north wing” of the building will allow the chief minister and ministers private access across the sky bridge into the Assembly building from their newly built offices when the office block is completed in 2017.

The 1600sqm ministerial wing will contain ministerial private suites for four government frontbenchers, chief minister’s suite and lounge, a ministerial crisis room and a reading room.

Fair enough?

(I mean who seriously needs a reading room in 2011?)

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12 Responses to Ministerial sky walk for the pleasure dome?
averagejoeaussie averagejoeaussie 10:44 pm 01 Jun 11

Why not just rent/lease premises? Governments both Fedreal and Local have realised decades ago that owning operating is much more expensive than renting/leasing. Another example of the wrong people in the wrong government jobs trying to either reinevent the wheelor to justify their salaries?

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 8:12 pm 30 May 11

Look Skywalker!

cranky cranky 7:58 pm 30 May 11

Am I the only one totally pissed off by this government’s ability to fund every pie in the sky, grandiose scheme they can think of.

I’m fed up with public art, arboretums, $400 million plus offices & skybridges, whilst social services costing $50-60K are terminated.

These clowns are so sure that the populace will vote them back in that they don’t have to make any attempt to justify the emptying of the public purse.

Just what does it take to jump start the pulse of the opposition party(ies)?

MrPC MrPC 6:50 pm 30 May 11

Seeing as the assembly itself is just a large conference room, of which any new office building has several, why not just move the assembly into the new building, move the new building somewhere cheaper (say next to the Northbourne Avenue flats), and sell the current assembly site and its adjoining car parks to some developer.

Thumper Thumper 10:40 am 30 May 11

In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A stately pleasure-dome decree

Watson Watson 10:22 am 30 May 11

Sky bridge sounds really cool! Though sky walk is much better still.

Let’s let them build it and then demand public access to it!

The Frots The Frots 10:21 am 30 May 11

futto said :

Is there any council in Australia that has a sky bridge?

I think Labour in NSW had one……………………….one side of it wasn’t attached to anything though!

dpm dpm 10:17 am 30 May 11

“(I mean who seriously needs a reading room in 2011?)”

Yeah, but it won’t be ready till 2017. Perhaps they’re visionaries, and reading rooms will be all the rage 6 years from now! 🙂
Sounds like awesome forward planning to me!

futto futto 10:15 am 30 May 11

Is there any council in Australia that has a sky bridge? And the best bit is that is a private one…not fit for normal citizens!

How many sleeps to the next election? I guess it will be half built by then so there is no point complaining about it.

The Frots The Frots 10:02 am 30 May 11

artuoui said :

Would it be cheaper just to build an elevated walkway, instead of the sky bridge?

Sort of like a ‘stairway to heaven’….?

artuoui artuoui 9:57 am 30 May 11

Would it be cheaper just to build an elevated walkway, instead of the sky bridge?

The Frots The Frots 9:40 am 30 May 11

You really have to read this to believe it. I agree – a reading room? Seriously, what is it that they read which requires a ‘special room’ – unless its the poll results?

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