MLA’s bickering yet again

Jazz 9 July 2007 13

Seems we had a feisty session in the assembly yesterday where our highly paid and supposedly respectable elected members resorted to name calling during a budget estimates session.

Now i’m sure that budget estimates would put most of us to sleep but it seems to have regressed to kindergarten with all the bickering. The CT quoted some of the following pearlers

“despicable short man” Hargreaves to Pratt
“John, shut up, will you? Just pull your head in.” Pratt to Hargreaves
“lazy lazy shadow” who “talked rubbish”. Hargreaves to Pratt
“I am not subsidising your rollerskates, Dr Foskey.” Hargreaves to Foskey

Makes you wonder how anything in government ever gets done

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13 Responses to MLA’s bickering yet again
MrMagoo MrMagoo 2:19 pm 10 Jul 07

I think we are all used to outburts from JH, however, it is possibly time he thought about a change of career. One where his every unionfirmed or otherwise outright rude, abusive or stupid comments won’t attract any attenion. Mind you Mr Pratt is no innocent bystander in all of this, eh too is famous for resortinjg to churlish insults and foot in mouthery.

Thumper Thumper 10:10 am 10 Jul 07

I was quite tired and emotional after our gig on Friday night.

Must have been the lights….

andy andy 10:04 am 10 Jul 07

“Parliment is like little children.. throwing stones at one another…”
quote from somewhere.. on my eYe cd..

boomacat boomacat 10:48 pm 09 Jul 07

Does anyone wear rollerskates any more?

Surely Hargreaves meant in-line skates (aka ”rollerblades”).

I reckon any of them would be able to afford a pair of those $49 aldi jobs after their recent payrise. Bargain…

cranky cranky 9:56 pm 09 Jul 07

A senior government minister coming out with the comments attributed to him (above) and a fuller report in the CT, indicate either a massive lack of judgement, coupled with an enormous (and arogant) vindictive streak, or a state of drunkeness.

Either is inexcuseable. We should demand the Chief Minister deal with this situation incisively and bring this wretch to heel.

He is bringing the whole ACT political system into disrepute.

ant ant 9:25 pm 09 Jul 07

If you read the longer report of how he was behaving, it does suggest that he was tired and emotional (but not very tired).

Man With The Plan Man With The Plan 5:21 pm 09 Jul 07

Maybe Hargreaves was just drunk again.

Maelinar Maelinar 2:36 pm 09 Jul 07

She can pick up a pair in Aldi for $49 like the rest of us.

Pandy Pandy 1:55 pm 09 Jul 07

That is what ypu get from a majority govco.

Snahons_scv6_berlina Snahons_scv6_berlina 12:31 pm 09 Jul 07

why resort to meaningful, educated, well informed discussion when one can just use name calling.

Thumper Thumper 11:48 am 09 Jul 07

There does appear to be a common denominator in all of that…

Mr Evil Mr Evil 11:40 am 09 Jul 07

So Hargreaves isn’t prepared to subsidise Foskey’s “rollerskates”, but he’s happy for ratepayers to subsidise his statue of a dodgy politician?

pierce pierce 11:28 am 09 Jul 07

Name calling in politics is so often used as a substitute for a focus on policy and getting things right.

You know someone has a weak argument when simplistic abuse gets trotted out.

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