4 February 2007

mmmmugspace. a muso rant.

| r.blair
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Ok, so i’ve finally relented to the growing anxiety that the Wedded Bliss – which is basically my baby, with a lot of support from some devoted friends & loved ones – was slipping out of the technological & ‘cool’ loop. We have a myspace site now:


So I will wait with some small trepidation as to whether or not my ‘friends’ list rises in the coming weeks. This is not without consequence, as I have heard through the muso gossip vine that festival organisers are ‘checkin’ up’ on a band’s ‘myspace friends’ roster. This is supposedly to deem whether or not a band’s stocks are high enough to warrant booking them. Indeed it was this factor that finally lit a fire under my arse. But I can’t get over the feeling that mmmugspace thing is false economy designed to waste my time.

So now I have two websites to manage, when I should actually be writing, rehearsing or performing. And unlike a few other musos i know, I’m not on the government arts related subsidy (the dole). I have to work. I’m a chalky, that means I have neither the time to trawl for ‘friends’ or the money to pay for a team or Burmese ITmonkees to sit all day a’ trawlin’ (or should that read ‘building brand awareness’?). Furthermore, now that I have hitched my toy pony to the myspace ‘hamster wheel’ I am olbligated to lift my ‘friends’ numbers, lest I be branded as unworthy by a festival director (who by the grace of their goodwill will possibly spend 10 seconds clicking by my myspace site).

And here I was thinking that playing shows locally & interstate, doing supports, recording & promoting ‘product’, and yes, HAVING A WEBSITE was enough! When will it end! Am I the only one to notice this?

*sigh* So if you want to, you can click along and check it out, listen to the tunes, or leave a message. You might be number two or three at this stage.

If you’ve read this far, I truly thank you for indulging me in this rant.


[ED – Can you force the kids to be your friends?]

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Nope, the likes of Dragon, Icehouse etc got popular using the pub-rock scene. Which, due to various reasons, isn’t that strong any more.

So, when old methods of marketing yourself disappear, you need to work out new ones. For some reason that nobody quite understands, the myspace thing seems to be something that the music industry is taking vaguely seriously (possibly because the people most likely to buy music are teenagers – just as, Dragon, Chisel et al probably did very well off a number of teenagers who weren’t really meant to be in a pub but were anyway).

I’d also guess that music industry execs have worked out that you afford about the same amount of cocaine and hookers off a rotating series of flash-in-the-pan groups as you can off a long-term successful artist, with the bonus that each of the flash-in-the-pan groups won’t ask for as much money as a long-term successful artist will.

You think the likes of Dragon, Chisel, Aussie Crawl, Skyhooks, Icehouse etc got popular using myspace ?

Theres no substitute for hard work – no not even myspace.

In my opinion – myspace is majorly populated by teenagers “emo’s”, swingers and peopple of loose moral fiber (Make of that what you will) and a scattering of child sex offenders thrown in. No place for any grown (sane) adults.

In saying so – I have a myspace if people want to be my “friend” – its address is lahh dee daah……not……….

Well, the laws of supply and demand apply here – far more people want to be artists than are really supportable by those willing to pay for their art – so music/painting/theatre/filmmaking ends up being, for a lot of people, an expensive hobby, rather than an actual career.

I’d be guessing on rates of return, the pokies probably do better than an artistic career…

So the moral of the story is don’t get too fussed about it.

True but those buggers get paid. Not being an artist I can harp on about artistic integrity but most of the artists I’ve met (and that is a few) do like to be able to eat/pay rent/etc, etc.

Absent Diane11:19 am 05 Feb 07

myspace friends will have nothing to do with popularity of your band. if your band is good and works hard then how many friends you have on myspace will mean less than nothing. The only things to come out of myspace are that shitful band arctic monkeys and that even more shitful chick who sings that awful punk flower hair song.. so the standard of bands coming out of myspace is less than average anyway. So the moral of the story is don’t get too fussed about it.

Get that harry potter geek to help you out…

Thanks Mymercia. I guess I just grew up listening and learning to sing listening to a lot of blues & rock music….way way way back in the day as a teen in the 80s…way before Missy Higgins, the Waifs (and what you might call the strine accent became popular or even heard on popluar radio). So I guess, as a muso I wasn’t nutured in that environment…its bit late for me to change my style now, I think it would sound a bit phony if I suddenly started singing with an aussie accent. Plus I think there are some really great local singers with that natural Aussie lilt in their voices…The Cashews, Matty Ellis come to mind.

And JB, don’t think it hasn’t crossed my mind! although I should have used the collective power of the Teenagers at my highschool to win ‘unearthed’, although i admit, i didn’t enter.

As you can tell by my myspace rant, i’ve been living in the technological dark ages for some time now.


I feel your pain Mr Randall…and agree 100%.

Nice music. I like the trad jazz/Cuban flavour. But why are you singing with an American accent?

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