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Cameron 10 December 2007 11

Bill Stefaniak has dropped Richard Mulcahy from the ACT opposition front bench until the results of the investigation into the Australian Hotels Association ‘scandal’.

This makes Mulcahy (who as an aspirant to the leadership of the party could be forgiven for thinking this is Bill’s way of putting him out of the picture) the only opposition backbencher in our local council.

Dare I say it, but the CT has the story here.

UPDATE: The CT this morning also has a brave story by Markus Mannheim on the life and times of Richard Mulcahy, explaining the whiff of scandal threatening to bring down the energetic MLA.

UPDATED AGAIN: Newsradio are reporting that Mulcahy’s been expelled from the party room and will be taking up station on the cross benches.

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11 Responses to Mulcahy Benched
HA HA 8:41 pm 11 Dec 07

What a pathetic bunch of no-hopers. I watched Burke and Srefaniak in action at the Press Club playing the part of John Howard toadies, booing and hissing the journos’ questions about the disgraceful “Ala Akbah” leaflets in Kelly’s western Sydney seat. They’re out of their depth as town councillors in what masquerades as a “legislative assembly”.

Cameron Cameron 3:45 pm 10 Dec 07

Expelled from the party room?

How they going to explain this one?

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 3:33 pm 10 Dec 07

Dang, someone beat me to it by revising this article instead of approving the one I submitted.

Crikey Crikey 2:49 pm 10 Dec 07

LOL Quinlan hasn’t been a MLA for years. Burke is a waste of space, Zed is tolerable.

54-11 54-11 2:30 pm 10 Dec 07

The real shame is that Richard Mulcahy is the best of an extremely bad (Liberal) bunch when it comes to representing the Molonglo electorate. We never see or hear any of the ALP members (Corbell, Barr, Quinlan and Gallagher). Deb Foskey does a good job representing the Greens, but she also has a territory-wide view, so local matters are not so high on her agenda.

Mulcahy at least makes a show sometimes (when he’s not galivanting overseas), which is more than almost any other Molonglo member other than Foskey.

Cameron Cameron 2:07 pm 10 Dec 07

Jacqui Burke? Sweet jesus…

Thumper Thumper 2:03 pm 10 Dec 07

One would think that they are quite happy in opposition the way they carry on.

I guess they sometimes forget professionalism in thee workplace. In other words, put up, shut up, and work for the team.

Can the feds take us back under their wing again?

Crikey Crikey 1:45 pm 10 Dec 07

The ACT Liberals are an embarrassment. Brendan Smith performance at the last election was child-like. They have gone further downhill under Stefaniak. Mulcahy is their best hope but the Liberals will most probably end up going for someone like Jackie Burke – now wouldn’t that be hilarious.

Cameron Cameron 12:11 pm 10 Dec 07

It wasn’t the infighting that I was presenting as news, but the fact that he was moved to the backbench.

Mulcahy to the cross bench though? I doubt that… it’d be political suicide.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 11:23 am 10 Dec 07

ACT Libs feuding is only news if you’ve been asleep for the last few years, but this is the Canberra Times, and thats exactly what they seem to do.

But, whoever comes out of the impending shitstorm cleanest may be expected to lead the party back from the brink in October.
After they’ve gone on their muckracking adventure and then the subsequent purification crusade, there will be either have a Leader with no new dirty laundry, or be left with an inexperienced twerp who can’t put up a valid oppoistion.

PS: For any ACT Libs reading: Nothing gets rid of bad paperwork like a good arson electrical fire.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 9:57 am 10 Dec 07

Not just from the front bench if the discussion on 666 this morning is anything to go by.
Sounded like he could be heading for the cross-benches to keep Deb Foskey company.

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