My Christmas, by Rosebud

rosebud 26 December 2008 15

I spent Christmas day with the Jews, Moslems, Sihks, Hindus and atheists of the world at Melbourne Zoo. I stood on the parapet and watched as the Zoo Keepers fed the still wet and bloody head and shoulders of a newly slaughtered goat to a pack of hungry African Hunting Dogs.  The large crowd roared with approval and the little children pointed and laughed as the dogs tore at its face, wrenching this way and that, sending chunks of flesh into the air.

We then moved onto the shop and had icecream.

Bread and circus anyone?

[Ed (Jazz). What does your Christmas day tradition consist of?]

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15 Responses to My Christmas, by Rosebud
ant ant 12:05 am 29 Dec 08

Plenty of women christians featured in the colosseum, they were generally being eaten by wild beasts with their kids. The Romans enjoyed the spectacle, the screaming and the blood. Nowadays we watch movies. Probably an improvement.

rosebud rosebud 4:16 pm 28 Dec 08

Wow – what an amazing pick from you guys! Spooky even. I do indeed have some German/Dutch background. Not a lot, but it is obviously there – something I never picked up on myself.

So how WAS your Christmas? Mine, was, well, biblical in many ways as you can see from my blog. I feel like people haven’t really changed much and could easily imagine myself at the coliseum 2000 years ago…except that I am a woman and they wouldn’t let me…now where IS that false beard again?

fabforty fabforty 10:03 am 28 Dec 08

el said :

Ahhhhhh! Thanks El.

shiny flu shiny flu 11:42 pm 27 Dec 08

Jazz said :

Shiny, you do realise its possible that rosebud is indeed german or dutch?

Quite possibly, which is why when I write Deutsch I don’t write ‘metre’ I write ‘Meter’…

Language isn’t extraordinarily difficult.

fabforty fabforty 7:29 pm 27 Dec 08

Am I the only one who doesn’t have a clue what Shiny Flu, El and Thumper were just going on about ?

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 9:14 am 27 Dec 08

Christmas day is all about the kids, so whatever they want to do is what we do. This year After opening presents we made several trips down at Kambah Oval to throw boomerangs and various stunt aircraft around. Great fun!

A Boxing day tradition for myself and close friends is a round of golf at Belconnen. We’ve done this for over 20 years and it just keeps getting better. After that we typically have some friends over for a BBQ.

nathan nathan 8:17 am 27 Dec 08

What does your Christmas day tradition consist of?

I don’t have any family in Canberra, and all my friends either (a) have done Christmas with family, or (b) went to the coast/Queensland/Darwin/not here, so:

Presents early, then boredom, then lunch, then sleep. CBF making dinner, so leftovers, then more sleep.

Boxing day was much better. Sleep in, cricket, beer, Sydney to Hobart start, more beer, more cricket, sleep. Proper dinner, more beer, more sleep.

Spitfire3 Spitfire3 12:31 am 27 Dec 08

Yeah. pwnd.

(The “Zoo Keepers” having capitals could support that theory)

And shiny flu, you missed “Sihk”.

Jazz Jazz 11:28 pm 26 Dec 08

Shiny, you do realise its possible that rosebud is indeed german or dutch?

peter@home peter@home 10:22 pm 26 Dec 08

pretty funny if it is…

Thumper Thumper 10:11 pm 26 Dec 08

Is a ROFLcopter some thing that SASR rapel out of?

el el 9:46 pm 26 Dec 08

Language PWNage.


shiny flu shiny flu 8:16 pm 26 Dec 08

English spelling: Muslims

German/Dutch: Moslems


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