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New CPO to be Andy Hughes?

By johnboy - 4 May 2007 39

[First filed: May 03, 2007 @ 23:23]

We have an anonymous but convincing tip that the next CPO will be Andrew Hughes, last seen fleeing Fiji.

Given the low probability of a coup it will be interesting times if he takes his corruption busting inclinations and applies them in this town.

If this tip is wrong then we’ll eat crow. Time will tell.

UPDATED: The AFP has now put out a joint media release with Simon Corbell confirming the tip.

ACT Minister for Police and Emergency Services Simon Corbell and Australian Federal Police (AFP) Commissioner Mick Keelty have announced the appointment of Assistant Commissioner Andrew Hughes as the interim Chief Police Officer for the ACT.

Assistant Commissioner Hughes will assume the position from Monday and will remain CPO until a permanent arrangement has been finalised.

Commissioner Keelty said Assistant Commissioner Hughes was a highly qualified and dedicated police officer with exemplary skills in leadership and community policing.

A career police officer of 30 years, Assistant Commissioner Hughes worked for three years on major transnational crime investigations as an AFP Liaison Officer in London during the 1990s. In 2000, he co-ordinated major operations nationally and internationally before being appointed Deputy Chief Police Officer of the ACT in 2001. He continued in this position until he was appointed Fiji Police Force Commissioner in 2003.

Assistant Commissioner Hughes said he was looking forward to returning to ACT Policing and working closely with the community.

There will be a press conference on Monday.

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39 Responses to
New CPO to be Andy Hughes?
bigred 8:26 pm 06 May 07

but are they being charged now?

Special G 8:05 pm 06 May 07

I worked doors in civic for many years and saw a number of security charged with assault.

bigred 6:35 pm 06 May 07

DJ, you ask me to post details of specific events. The short answer is “No”, mainly because some people fear retribution from AFP members.

Yes, I felt I received a good hearing from AFP Management and explanation/action which is why I will take the same approach again and again should it be necessary. I encourage others to do the same if they are disatisfied. To see the then CPO shrug their shoulders in frustration while admitting procedural breakdowns was enlightening.

Hey DJ, while you are being a bit conciliarity, perhaps you could provide some insights into why AFP are reluctant to properly act/investigate complaints of assault on night spot patrons by some of the local security bozos.

DJ 5:49 pm 06 May 07

Sorry I didn’t respond to johnboy before. I will now and fix his spelling mistakes at the same time:

“Your CPO is dead and the top brass acts as if there’s no point of interest?” – for a person who appears to be in touch with the media you have no idea – been hit in the head lately? A rugby player perhaps? Even the CT made a half hearted effort to expand on a few points of interest. Did you miss them?

“Three police charged with assault in the watch house” – and appropriate action is being taken… what no firing squad to satisfy you?

“No independent integrity body? No separate anti-corruption body?” – not required if you actually knew what you are talking about. You are still yet to provide ANY details of corruption – you can stop speculating and provide facts any time you want.

Bigred, I went over your post again and can see nothing positive about it except if you look at this in the right light it could be considered a back handed compliment: “these are only trivial offences that the local plods are being nabbed for”.

Not actually sure what point you are making about not being happy. You have not provided details about anything. You say you went to management – were you not satisfied with the response? Perhaps you had a different expectation of the outcome than you actually received?

“Slothfulness and incompetence”… use those words in a meaningful and true recount of an event that effected you personally and also involved the AFP.

bigred 5:27 pm 06 May 07

DJ, there is a lot I don’t know about the AFP. Count yourself correct on that count. Frankly I don’t think I really need to know. But I do know that myself and a lot of generally law abiding citizens are far from happy. The attitude of the police members posting here doesn’t help that view either.

Me? When something has affected me personally I have made my concerns known to AFP management. If I have a less than satisfactory experience again, I will do the same. Can you suggest a better approach?

What you guys on the inside need to do is be objective about your organisation’s performance rather than blindly going on the defence.

Also, if you read my post again you will see I am very positive about Mr Hughes’ appointment and genuinely believe he can bring some meaningful change with him.

DJ 6:36 pm 05 May 07

I’m guessing there is quite a lot you don’t know, but I don’t want to make this a personal thing. Ponder away….

Slothfulness and incompetence now? I guess it’s a change from that old chestnut corruption. I know you said you have no evidence of corruption but I’m sure you can produce some for the new accusations?

It’s a big statement and if you are simply stirring the pot it doesn’t take that big a person to have a go at an organisation that provides it’s members no ability to address baseless accusations like this?

I suppose if you have experience in the this field and can use it to measure the performance of the AFP then you’ll be able to expand on that…

You must go to interesting dinner parties.

MRB 6:28 pm 05 May 07

Ah yes, I could imagine those dinner parties: “Oh, did you know that last week my letterbox was vandalised, and the police didn’t catch anyone. Incompetence!”

Bigred, how many times have you dealt with the police? And in all those times, were they always slothful and incompetent? Have you ever been slothful and/or incompetent at your job?

bigred 1:06 pm 05 May 07

but yogie47, on the comparitive scale (against NSW, Vic, QLD) these are only trivial offences that the local plods are being nabbed for. I often ponder what we don’t know. After all, its the unkown unknowns that bite you on the bum when you least expect it.

I do admit I have no evidence of AFP corruption, just slothfullness and incompetence. It has been said at many a Canberra dinner party that the AFP couldn’t catch a cold in a Canberra winter. Hope Mr Hughes can turn that impression around.

johnboy 12:57 pm 05 May 07

On bad apple ruins the bunch.

yogie47 12:44 pm 05 May 07

Its good to see all the ‘honest’ people of ACT are on this forum. I’m sure none of the people alleging the police are corrupt have ever done anything wrong. I think having a small number of cops getting in trouble is a long way from saying their all bad eggs. Have a look at NSW & QLD Police, both had royal commissions and still don’t shape up to higher standards that the AFP seem to. As someone that did not grow up in the ACT I think the Police here are pretty good. I look at it this way, within every sector of the ACT population there are going to be people that commit offences or are just plain idiots. So why would a police force that draws from that population be any different. I’d be more concerned if cops weren’t getting in the shit for doing stuff wrong, because I think that would demonstrate no one was keeping an eye on them to may them accountable.

Hasdrubahl 7:19 am 05 May 07

Agreed. Although I personally have no knowledge of corruption amongst the boyz in blu, that doesn’t rule out the possibility that it exists – or ever will.

johnboy 11:51 pm 04 May 07

Oh and it wasn’t that many years ago that an AFP sergeant shook us down (as an official matter) for information to help a senior Liberal with his own *CIVIL* matter.

So it’s not as if I think the problem is confined to the police. But I do think there are some major problems at the top in this town and we have no mechanisms in place to deal with them.

It seems unlikely that bad guys turn aside at the ACT border.

bigred 11:37 pm 04 May 07

I would imagine that Mr Hughes’ instructions would contain some words about dealing with the general community disquiet about AFP servicing quality. To call them corrupt is probably a too big call. Dysfunctional and unresponsive are probably closer to the mark.

From what I have read and seen of Mr Hughes, this seems to be a top appointment. I hope it ends up being a long term gig, and the ACT AFP culture doesn’t beat him.

johnboy 11:31 pm 04 May 07

Your CPO is dead and the top brass acts as if there’s no point of interest? Yeah, nothing to see here.

Three police charged with asssault in the watchouse, (the only place they are under surveilance) nothing to see there either.

No independent integrity body? No seperate anti-corruption body?

Yeah, nothing to see here.

DJ 9:46 pm 04 May 07

Again a suggestion of corruption from johnboy… no facts mind you. Back this up JB. “Corruption busting inclinations” – where would you start in this town? I mean from your extensive experience as a member of a police service and your qualifications in law enforcement and civil order strategies surely you can add value to the office of the CPO?

All good to post witty comments about fleeing a coup where other people were murdered and maimed – what would you have done for your family in the same position?

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