New CPO to be Andy Hughes?

johnboy 4 May 2007 39

[First filed: May 03, 2007 @ 23:23]

We have an anonymous but convincing tip that the next CPO will be Andrew Hughes, last seen fleeing Fiji.

Given the low probability of a coup it will be interesting times if he takes his corruption busting inclinations and applies them in this town.

If this tip is wrong then we’ll eat crow. Time will tell.

UPDATED: The AFP has now put out a joint media release with Simon Corbell confirming the tip.

ACT Minister for Police and Emergency Services Simon Corbell and Australian Federal Police (AFP) Commissioner Mick Keelty have announced the appointment of Assistant Commissioner Andrew Hughes as the interim Chief Police Officer for the ACT.

Assistant Commissioner Hughes will assume the position from Monday and will remain CPO until a permanent arrangement has been finalised.

Commissioner Keelty said Assistant Commissioner Hughes was a highly qualified and dedicated police officer with exemplary skills in leadership and community policing.

A career police officer of 30 years, Assistant Commissioner Hughes worked for three years on major transnational crime investigations as an AFP Liaison Officer in London during the 1990s. In 2000, he co-ordinated major operations nationally and internationally before being appointed Deputy Chief Police Officer of the ACT in 2001. He continued in this position until he was appointed Fiji Police Force Commissioner in 2003.

Assistant Commissioner Hughes said he was looking forward to returning to ACT Policing and working closely with the community.

There will be a press conference on Monday.

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39 Responses to New CPO to be Andy Hughes?
Special G Special G 5:55 pm 09 May 07

I know both JB and DJ if you two want to discuss your issues over a beer, or just hug and make up.

Careful though. ACT Police are a direct copy of ‘The Shield’. Bad stuff happens in Canberra.

Special G Special G 5:51 pm 09 May 07

JB – Call Internal Investigations. Hell, walk into any Police station and make the complaint. There was a review into the way the AFP looked at this sort of thing last year.

You have developed an axe to grind over the past couple of months. It’s got me thinking of Dr Evil (Jack) and Minime (JB).

johnboy johnboy 4:15 pm 08 May 07

DJ, I apologise wholeheartedly for not being an anti-corruption authority with the ability to tap phones and compel witnesses.

Having said that the instance of CORRUPTION (private investigations conducted by police on behalf of powerful people with no legal authority) I noted has been passed off as common practice which to most people would be seen as part of a much larger problem.

Now given that corruption is a secretive business and we have a secretive police force there’s not much that can be done but if you don’t like me being concerned about it I suggest you stop reading.

If a lack of response from me to your abuse makes you happy then I think that’s great. Enjoy.

DJ DJ 3:58 pm 08 May 07

JB, no reply? Instead of having a go at a lost cause get over it. You have been unable to substantiate any corruption whatsoever (mine or others) – just poor old JB who is never satisfied.

What you have done is make yourself look like a whiner who doesn’t understand the system regardless of how many friends, who are Police, explain the realities of life to you.

Blah, blah, catch crys of corruption. Do I really sound like a one man corruption problem all in one? I’m not offended… sorry. You don’t have a clue what you are talking about.

Leave the computer for a few hours, go outside and enjoy life, smell the fresh air and don’t take life so seriously… or you can just ignore this and let the baseless bitterness fester.

Heavs Heavs 8:49 am 08 May 07

Yeah, I’m sure the conga line of coppers who used to run out of city station to the carparks a few years back didn’t have an early warning system setup with the parkies. It only stopped because people in the offices around cottoned on to what was happening and started doing the same and it became too hard for parking to hide.

TAD TAD 10:36 pm 07 May 07

Nice…if it were true. That parking spot on not for member’s private vehicles. (Parking ticket if you do).

Very Good Very Good 10:23 pm 07 May 07

I’m sure there is no official corruption in the AFP. Although I wonder what daily parking in City West is worth though? It must be nice to not have to worry about paying what Jo Banker/Public Servant/Solicitor who parks in the spot next door to you pays.

A nice $1500 a year bonus.

TAD TAD 7:15 pm 07 May 07

I found the old thread.

It may surprise you JB that I didn’t think you should have sent the logs at the time.

JB, you also haven’t mentioned the other reason why you hate police. (The “I was assaulted on a bus and police didn’t give a crap” story).

Special G Special G 6:51 pm 07 May 07

JB you obviously have a grievance that has not been addressed. It took me about 30 seconds to look up AFP in the phone book and find the number for internal investigations. Making your complaint on RA will not go very far to having the matter dealt with by the correct people.

You can jump up and down as much as you like. If you don’t do anything about it through the correct channels then you’re just whinging.

DJ DJ 5:03 pm 07 May 07

Sorry but you’re clutching at straws JB, and baseless accusations… again…

Do you always put words into the mouths of others or do you just do that when you are found to be wanting? Oops, they were just catch-crys thet you are implying I use.

I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed but you seem to be the last person who should be throwing stones.

johnboy johnboy 4:40 pm 07 May 07

Nice to see a policeman so ignorant of the basic foundations of justice DJ.

You can take what you like without any recourse to the law? You can make whatever searches powerful people want regardless of the law?

You, personally, sound like a one man corruption problem all in one.

“The way it is”

“the cost of doing business”

“I don’ like it but what are going to do”

“shut up about the law smart arse and do what we say or you’ll regret it”

“just doing a favour for a mate”

The catch-cries of corruption throughout the ages.

DJ DJ 4:34 pm 07 May 07

Looks like TAD has actually put substance behind what JB was floundering with. So JB where is the corruption? Let me get this straight – a request was sent to you from the AFP. I’m thinking this made you feel important so a degree and nothing came of it… the deflation must have been humiliating for you to hold a grudge like this.

A burglary was reported by you and CSI didn’t turn up?

“Personal inquiries for politicians under threat of confiscating our server (implied)”… imply what you will but if you were a git about providing information then why shouldn’t your server be seized as evidence?

So the grudge is because you were spoken to in a manner that reflected your actions?

bonfire bonfire 3:11 pm 07 May 07

fercrissake – dont you two have instant messaging or something ?

the argument has become a circle.

johnboy johnboy 2:48 pm 07 May 07

Ok, so we’re no more corrupt than other states and territories then?

If so can we please have the same corruption fighting bodies they have? Because there’s huge trouble in every other force in the country being found by those bodies.

TAD TAD 2:41 pm 07 May 07

As a test JB, go onto a blog in each state and call the local politician a paedophile.

We’ll compare the corruptness of each jurisdiction by how many get in contact with you.

johnboy johnboy 2:35 pm 07 May 07

There’s a specific exemption for websites in the legislation!

Can I make up charged and get the police to find out the identity of people I don’t like?

I don’t think so.

Like I said we seem to be working under different definitions here.

TAD TAD 2:29 pm 07 May 07

Criminalty was alleged. From memory I think the complainant alleged harrass/menace via telecommunications. It would’t have gotten up.

There have been other instances such as the minor theft of a document from a MLA’s office. (which turned up in the CT coincidentally at a similar time a staffer took up a position in a civil liberties organisation) and more recently a certain vandalism incident.

MLAs like any citizen can report crime. The response however is nt typical.

By the way JB. Is this the best corruption case you can come up with?

Mate, as a friend trust me there isn’t any corruption in ACT Policing whatsoever. Have a long ahct with Nick and he’ll tell you the same.

johnboy johnboy 2:15 pm 07 May 07

Even where no criminality has been alleged? (as was the case here)

It sounds more and more like we’re speaking very different languages.

TAD TAD 2:10 pm 07 May 07

Unfortunately we do live in a world where police have to investigate minor crap for local policticans. It is the same the world over. We don’t like it either.

TAD TAD 2:00 pm 07 May 07

And by oberving members “stuff up” I wasn’t referring to members involved in corrupt behaviour.

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