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Of tattoos and Motorcycle gangs in Canberra

By johnboy 7 July 2005 16

Over in LiveJournal Land there’s an interesting discusssion on the ins and outs of getting a tattoo in Canberra.

Is it all run by a bikie gang? (rebels?)

Is Lyneham the best place to go? Or Queanbeyan? Or for something so permanent is the trip to Sydney the best idea?

What’s Your opinion?

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16 Responses to
Of tattoos and Motorcycle gangs in Canberra
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Psygorian 8:55 pm 28 Mar 09

I know of a guy that does some excellent work but will not work for or open a shop here because of the shit associated with local bike groups. Pity, he has wone trophies and worked overseas at shops in Boston but will not get involved with bike politics. Those that are fortunate enough to have work from him rave but guard his privacy as he only does friends now. So why cant a guy with talent do what he loves without the fear of some harley rider threatening him or his family? It really bites!

justbands 8:42 am 11 Jul 05

Oh..& yes, I waited until I was sure before I got one. I’ve wanted one since I was a teenager (I’m now 33), but glad I waited. I’m sure I’d be unhappy with my choice of tatt at 18. As soon as I knew what I really wanted to get done…I did it.

justbands 8:36 am 11 Jul 05

Just so happens I got a tatt done last Monday…my first one. After asking around, I went to North Lyneham. Not Chris….Patto, who has equally as good a reputation. He did an excellent job I reckon, although the tatt I got hardly stretched his artistic abilities.

FB 4:17 pm 08 Jul 05

Chris Cashmore @ Tattoo Power in Nth Lyneham. Best work in ACT in my opinion. If you can get in to see him it’s worth the wait & the $$$. I have a few tats, and a lot of my friends have them, so I have seen most work available. He’s a tad dearer but what’s a few extra $$ for good work.

Biro @ Forever Art in Fyshwick is sporadic. He can do really really excellent work when wants but he can also do b grade stuff. I was fortunate to get a good one done by him but I probably won’t go back.

Yes X was the best in the ACT, shame she left.

bulldog 2:21 pm 08 Jul 05

Yeah, I’d heard that one too…

She’s a friend of a friend; really nice lady apparently, but does not tattoo anymore.

bloodnut 1:29 pm 08 Jul 05

(this is hearsay and not my personal experience/opinion) Canberras best tattoist ever left our fine city under such a cloud several years back

bonfire 1:00 pm 08 Jul 05

several years ago a guy i know with a strong interest in body piercing, branding etc tried to setup a shop in qld. the day it opened he was paid a visit by some heavies from a well known motorcycle ganag. they threatened him with death if he went ahead. he went ahead and was beaten, hospitalised, his shop broken into and all gear stolen.

what did the qld police do ? can you say nothing. basically said it was his fault.

bulldog 12:46 pm 08 Jul 05

I’ve only met one tattooist who would work on a drunken client.

The fact that he was the one who got me pissed is beside the point…

Diane, Have had a look at the tuggers shop and whilst it is very clean they seem very pricey. That being said the best sign I ever saw in a tattoo/piercing shop was in Cairns where it said;

“Good work isn’t cheap and cheap work isn’t good”

My second favourite (In Port Douglas) was;

“Shoplifters will be beaten, stabbed and stomped. Survivors will be prosecuted”


Thumper 11:47 am 08 Jul 05


I’ve got a perfectly detailed Red Gibson ES330 guitar with Lennon-McCartney scrolled under it on my shoulder.

I think I’m safe with that one!

Indi 11:34 am 08 Jul 05

While on the subject of rules/regs. I’d say it’s fairly wise not to have one done whilst drunk.

I also knew a person who had a ‘symbol’ that represented a band, ‘branded’ on the shoulder. Sadly that band did not go down as one of the greats and said person was left a lower case, back the front ‘n’ – doing your research pays!

Absent Diane 11:26 am 08 Jul 05

I heard the Lyneham mob had moved to tuggers..

Thumper 11:08 am 08 Jul 05

I could add to that these rules,

1. When you decide you want a tattoo, don’t get one.
2. If you really still think you want one, go along to a palour and then go home
3. If you still really really want one, go along to a palour and check out their designs, then go home
4. If you still really really really want one, then find a design that really means something to you because, as pointed out, it will be for life. Once you have settled on the design, go home
5. Are you starting to get the drift?

NB. Do not get your first tatt like I did. About to be deployed to Fiji in 87, sitting with all the gear in a C130 at Richmond airbase, nothing happens, Section hits Kings Cross that night, Section wakes up with lots of Army tatts everywhere! (I still like it though…)


BTW, I love my tatts…..

bloodnut 11:00 am 08 Jul 05

I’ve got a few stuck on my body and my advice to anyone that wants one is spend a good year researching tattoos to find your artist.

a) it’s there for life, so what’s a year

b) it’s there for life so you want to find the best person for the job (normally the best are booked out months in advance)

c) it’s there for life – if after a year you realise you don’t want it anymore, then thats a good thing

travel to another city if you have to, just do it right the first time

bulldog 8:36 am 08 Jul 05

I have had work done at Queanbeyan and Fyshwick (don’t know if they’re still there). I think in the surrounding region QBN does good work.

Have also heard great things about Lyneham, my brother recently got some more work done out there and he was full of rave reviews.

Just another plug for Queanbeyan; Recently had a fund raiser for a sick mate and they very kindly donated about three hundred dollars worth of vouchers. Very pleased with the outcome; as both of the winners were mates and they were stoked with the work.

Thumper 8:13 am 08 Jul 05

Most of my tatts were done by a guy called Lee who used to work in Civic. He moved down to Eden I believe.

And yes, I believe he was a member of the Rebels.

However, I have heard that Lyneham is very clean, courteous, and very good. Can’t say I know anything about Struggletown though.

Ralph 8:08 pm 07 Jul 05

And I thought the word ‘flash’ meant something produced from a Macromedia software program.

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