Oils drums in Corin dam

Gungahlin Al 25 May 2007 11

CT reported yesterday that the lower dam level at Corin has revealed a bunch of old debris, including diesoline drums.

So who’s crowing about their supposed “pristine water supply” now???

This is the thing I find so hypocritical about the debate about water recycling – no-one questions the quality of what is coming out of their taps right now…

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11 Responses to Oils drums in Corin dam
Al Al 10:34 am 28 May 07

Vic, water supplies are drawn from not far below the surface actually in order that they bright in aerobic water. Most intake towers (that I’m aware of anyway) have multiple intakes down the height of the tower.
The water at the bottom of any lake is anerobic – not good.
They can also vary the intake height when the lake ‘turns over’ which happens with season changes and brings all the anerobic water to the surface.

Danman Danman 7:27 am 28 May 07

JB – chjeers for the link – I was being a dick – PCB’s are a very common insulating liquid in industrial size power transformers (11kva) and to that end I – and the person who grants me access – have to be very careful that there is no soil contamination danger on my frequent abandoned industrial style photographical missions.

Ari – just getting a little crazy....

johnboy johnboy 9:23 pm 25 May 07
Ari Ari 8:40 pm 25 May 07

What’s with all the fancy bold tags recently Danman?

Danman Danman 8:10 pm 25 May 07

Printed Circuit Boards?

I could imagine PCP would be a good thing in the water.

Could explain all the shenanigans up on that hill.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 7:21 pm 25 May 07

PCB’s… nasty stuff.

johnboy johnboy 6:11 pm 25 May 07

How about PCBs?

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 5:49 pm 25 May 07

Oil floats to the surface, and light oil like diesel will dissipate within a reasonably short timeframe. The drinking water is drawn from near the bottom.

Unless someone has thrown in a few drums of mercury I’m not concerned! 🙂

shauno shauno 5:22 pm 25 May 07

It annoys me that we were never allowed to fish in there although I know people who did. Chock a block full of trout it was and at evening just before the sun went down you could see the whole lake rising with trout.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 4:44 pm 25 May 07

Ingesting the odd spot of oil is good for you. It lubricates the innards.

I guess they’re lucky they haven’t found more. Large bodies of water are great dumping grounds.

Pandy Pandy 4:24 pm 25 May 07

That is why I have twin cartridge filters on my drinking supply in the kitchen. Water tastes better.

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