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One for the “Hang them high” files

By johnboy - 31 July 2009 47

The ABC has a blood boiling story.

    A Canberra man accused of having sex with his 12-year-old babysitter has pleaded guilty to the charge.

    The incident occurred in December 2008.

    A statement of facts tendered to the court, says the 43-year-old Sudanese born man, from the suburb of Florey, threatened to kill the girl if she did not have sex with him.

Congratulations to the girl’s parents for having raised her strong enough to make a complaint and prosecute it.

Now to see what the sentence is…

What’s Your opinion?

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47 Responses to
One for the “Hang them high” files
housebound 2:46 pm 31 Jul 09

Not excusing the really bad behaviour, but if he is a sudanese refuges he probably is well aware of what it’s like for someone else to have a power trip at his expense. That’s what makes this crime so much worse.

Hercsie 2:41 pm 31 Jul 09

perhaps after he serves his sentence here – a one way deportation back to sudan

BerraBoy68 2:30 pm 31 Jul 09

JB said:
“Congratulations to the girl’s parents for having raised her strong enough to make a complaint and prosecute it.”

While I generally read most stories you post JB, rarely do these include a statement as powerful as the one you’ve made above.

Dealing with people that have been sexually abused, as I do, I am constantly humbled by the strength of character of those victims of sexual abuse that do come forward to make a complaint. Some victims, however, are so badly damaged that they may never be able to come forward (others simply can’t even live with their abuse)and for this also, there is no shame. The shame for sexual abuse, or abuse in general is never with the victim… not then, not now and not in the future. The shame should, and must be placed where it belongs, squarely with the abuser.

And Astrojax, don’t get me started on that idiot Sandilands and his moronic sidekick.

Wraith 2:14 pm 31 Jul 09

V twin venom said :

from Chopper:
“cant wait until he goes to jail. .” .

from the inmates:
“mmmm, dark meat!

Too true, he’ll learn all about power then, what it is like to have it taken away from him……

As long as Higgins isn’t the magistrate.

V twin venom 2:10 pm 31 Jul 09

from Chopper:
“cant wait until he goes to jail. .” .

from the inmates:
“mmmm, dark meat!

Chopper 1:46 pm 31 Jul 09

cant wait until he goes to jail. . .

Thumper 1:32 pm 31 Jul 09


Today is becoming depressing. Poor girl.

Skidbladnir 1:26 pm 31 Jul 09

I thought it was mostly a bad thing to identify the sex offender when they had a personal connection of some sort to the victim?
ie: Now that Mr [NAME NOT INCLUDED] has been identified in the media, someone can work backward and identfy a few potenital babysitters in the given timeframe, and narrow it down further? The CT have been getting really lax about that kind of thing recently…

Also, if he’s like that with the strangers that take care of his children, has anyone checked on his wife?

Pommy bastard 1:25 pm 31 Jul 09

What on earth about a persons background could be mitigating in this circusmstance?

Peewee Slasher 1:20 pm 31 Jul 09

Taking the article at face value: Threatening to kill her speaks volumes about the crime of rape being about power. The man is a monster.

Granny 1:07 pm 31 Jul 09

Poor little kid.

FC 1:03 pm 31 Jul 09

I’m sure that all things are taken into account (including background) when sentencing comes around.

Lilli 1:03 pm 31 Jul 09

A (little bit) more information has appeared on the CT, including the man in question’s name –

What a terrible thing to have happen.

chewy14 12:53 pm 31 Jul 09

Hopefully they don’t bring this man’s background into it when sentencing time comes aroung.

astrojax 12:50 pm 31 Jul 09

kindergarten destroyers, dog poisoners, rapists of 12 yr olds- the act is just one big riot today!

let’s hope this one gets some real justice, unlike the radio guy who aired the rape allegations from another 12 yr old… sick.

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