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Life is looking up

One HD coming to a TV near you!

By H1NG0 - 14 January 2009 43

According to Media Spy, Southern Cross HD have pulled their fingers out and are going to broadcast Channel 10’s new One HD 24 hour sports channel due for launch in April.

This is great news for everyone who has bought HD TV’s and Set Top Boxes only to discover that the Southern Cross HD channel displays not much more than a High Definition loop.

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43 Responses to
One HD coming to a TV near you!
Primal 2:03 pm 14 Jan 09

johnboy said :


Where else do you get non-stop red-dwarf, black books, and music videos?

If it was Live At Montreaux, odds are it has been shown on ABC2.

Having said that, there has been the odd gem like Scrapheap Challenge and it’s always useful for catching up on ABC1 programs you forgot to watch the previous night. Not a total loss of a channel.

H1NG0 12:21 pm 14 Jan 09

Holden Caulfield said :

Hopefully we can finally enjoy live F1 on Channel When like every other capital city in Australia. >(

You are not wrong. I hope Reprobate is right and it is ready in time for the Melbourne GP. It would be a good opportunity to market/test the channel.

Skidbladnir 12:18 pm 14 Jan 09

I want a NFP station like Ch31 for Canberra, screw a FTA 24hr sport channel (unless they cover foxy boxing, or nomic games like Calvinball or Bartok)…

SGS having his own, low-budget, half-hour, phone-in tv show filmed in front of a hung-up bedsheet could be hilarious.

Jonathon Reynolds 12:17 pm 14 Jan 09

Slightly OT:

Has anyone else noticed that the timecode on the ABC Digital TV channels has not accounted for daylight savings? The time is picked up from the ABC signal on my set top boxes (especially most annoying on the recorder) is an hour out. There is no provision to make allowance for daylight savings in the settings menu.

Holden Caulfield 12:04 pm 14 Jan 09

Hopefully we can finally enjoy live F1 on Channel When like every other capital city in Australia. >(

peterh 11:56 am 14 Jan 09

johnboy said :


Where else do you get non-stop red-dwarf, black books, and music videos?

I like the way you think…

Reprobate 11:56 am 14 Jan 09

I saw on another forum that the big launch of Ten’s new One channel will actually take place just before April, as the last weekend of March hosts both the Australian F1 grand prix and the opening round of AFL – whatever that is :-P. However, as I have learnt with Southern Cross Ten before, I will believe it only when I have seen it.

Shame we yet again miss out on the biggest race on the NASCAR calendar, the Daytona 500, in February…

H1NG0 11:55 am 14 Jan 09

The EPG is a lot better than what it was. I think every cahnnel except SBS now show their programming for at least a few days in advance. You are right though about our Digital service being sub-standard. We are miles behind other countries including New Zealand! Hopefully the law changes (otherwise known as Freeview) will change things for the better. Seven and Nein are still holding the cards close to their chest and are yet to reveal their future plans. ABC hopes to introduce ABC3 which will be a kids channel. The channel is there, but it is simply linking to ABC1 at the moment.

bloodnut 11:53 am 14 Jan 09

i will turn my set top box on. it has been dormant for almost 2 years now.

Gerry-Built 11:41 am 14 Jan 09

oh – YourTV link for anyone interested (good for the guide etc)

Gerry-Built 11:39 am 14 Jan 09

Digital has so much promise, and no delivery. EPG (Electronic Program Guides) rarely have programs listed, and when they do, they are only current program and next program (although ABC1 has ALWAYS been better than the others). The EPG also take absolute ages to populate. in that time, I can go to and see days in advance…

None of the secondary channels broadcast much (and then it is not advertised on the primary channel – nor listed on the EPG) except the ‘loops’ previously mentioned.

The promised Digital TV Revolution leaves a lot to be desired, but at least there seems to be ‘A New Hope’ of something happening now… Thanks for the heads up JB!

johnboy 11:32 am 14 Jan 09


Where else do you get non-stop red-dwarf, black books, and music videos?

H1NG0 11:12 am 14 Jan 09

True. HD coverage in regional areas is far behind that of Sydney. WinHD will broadcast some movies in Dolby 5.1 which is the only regional channel to do so.

Growling Ferret 11:07 am 14 Jan 09

That’s a bonus – HD TV in Canberra is a complete joke… The Prime signal is flaky, and the other commercial channels are permanent Test patterns

H1NG0 11:07 am 14 Jan 09

Phew you are quick Johnboy. Added to this, the channel may also be simulcast on SC10’s second SD channel for all those with antique SD tuners!

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