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Outrageous Corkage.

By Pandy - 1 August 2007 42

Well WIN news reported that there is an email campaign going around hitting back on the corkage price @ Cipriani Restaurant in Kennedy St, Kingston


Chef Alex Tinelli claims to be a two star Michelin rated, offering fine dining.

I was unable to check on their online menu prices since their web site is down.

What’s Your opinion?

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42 Responses to
Outrageous Corkage.
Thumper 9:17 am 02 Aug 07

Website down hey?


niftydog 9:15 am 02 Aug 07

Rocksalt Canberra’s best? You don’t get out enough!

Rubicon gets my vote.

bonfire 9:05 am 02 Aug 07

i second mr shab.

canberra has access to teh raw ingredients, and has soem fine venues. marry teh two and you could ask those prices.

ciprianis is a joke.

20 bucks corkage ?

id not go there based on that alone.

Mr_Shab 8:46 am 02 Aug 07

I’m prepared to pay over $30 for a main in Canberra, Danman – but it had better be worth it. Sage, Anise et al charge over $30, but I’m happy to fork over that kind of dosh, as it compares favourably with what I’ve eaten in Sydney and Melbourne (yep – the service too).

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 8:45 am 02 Aug 07

I almost never eat in those types of restuarants anyway, because I don’t see the value. Expensive corkage does nothing to change this view.

Thumper 8:23 am 02 Aug 07

Simple, don’t go there as AD suggests.

he can ask $100 for corkage as far as i’m concerned, as long as it’s well advertised.

Absent Diane 8:07 am 02 Aug 07

My advice is if you don’t like it don’t go there. No point whinging about it. And it is a privately owned restaraunt so theoretically they can do whatever they want in terms of charging can’t they??

Danman 7:11 am 02 Aug 07

No point in fine sydney or melbourne style dining in canberra.

If you want canberras best – go to Rocksalt – but even Rocksalt pales in comparison to Flower Drum in Melbourne – or Bilsons or Tetsuyas or Rockpool or Quay in Sydney.

If you pay over $30 for a main in canberra you are getting rorted.

As a qualified chef I have sensible grounds for these opinions.

Plenty of good places to eat in Canberra – but expecting an experience more qualified for Sydney Melbourne or even Europe – canberra can only go as far as charging the same – but delivering quite less.

Mess 12:34 am 02 Aug 07

Although Skaboy, I would say that chef gave up his glittering career overseas to come and work in a resturant in Canberra, why that is remains a mystery. You would have to ask him.

Mess 12:32 am 02 Aug 07

Give me a chicken schnitty at the club any time. What do I care about Michelin stars. Let the taste buds decide.

Ingeegoodbee 8:56 pm 01 Aug 07

I guess what you spend on corkage would really depend on what you get for your money. I’ve paid more than twice that in Melbourne when we enjoyed three bottles of Penfold’s Bin 95 at Langton’s a few years back – for the money we got Reidel glasses (changed for each new bottle) and decanting – reasonably good value considering.

Having recently experienced an evening at Cipriani in Kingston (not a patch on the original – and still the best – Cipriani in New York) I can only assume that the Michelin stars were awarded in the “greasy spoon / road house” category because the whole affair sucked arse – from the inattentive service, to the poorly prepared, ill-conceived and crapily presented dishes, the wine list that was out of date/stock (to the extent that we had to settle on our fourth preference , the first three choices being inexplicably ‘out of stock’!) and capped off with a waiter that ignored us at the end of the meal to the extent that we were actually considering ‘doing a runner’ because he seemed so disinterested in preparing our bill …. $20 corkage …. Tell ‘im his dreaming!

skaboy12 8:03 pm 01 Aug 07

Well I would call bullshit. The chef is full of crap about the Michelin stars. The Michelin Guide website states that they only review restaurants in Europe and North America.

Pandy 7:16 pm 01 Aug 07

WIN said it used to be $6 corkage.

Woody Mann-Caruso 6:52 pm 01 Aug 07

Then some, even.

Woody Mann-Caruso 6:51 pm 01 Aug 07

You can see their wine list with some creative google caching. Seems to be the standard “charge double the bottle shop price, and the some” pricing structure. This page says it’s $6 corkage, not $20, with mains up to $29.90. Pretty reasonable for a Balmain bug and crab lasagne.

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