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P-Plate Pandemonium

fhakk 12 April 2008 41

More ammunition for those who want to crack down on younger drivers, courtesy of these two reports.

Both cases seem to involve pretty high-powered vehicles, speed a likely factor in both. One of the passengers is critical and my thoughts are with his family. The driver on the other hand I think will be in a fair bit of trouble.

Anyone got more info?

Meanwhile, the Falcon crash in Kaleen is probably the reason TransACT’s playing up in these parts.

Makes you wonder why the ACT Government continues to bleat about how safe our drivers are.

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41 Responses to P-Plate Pandemonium
Bludger Bludger 1:33 pm 21 Apr 08

Yes I read it was the commodore that lost control, not the L plater.

cranky cranky 1:04 pm 21 Apr 08

Be fair,

The Herald article states plainly that the woman police officer lost control of her car , in the wet, prior to the accident.

The Fiesta was an unfortunate, innocent, victim.

ant ant 12:42 pm 21 Apr 08

Forget P plate problems, now the L platers are getting in on the act. Just up the road near Wollongong, an L plater crashed his Fiesta into a family Commodore, killing a woman and seriously injuring her partner (they were both police from Wollongong); their 3 kids were in the back seat. What struck me though was the picture in today’s SMH
showing the doof speaker array from the Fiesta.

Aeek Aeek 11:09 pm 15 Apr 08

astrojax said :

it is why all cyclists and motor cyclists should, unfortunately, have to work harder to be even better road users to gain acceptance

Except car drivers don’t always understand that there are differences depending on your vehicle classification. Memories of a guy going off his nut when I (bicycle) moved up on his left at the (red) lights. He wasn’t indicating.

On that, the road rule is “not when turning AND indicating”. The authorities like to spin the AND as OR. Fair enough if the motor vehicle is turning, I don’t really care that they’re not indicating. Other way round, I’ll move up if the one ahead isn’t and they’re close enough to stopped.

Timberwolf65 Timberwolf65 1:06 pm 15 Apr 08

I reckon crush their cars and show it on you tube because thats what they will eventually do one day anyway, only they might kill themselves in the process.
I have kids that like to go for rides on the foot paths around my street and the amount of young drivers speeding around the streets is too much.

I witnessed a rotary take a corner the other day and nearly hit a bus that was dropping school kids off at the bus stop.

Where’s the sniper rifle when you need it!!!!

Bungle Bungle 11:31 pm 14 Apr 08

I agree bigred, and I’m not a rider. I don’t see why it should bother anyone as the bikes usually accelerate away faster than the cars. Must be jealousy?

What does annoy me is a bike weaving in and out of traffic at about 180kph. One went past me the other day on kingsford smith dr. There’s no way you notice them until they’re past you.

bigred bigred 11:06 pm 14 Apr 08

“Oh, and when did the rules change that mean that a motorbike rider can ride between lanes to get to the the end of a long line of cars at the lights?” said peterh

Its legal at the present time. And when the cars are stationary, what is the issue?

Aeek Aeek 7:26 pm 14 Apr 08

Other reasons for not keeping left:

When there is merging traffic, that’s close enough to overtaking for me.
When passing a cyclist, that is overtaking too!
When preparing to turn right.

Oh, and keeping left does NOT mean driving to the gutter.

mattyf mattyf 6:30 pm 14 Apr 08

Felix the Cat wrote:
> The road rules state that you should stay left unless overtaking.

On a multi-laned road the above is a requirement only if the speed limit is greater than 80 km/h or if there is a keep left sign. The requirement not to obstruct would be the primary one affecting lane choice in this case.

astrojax astrojax 3:03 pm 14 Apr 08

bd84 wrote: and about 97% of motorcyclists believe the road rules don’t apply to them

it is a sad fact that we tend to ‘see’ the bad things and be blinded to what should be normal – you probably see the equivalent percentage of motorcyclists who are complete penis heads, but because you’re inclined to think of the bunch of them together as ‘temporary aussies’ or some equivalent, suddenly every m/cyclist is a moron.

it is why all cyclists and motor cyclists should, unfortunately, have to work harder to be even better road users to gain acceptance, untill all road users respect all other road users…

same for ‘p’ platers…

peterh peterh 2:46 pm 14 Apr 08

If you want to see what it is like from a tourist’s perspective, hire a car with VIC plates. makes you wonder how the real tourists feel when they come here, and the culprits aren’t just P platers, licensed drivers are just the same, they cut you off, they beep at you, they feel that you shouldn’t be on “their” road.

Oh, and when did the rules change that mean that a motorbike rider can ride between lanes to get to the the end of a long line of cars at the lights?

Not all motorbike riders do this, I understand.

RAGD RAGD 12:20 pm 14 Apr 08

I think ‘good drivers’ should be recognised by how they drive in the circumstance they are in. Ie in Canberra you have to wait before somebody passes to change into their lane. Just because this isnt the case in Melbourne or Sydney doesnt mean that 90% of drivers in Canberra are bad. In Melbourne city you have to do hook turns because of the trams. Just because we don’t have trams here it doesn’t mean those hook turns are bad. ‘Good drivers’ should be able to adapt to the situation they are in. Everyone knows that people in canberra dont let you in their lane until they pass so you adjust and thats how you drive in canberra. When I got to syd or melb, I know this isnt the case so I adapt and change lanes the way it is done there.
In the autobahn in germany everyone drives at crazy speed and its actually dangerous if you dont keep up at a crazy speed. It doesnt mean that all german drivers are bad cause they are going to fast.

ant ant 12:09 am 14 Apr 08

I think Howard tapped in to some of this attitude, yeah. The selfish “gimme, I’m entitled” attitude, and gave people permission to have such attitudes. They’re not ashamed, now.

The cat did it The cat did it 11:22 pm 13 Apr 08

Yeah, it’s the “I’ve arrived, get out of my lane” attitude that is dangerous, and the fact that they’re probably on their mobile as well only adds to the risk. Human brains don’t fully mature until early 20s for girls-25ish for boys. So basically, they can’t be relied on to make mature evaluations of risk as they drive. They drive harder because they honestly don’t see how the bad stuff can happen to them. Same reason that armies used to like younger men (but not so much now, because training is very expensive).

I’ve spent some time driving in the Middle East- although it can seem chaotic, there is a level of aggression in Australian drivers that you don’t find over there. Drivers here are much more likely to aggressively compete- cut in front of you, or close gaps to exclude you- even though it doesn’t benefit them. Here, a maneuver is often treated as a win-lose situation- if you improve your position, it must mean a loss for them, so they try to prevent it. Can we blame the rise of this destructive and selfish individualism on the Howard Government?

bd84 bd84 10:21 pm 13 Apr 08

Mike Crowther: The requiements for motorcycle licencing are just as lax as car licencing, if not even worse. Motorcyclists are required to attend the “staying upright” course which is nothing more than a few hours of how to ride on a motorcycle and keep it upright and complete turns. Then they are free to ride on our roads with no training or supervision. Motorcyclists are then required only to hold a learners licence for three months before another course/test to gain their provisional licence. Compared to the minimum six months under full supervision for a car learner, it sounds pretty good hey.

Thumper said :

I think it is painfully evident that 18 years olds and high powered cars just don’t mix.

High speeds and all drivers don’t mix particularly well, given most drivers never receive training to handle cars at high speed. I could get my car to probably 180kph and probably crash and die if I did, no matter how “high powered” the car is its the skills of the driver behind the wheel what count and most of us don’t have the skills to drive at that speed let alone an 18 year old. You’re just as likely to die driving mum and dad’s corolla or your wrx.

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 10:10 pm 13 Apr 08

Headbone – we dont talk about that. But it goes some way to explain the itchy scar on my shoulder.

Isn’t Mael actually worse than a Tasmanian anyway? Hey Bro!

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 10:08 pm 13 Apr 08

Mr Waffle said :

Another annoying thing about that intersection is that it’s two lanes, but after the lights (going straight) it merges into one lane. Yet people still queue to go straight in the left lane, happily blocking off the left hand sliplane. I bet at least half the traffic on that road goes to the left, why in the world do people do people willingly block it off??

The road rules state that you should stay left unless overtaking. So unless the left lane is marked as a turning lane only (which perhaps it should be) that’s what I’ll be doing. A roundabout there instead of traffic lights would solve the problem (as it does at the next two intersections).

bigred bigred 10:06 pm 13 Apr 08

Going to Tuggers people stay right on Parkway, Drakeford, Athlon then scramble for the left for the turn near the swimming centre. Creates mayhem and illustrates the skill level on display by the average Canberra motorist.

sepi sepi 9:05 pm 13 Apr 08

People stay left in the Majura Ave/Cowper st intersection, cos once in a while you get some twit who insists on going right, and as there is no arrow, and constant traffic in the other side of the road, the block the entire right lane til the lights change.

swamiOFswank swamiOFswank 8:54 pm 13 Apr 08

I had a moron overtake me on the Barton Highway on Friday. I was overtaking a van doing about 90, so I was in the right lane, doing just on 100, when lunatic driver sped up, and drove between us to overtake the van as well. Who drives between two cars on a two lane road to overtake?

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