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Parking Tuggeranong

By Blues1 12 October 2012 22

Anyone have any ideas or experience with street parking around Tuggeranong and walking into work? Will i upset the locals by doing this? Am i better off paying for roof parking at the hyperdome or parking at the hockey centre?

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Parking Tuggeranong
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aceofspades 5:06 pm 17 Oct 12

Pitchka said :

aceofspades said :

Pitchka said :

aceofspades said :

Pitchka said :

If someone parked out the front of my place every morning, id slash their tyres. Why you may ask, why not i say!

If I caught somebody slashing my tyres anywhere for any reason I would take the offending instrument and jam it up their arse.

You have been watching too many Steve Segal movies.

The chances of you catching an offender in the act, are slim to F all. This would be when you ring your wife/partner and ask her to come out and help you change the tyre. Hopefully its only 1, and not all 4.

Ummm, isn’t the car parked outside your house? You’re not very smart are you.

How does ones car being parked out the front of my house, have anything to do with ones ability to see their tyres being slashed from a kilometre or two away?

It doesn’t really matter. You are a pitchka that does not have the balls to face somebody in person and tell them that you have a problem instead you would rather anonymously vandalise their belongings. Any reasonable person that you have anything to do with you will detect this and walk away saying “What a pitchka!”. This is because all reasonable people have a built in pitchka detection system that warns them away from you. Pitchka’s may be found anywhere in the community however are especially prevalent as bank managers, higher level public servants, school teachers, parking inspectors and other occupations where they can make decisions that affect the lives of others and obtain the feeling that they are more important than they actually are. In our situation here you can pretty well guarantee that the entire neighbourhood where you live will be mainly reasonable people that have detected you as a pitchka a long time ago. When the victim of your vandalism inquires in your neighborhood as to who may be responsible for the damage to their car, they will be quickly directed to your front door as most likely the only pitchka in the street. Here is a possible dialogue between two reasonable Australians in the same situation…

Home owner: Hey mate, is that your car parked there every day?
Car owner: Yeah mate, is it all cool?
Home owner: Well it sort of gets in my way.
Car owner: So sorry mate I am just trying to find somewhere a bit cheaper to park. How about I drop a six pack on your doorstep every now and then.
Home owner: Well why didn’t you say so, I drink Melbourne.
Car owner: That’s no worries consider it done, and if you see that pitchka next door slashing my tyres let me know will ya.
Home owner: Sure will mate, he is such a pitchka, wish he would piss off somewhere else.
Car owner: Yeah, I bet everyone around here does.
Home owner: You can say that again. See ya mate.
Car owner: See ya, oh and thanks a heap.
Home owner: No worries mate, all good.

inside_info 4:48 pm 17 Oct 12

This dude, who works somewhere near the Hyperdome, parks his annoyingly loud POS 1990 MX5 in front of my place almost every day. Often he returns to his car at the end of the day with one of a number of male friends, at which point they spend a few minutes in the car fumbling around in their laps – I assume checking the latest going ons on the Riot ACT with their phones. Either that OR they’re up to something else even more disgusting. I’ve been tempted to unleash some Pitchka tactics on him but don’t want to be a karnt.

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