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Pick me – I’m Aboriginal!

Kramer 23 March 2008 16

These were the words (albeit slightly paraphrased) this week from local sprinter Patrick Johnson. After failing to qualify for the Beijing Olympics, he is attempting to secure a place on the team by playing the indigenous Australian card. I’m all for positive descrimination in regards to health care and education of aboriginals, but I think this is stretching it a bit too far. Kathy Freeman was a great representative at the Sydney Olympics, but she got there on her own merit – the same should apply to Patrick.

It’s time for Australia to make another apology: “Sorry Patrick, you didn’t make the cut”.

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16 Responses to Pick me – I’m Aboriginal!
CanberraResident CanberraResident 10:04 am 24 Mar 08

Patrick has had 4 long years to make the cut. He didn’t. Not good enough. Too bad too sad. Patrick out.


astrojax astrojax 7:59 am 24 Mar 08

sorry, boomacat, but krudd has ron barassi, cathy freeman and ian thorpe with him now, teaching him about the important things in australian life. i believe they’re heading up three of the ten ‘i can see clearly now’ summit groups…

imhotep imhotep 11:34 pm 23 Mar 08

Patrick is indeed a role model for indigenous athletes.

But he would have been more of a role model if he just taken this one on the chin.


boomacat boomacat 8:07 pm 23 Mar 08

No I don’t think that AIS people do pay HECS fees, which is a total farking joke that shows exactly where Australia’s twisted values lay – we value sport, but not intellectualism (maybe that will change now that Rudd’s around)

sepi sepi 8:06 pm 23 Mar 08

See it is comments like the VB one above, that actually justify Indigenous athletes getting special treatment. Perhaps then they can be seen by the masses to be something other than the tired old stereotype.

Thumper Thumper 7:57 pm 23 Mar 08

Not a problem mate. I’d run 100 metres in about 2 seconds for a gin and tonic….

heinous heinous 7:45 pm 23 Mar 08

OK, I take it back, and unreservedly apologise if my comment offended.

Thumper Thumper 6:54 pm 23 Mar 08

And a comment like that above is simply not called for…..

heinous heinous 6:25 pm 23 Mar 08

Just put a can of VB on the finish line. That’ll do it.

astrojax astrojax 6:15 pm 23 Mar 08

i have to agree with spoonbill – in context, his words are still shiite and not worth a response from the athletics federation on the basis of his race-related claim, but the circumstances of his failure to post a qualifying time do merit consideration; and with the facilities available to athletes – and the federation – at the AIS, i can’t see why it should be so hard to line him up at the start, say ‘go!’ and time him at the end. he should have no trouble making the time if he’s as good as he, and his mates, say… and from his record, i’d rekkun he’s a shoo-in.

el el 5:09 pm 23 Mar 08

It’s coz I iz black, innit?

Thumper Thumper 4:07 pm 23 Mar 08

Patrick Johnson is a superb athlete, in fact one of the best this country has produced.

Sadly though, he didn’t make the cut this time.

And if he was to go, who would be the poor undeserving person to miss out?

Sorry Patrick. Runs on the board old chap….

spoonbill spoonbill 2:49 pm 23 Mar 08

I am not an apologist, but put Patrick’s words in context. He has been training his butt off for these games and despite this he wasn’t selected. As with any modern athlete who has committed four years to getting to Beijing, he obviously would say anything to get in the team. It’s just a pity that sport has descended to this level.

To follow on from ‘thetruth’ do athlete trained at the AIS incur a HECS debt? They should!

utah utah 12:50 pm 23 Mar 08

Patrick Johnson says he should be considered for the Beijing Olympics because he is a good role model for Indigenous Australians… after failing to qualifying [sp] at the national trials.

I’d like to nominate Ernie Dingo for the Beijing Olympics on this basis. He may not be in top form, and is unlikely to bring home any medals, but I feel his multi-talented career (actor, stand-up comedian, dancer and state-level basketballer in the 70s) has provided a whole set of positive role models for Indigenous youth.

thetruth thetruth 12:50 pm 23 Mar 08

Patrick Johnson is one of Australia’s true unsung heros – He is mentally strong and dedicated to his sport.

I understand that there is a place for him, he is capable of qualifying and he is asking for more time time to make the qualifying time.

I do not see why Athletics Australia (which is essentially taxpayer and athlete funded) would not give him that time.

Athletics is dying in Australia and we need as many role models as possible – give him the time to come back from injury and prove himself

Pandy Pandy 12:36 pm 23 Mar 08

“Pick me I am gay”

Was that Ian Thorpe said?

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