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Planespotting – WebTrak takes off

By Gungahlin Al - 12 December 2008 33

As  advised in a story about the Airport Master Plan being rejected (post #20), Air Services Australia was to launch a new service Webtrak.

This service has now gone live at

WebTrak allows you (after a delay of 20-40 minutes) see the exact flightpath a plane took in or out of the airport, designate your home (or other location) and see the distance and altitude from you, see the noise readings at the Jerra and new Hackett noise monitoring stations as the flight passes, and more.

No military or VIP flights will show, but everything else will be in there for your planespotting pleasure.

The noise monitoring stations are greyed out for me, and I’ve sent a query to the Airport about why this might be.

As a media release from Mike Kelly mentioned, the information on the website is sourced from the air traffic control radars displaying movements within 55 kilometres of the airport and up to a height of 3,000 metres.

And to reiterate my previous link, if you are interested in aggregate flightpaths of arrivals and departures, see the quarterly ASA report and particularly pages 16and 22.

[ED – interestingly the system will also let them pinpoint troublemakers and route around them…]

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33 Responses to
Planespotting – WebTrak takes off
hoolahawk 5:25 pm 12 Dec 08

Plane Watch!

p1 2:21 pm 12 Dec 08

Don’t like the inbuilt lag time? Get yourself one of these! 🙂

harley 2:13 pm 12 Dec 08

harvyk1 said :

It’ll be interesting, ASA and CBR Airport claim that the flight paths are sent down the high noice corridor which was created sometime after 1995 to stop aircraft flying over houses.

It’ll be interesting to see how closely they fly within this corridor.

I saw a virgin blue flight over Curtin a few weeks back. I found it’s track on Saturday 29/11 at 11:00… Looks like he came in over the Federal Highway, then had to loop around to the south, flying over much of Woden. I wonder if he was lost or sight-seeing?

I’m positive I saw another VB flight travel over Curtin in south-west direction, but that could be my memory playing tricks with me.

Gungahlin Al 11:34 am 12 Dec 08

Ant: seems neither noise monitor is reporting yet.

I am getting some blocks reporting map sections missing even though they aren’t.

The underlying imagery, which uses MS Virtual Earth, is VERY old a number of years.

Remember there is a delay built in for security reasons.

If you plug in your house location you can click on a passing plane to see its altitude and distance. Remember altitude is above sea level – the runway is at about 600m, so subtract at least that off the height above measurement – more if you know the actual altitude of your home (consult your GPS).

Holden Caulfield 11:05 am 12 Dec 08

Air Services Australia, surely, must take the dubious distinction of having the worst logo known to man?

ant 10:35 am 12 Dec 08

Yes P1, me too. I had a fiddle with it last night, and if you unticked current flights, you got one grey circle noise monitoring spot (which turned out to be jerra). So not sure how that all works. I suspect I’m not seeing everything though. For instance, this evening there’ll be a line of planes coming in to land (and taking off again to the north), so it’ll be interesting to interrogate that time and see if they’re all there.

It shows my area, so again, between 4pm and 5pm is our scheduled time to get lines of them coming over to make the turn, so can check the tracker vs what actually happened.

the map is weird, vast bits of it are just missing.

Gungahlin Al 10:33 am 12 Dec 08

Ah thank you P1 that’s sorted it. So you can watch noise levels in replay mode only.
And it doesn’t look like the Hackett monitor is in place yet, even though it is showing on the map.

p1 10:10 am 12 Dec 08

It seems that if I uncheck the “show current flights” box, then I can see the noise monitoring grey circles. If I show the little planes, then the circles disappear.

harvyk1 9:41 am 12 Dec 08

Well since this has turned totally flight sim nerd, fsx, PMDG 747 and Wilco 737 Pilot in command is what I run. I’ve tried a few of the Australia pack add-ons, but they’ve caused more problems than their worth (Let’s face it, you don’t see much at 37,000 ft, and having the game bomb out when your doing a longer flight eg Syd to Per it can get very annoyink)

H1NG0 9:25 am 12 Dec 08

Yeah and have plenty of free downloads. Worth getting. I bought the game for about $30 recently at JB-Hifi. You can also download AI arcraft from that have real life depatures and flight paths. If you are into aviation, its worth getting. The latest Flight Sim (FSX) is a big CPU hungry, so I would recommend getting FS2004.

harvyk1 9:23 am 12 Dec 08

it’s fsx for me.

Bah, the ATC in FSX is hopeless, I’ve lost count of the number of times it has told me to land a 747 behind a cessena on the same runway.

It’ll be interesting, ASA and CBR Airport claim that the flight paths are sent down the high noice corridor which was created sometime after 1995 to stop aircraft flying over houses.

It’ll be interesting to see how closely they fly within this corridor.

Cameron 9:18 am 12 Dec 08

Oooh… that interests me. I must get me a copy. Was it difficult to obtain the updated airport? Last time I played MS Flight sim was ’98 so I’m not quite up to date with how all that happens. Suppose I could just google it… 😉

H1NG0 9:16 am 12 Dec 08

MS Flight Sim 2004. I have an updated Canberra Airport scenery installed and all the airlines as well as the VIP aircraft that visit the airport. It has become a recent obsession.

Cameron 9:04 am 12 Dec 08

Hey, that’s pretty neat.

H1NGO – you use Flight Simulator? What version?

H1NG0 8:55 am 12 Dec 08

Yay! Now I can compare it with my flight sim paths!

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