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Police Sting Cyclists

By che - 14 December 2007 92

I heard a story last night of 12 cyclists getting caught in a Police sting as they rode their bikes across a pedestrian crossing through O’Connor. Each one was stopped as they rode over the crossing and were told they’d just incurred a $237 fine for not walking their bike across. The cyclists were told that the Police were at the site as a cyclist had been knocked off their bike by a car while riding over the pedestrian crossing.

Later on I was informed it was probably a training exercise as the new graduates from the Police Academy [Barton College – Ed] are doing their 2 weeks training with the Traffic section, which would fit in well with the scenario as there was one old guy doing all the talking to the cyclists and 3 young fellas (I’m told they looked about 12) taking down all the details.

I’m guessing unless the cyclists failed the attitude test they probably all got off with a verbal warning, and that there probably wasn’t an accident.

If you were on your bike and stopped in this situation would you give your real name (no ID checked) or would you give that of someone you really didn’t like? [which would be an offense and could land you in the watch house – Ed]

[Further to that, does anyone know of any recent cyclist accidents at that location? – Ed]

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92 Responses to
Police Sting Cyclists
VYBerlinaV8 12:58 pm 14 Dec 07

Maybe we need ‘cyclists on pedestrian crossing’ cameras, to ensure that this dangerous and socially unacceptable behaviour is stopped, and that related deaths can be completely preventd.

Absent Diane 12:58 pm 14 Dec 07

agree with you thumper – ride rego is unworkable – would cost more to administer properly than it would bring in.

my pockets hurt.

Holden Caulfield 12:56 pm 14 Dec 07

@Skidbladnir: Dunno if you were taking the piss or not, but these are the bikes I am referring to…

James-T-Kirk 12:45 pm 14 Dec 07

“what exactly is so special about pedestrian crossings”

Precisely that – they are PEDESTRIAN crossings.

It is tragic enough that the cyclists need separate traffic lights (Picture of a bike” as well as a picture of a person) just to remind them that the rules of the road apply to them as well.

I would be all for ‘cyclist crossings’ where there were NO RULES AT ALL ;-P Mwa ha ha ha…..

Thumper 12:44 pm 14 Dec 07

Rego for cyclists is totally unwarranted and unworkable.

However, a massive education campaign may help.

I too have almost flattened cyclists who tear across pedestrian crossings. It would seem that a lot, not all, of cyclists forget the golden rule, that being, if you are hit by a car it doesn’t matter if you are in the right or the wrong, you will still lose.

Skidbladnir 12:43 pm 14 Dec 07

@Holden: How can a bicycle rider be recumbent, other than at a time when they are not in fact riding a bike?

And if they’re not riding a bike, why do you care what they do so that they’re lying down?

astrojax 12:37 pm 14 Dec 07

i meant ‘as a cyclist’ i am but one… ; )

astrojax 12:36 pm 14 Dec 07

crap, captain – cyclists do need to obey road rules, but surely trying to sort out bikes on paths, bikes for kids and bikes on roads, then some of each, is a stupidly dense task that acheives little.

there is a sign at the david st x’ing that tells cyclists to walk their bike across and while i generally disobey the letter of that law, i do actually slow down to a walk pace and actually wait until i get a signal from the approaching driver to cross. surely that is the intent of the law – the pace at which the x’ing is made?

as a cyclists, i deplore other cyclist’s stupidity giving a broad majority of cyclists a bad name – but then i’ve had me hide toughened to the same from riding a motorcycle and seeing temporary australians do ridiculous things.

the two road rules that will always work – ‘keep left’ and ‘think of others’ – work for ALL road users!

pierce 12:34 pm 14 Dec 07

I’ll accept that cyclists shouldn’t whiz out suddenly in front of cars on these crossings, that is just stupid behaviour. What would be wrong with slowing to walking pace though?

Cyclists can ride on bike paths, footpaths and roads legally in the ACT, what exactly is so special about pedestrian crossings?

It seems to make as much sense as asking drivers to get out of their cars and push them over the footpath when they are backing out of the driveway. It’s an unnecessary interruption to the journey to breaks momentum.

I drive and I ride, by the way. I can appreciate the desire for accountability for cyclists but at what age does it start? Seems like a bureaucratic nightmare to me.

Holden Caulfield 12:29 pm 14 Dec 07

I agree with your post captain.

I saw some coppers near the crossing at Barry Drive/McCaughey St, Turner, yesterday afternoon (IIRC) and thought it was odd. But all makes sense now.

As my grey hairs advance my anger towards inappropriate use of the road by cyclists has tended to mellow a bit. But fk me if those recumbent bikes shouldn’t be banned from public roads. No matter how hard you keep an eye out for the fkers you can still not see them because they’re just so damn low. As such they are grossly unsuitable for use on the roads. I do my best to keep my wits about me on the road and try to maintain an awareness of everything that’s going on around, and in doing so it is abundantly clear that countless other motorists don’t. So, what hope have they ever got of seeing one of those bloody things crawling along the ground?!

captainwhorebags 12:14 pm 14 Dec 07

Just another example of why bicycles on the road need to be registered like any other road user – make them accountable for their actions.

Make it a token amount or even free as a sign of good faith, and then require all cyclists on a major road (maybe define this as anything above 50km/hr) to display registration. At the very least it’ll remind motorists that cyclists have rights on the road, and remind cyclists that they have responsibilities.

vtghf 12:10 pm 14 Dec 07

My guess is that the crossing involved is the one in David St, along the bike path from/to the city/ANU. Most of the major road crossings along that bike path actually have lights, but the David St crossing is a pedestrian crossing clearly marked as “cyclists dismount”, even though I rarely see any cyclists who do.

Strangely though, the next crossing at Condamine St has nothing, despite the fact that the 33 bus goes along that road, and I worry that one day a cyclist will be wiped out by a bus.

Thumper 11:44 am 14 Dec 07

Totally concur….

toriness 11:39 am 14 Dec 07

not a day goes by when i don’t see some fool on their bike whizzing across a pedestrian crossing.

it is little wonder a lot of people lack sympathy when cyclists get hit by cars.

Jonathon Reynolds 11:24 am 14 Dec 07

I’ll admit I’ve almost collected the odd cyclist when they suddenly appear as if by magic on a crossing (especially on the turn left filter lanes with pedestrian markings), so if the story is true then it is about time. No doubt the Pedal Power lobby group will start bleating in protest – wouldn’t it be nice think otherwise.

Cyclists need to work out whether they want to be on the road (and conform to the road rules) or use the foot paths and walk their bikes across pedestrian crossings (once again in accordance with the appropriate rules).

The key reason you have to dismount and walk your bicycle across a pedestrian crossing is simply a matter of safety. (a) so that you suddenly do not spring out of no where on to the crossing at 20-30km/h – even the best drivers peripheral vision is not that good, and (b) so that pedestrians are afforded the safety they deserve when crossing the road without having to compete with other vehicular movements (read: cyclists).

That being said there ARE appropriately marked crossings in Canberra (I think all are traffic light signaled along bike paths) where cyclists can ride their bike across the road. I have no problem in having more of these type of crossings if thats what the cycling lobby wants.

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