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Police Storm Tent Embassy to take Buzzacott

johnboy 6 April 2005 9

We’ve been leaving the Tent Embasy Trial (about stealing a decorative Australian Coat of Arms from the walls of Old Parliament House) alone until something interesting happened. The defence that only indigenous australians should be allowed to make representations of Emus and Kangaroos was, in my view, unworthy of the cause of indigenous justice and likely to be counter-productive in the long term. But that was their decision to make.

But ABC Online added a rare late story to their site last night. It seems Tent Embassy leader Kevin Buzzacott had refused to front the court yesterday and then tried to play silly buggers when the police came for him last night. Leading inevitably to what sounds like quite the melee.

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9 Responses to Police Storm Tent Embassy to take Buzzacott
Special G 8:20 am 08 Apr 05

further to last watch this film clip by Chris Rock it will make life easier for you


Special G 6:29 pm 07 Apr 05

‘No White fella” – Its simple – You don’t go to Court – Court issues warrant – Police drag your sorry arse in front of Court.

If you want to play up then Police kick your sorry arse and then drag it in front of the Court. Preferably on a Saturday morning so that you get the whole weekend in the watchhouse to pine over how mistreated you were.


johnboy 10:51 pm 06 Apr 05

No “whitefella” would have been treated in this way.

If the whitefella had the basic respect for the court to go and get a medical certificate, and get it presented to the court then yes, you’re right, he wouldn’t be treated this way.

But otherwise I’m pretty sure he would have been treated just the same.

ACC 8:43 pm 06 Apr 05

He was a s sick as I am today. I note that his legal reps didnt offer up any illness excuse. Buzzacott and his ilk are more than happy to utilise the legal system when it suits, and disregard when it suits.

Activists has a funny way of losing their rhetoric or becoming ‘ill’ when the going gets tough.

Ari 3:49 pm 06 Apr 05

Buzzacott’s ill? Bullshit.

Just bad acting.

David Heidelberg 1:52 pm 06 Apr 05

I agree that Buzzacot was ill, and should not have been treated in this way.

As for the taking of the coat of arms, my only gripe is that I wasn’t there to help them.

Anon 1:29 pm 06 Apr 05

This is rot. It was very clear from the footage on ABC TV news last night that Buzzacot was quite ill, which was his original stated reason for not fronting to court. No “whitefella” would have been treated in this way.

bonfire 11:57 am 06 Apr 05

the entire trial is being used as a media stunt by the ‘elders’ at the tent embassy.

the sooner someone clears that lot away, the better. they have no claims that can be satisfied unless all whitefellas sail away never to come back.

Special G 10:42 am 06 Apr 05

Maybe they should ask for a commission for every time the Coat of Arms appears on anything.

I wouldn’t expect him to attend Court as he probably doesn’t acknowledge the white mans justice system. That just makes it more fun for the Police.


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