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Poo on the seat

By boomacat 9 March 2006 20

I was most disgusted today, after visiting the ladies toilets at the Menzies Library at the ANU, to discover that a young lady (presumably, as it was the girls’ amenities) had taken a dump on the seat! Yes that’s right – a mystery woman had left a faeces sitting on the toilet seat. Disgusting! I nearly vomited…

Have any other riot acters experienced such vulgarity recently? Is this a rather horrendous example of the culture of bad manners that Chief Justice Speigelman of the NSW Supreme Court and the Prime Minister have recently warned us about?

What’s Your opinion?

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20 Responses to
Poo on the seat
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barking toad 9:44 am 12 Mar 06

This thread SO desperately needs a link to the collonix thread (with pix) on TSSH. If only I was intramanet savvy enough to do it.

Ari 4:20 pm 11 Mar 06

Terubo, apparently the miscreant’s thongs had a distinctive tread (I’m not 100% sure, but they may have been those split-toe models).

I think foot size had something to do with a positive ID as well (a bit like aboriginal hand stencils).

el 2:22 pm 11 Mar 06

Shittiest. Thread. Ever.

schmerica 1:31 pm 11 Mar 06


seepi 6:29 pm 10 Mar 06

IN Brisbane once I went into a loo after an older Asian lady. It was wet all over and she hadn’t flushed. I left in disgust – I still regret not chasing after her and telling her off – or at least explaining that she could at least press the button. Feral.

bonfire 4:40 pm 10 Mar 06

I recall catching the train from Jakarta to Bandung and when i went to the heads there was nothing but a hole in the floor with stone/concrete footpads either side. I could see the track whizzing by through the hole.

Decided I could hang on until i reached the hotel, which featured those great ‘deposit to the pan for inspection’ type commodes.

Most bizarre toilets are US ones. The whoel bowl fills with water to about 3 to 4 inches below the ‘brim’. Without gettng technical, lets say the undercarriage sometimes needed retracting as its owner preferred to avoid water landings when foreign objects were floating about.

Sometimes it is nice to be home.

terubo 4:33 pm 10 Mar 06

Ari, what’s a distinctive footprint? More or less than 5 toes?
At least they weren’t pawprints. That’s how you identify mystery chuckers, we had a few in our Uni res.

lod 4:03 pm 10 Mar 06

Many toilets around south east asia have illustrated instruction signs.
I used to find the Singapore line particularily funny.

Ari 3:59 pm 10 Mar 06

I’ve heard one college has managed to identify at least one of the culprits by distinctive footprints on the seat after one such a “dump and burn”.

Swaggie 2:45 pm 10 Mar 06

HeHe Maelinar, a digital camera, a printer and bingo, a photo on the staff noticeboard (assuming you have such things) asking who’s responsible?

Mr Evil 10:08 am 10 Mar 06

Yes, I’ve seen a few of these incidents around campus, and unfortunately most (not all!) of the culprits come from amongst the foreign student population on campus. Another problem with squatting over the toilet is that it can also lead to the toilet breaking off it’s foundations!

Maybe there needs to be a toilet training session for foregn students during O Week!

che 9:44 am 10 Mar 06

thanks for sharing, personally I would have dumped this story, but its up now

barking toad 9:31 am 10 Mar 06

Some can’t get out of their usual habit of squatting over a hole in the ground/concrete – a bowl to sit on is foreign to them. Or maybe she(?) was pissed and needed a desperate dump and missed.

More disturbing is why anyone would want to listen to Robert Fisk – or maybe he gave someone the shits!

Indi 8:48 am 10 Mar 06

…and her name was Ting Tong

Maelinar 8:41 am 10 Mar 06

Thumper, that’s why I hadn’t submitted it yet, it’s hard to relate poo to the news of Canberra.

Alternatively, it’s relatively easy to relate the news of Canberra to poo.

Thumper 8:37 am 10 Mar 06

This is news?

This is worth commenting upon.

Then again, I guess I just did….

Maelinar 8:21 am 10 Mar 06

Remarkably, I’ve been considering a similarly veined post on this site for a number of months now.

Where I work, it has gotten to the stage that I have had to modify my toilet behaviour, so that now, upon entering the toilet, I grab a handful of paper and wipe the seat every time.

Since I work on the third floor of a secure building, I’m intrigued to conclude that it is my work colleagues that think leaving their shit on the seat is an acceptable way to leave the toilet.

johnboy 7:24 am 10 Mar 06

I used to see this a lot in london while working in a cinema.

on that experience I’d say the culprit isn’t used to going to the toilet without a servant in attendance.

So as that culprit is unlikely to get much remedial training anytime soon… at least one bog a day is going to be getting the treatment.

maybe more.

education campaign at ANU might be needed.

Won’t that be fun?

OzChick 12:21 am 10 Mar 06

She sounds like a squatter, you know the type that doesn’t like to have any part of her body touching the toilet, and she obviously missed the toilet as she went. That is pretty disgusting. She could have at least wiped it up or something, but then again she probably didn’t want to touch that either…

terubo 10:37 pm 09 Mar 06

I am not surprised. There were probably as many people trying to use that toilet as there were Robert Fisk fans trying to cram into the Manning Clark lecture theatre tonite. There was spillover everywhere. ANU facilities are just getting too crowded – and accidents will happen.

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