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Poofta marriages back on the table

By Pandy - 30 November 2007 81

(Yeah yeah sepi. The highjacking of the word ‘gay’ is offensive too. So what about the dykes? (on or off bikes) should they not be allowed to marry?)

So Simon Corbell hopes that the new Rudd government will not block his legislation to allow gay marriages.

Anyone want to lay bets that rudd will not allow the term marriages to be used becasue it would be offensive to his core “working families”? “Union” is my bet on being a more acceptable term to Rudd.

What’s Your opinion?

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81 Responses to
Poofta marriages back on the table
Deadmandrinking 6:39 pm 30 Nov 07

Well, I’m not here to discuss my little turn-on’s, but it definatley draws an eye. But I hardly think married lesbian couples will be gettin’ it on in public. Do straight married couple’s do that? They barely do it in bed! Even more rarely with each other.

Regardless, I wish Simon Corbell luck. This is important legislation as it will take us out of the stone age and into a more tolerant era. I will be keeping an eye on Rudd for this one.

Pandy 6:26 pm 30 Nov 07

The chicks can be lesbians. Unless you like that sort of thing 😉

Deadmandrinking 6:15 pm 30 Nov 07

More men marrying each other means more chicks. Nuff said.

caf 5:27 pm 30 Nov 07

“Not supporting” these kinds of arrangements (and it’d be nice to see a source quoted so we could see exactly what the PM said) doesn’t necessarily imply actively overturning territory legislation.

sallyann60 4:40 pm 30 Nov 07

Pansy Pandy,
Dont worry the homosexuals don’t like you either.

emd 4:37 pm 30 Nov 07

I don’t see why I should be concerned about other people’s relationships. Perhaps those who claim it threatens the sanctity of marriage are secretly worried that their own partner will ditch them for a civil union with someone else?

Mr Evil 3:27 pm 30 Nov 07

“I only believe in gay marriage when both chicks are hot.”

Didn’t even see that one coming! 🙂

TAD 3:11 pm 30 Nov 07

Geez is Stanhope that naive that he thinks that PM Rudd will side with him because they are both ALP. After a short time of living here Rudd will work out like the rest of us what a complete f-wit he is.

VYBerlinaV8 2:48 pm 30 Nov 07

I only believe in gay marriage when both chicks are hot.

Danman 1:47 pm 30 Nov 07

Easy on the title there tiger.

Can not believe this made it past mods with current terminology.

I am not asking you to like homosexuals but it would be nice if you referred to them as that.

Typsy McStaggers 1:21 pm 30 Nov 07

If I was gay I might care. I’m not so I don’t.

barking toad 12:57 pm 30 Nov 07

Krudd will probably let them have their way now he’s in. Just another backflip. And it will be a sop to pacify the ACT comrades for dropping Lundy and McMullan.

While simon the sad plays with this piece of useless pandering to minorities, the potholes get deeper and the vacancies on the court benches are still there – but the mayor’s taken charge of that apparently.

Crikey 12:38 pm 30 Nov 07

Holy smoke…Pandy, you will upset the precious Gungahlin Al again with such comments 🙂

Skidbladnir 12:32 pm 30 Nov 07

As Big Kev made an election promise as part of his More-Centre-Than-Left pitch that he wouldn’t support the queer unions, this may be (yet\just)another tilt at a windmill from Corbell.
Unless that turns out to be a non-core promise.

Deadmandrinking 12:19 pm 30 Nov 07

Why is what two people do consensually with each other everyone else’s problem?

Sancitity of marriage? Pfffft! Look at the divorce rate.

‘Working Families’ are idiots if they think this concerned them.

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