Possible gas leak?? high gas consumption!!

jessieanne 3 May 2013 6

Hi guys,

I’m after some advice in regards to our gas meter readings if anyone can help!???!!

So my partner and I have just recently moved in to a newly built house in the new area of west Macgregor, we are the first people to occupy the house and seeing as we are due to have our meter read shortly I thought I would take a look at the reading so far, anyhow although admittedly Its been quite some time since I have had a gas account of my own to worry about ( I’ve mainly subleased etc over the last few yrs) so there’s the possibility I am reading the meter wrong?

Are any of the digits a fraction? I.e there would normally be a decimal placed between any of the end numbers?

If not my reading seems somewhat very high to me and ticking over at a significant rate if I’m not mistaken!!?!
Yesterday evening at around 6pm I had a look at it and it read 43846, the ’43’ being in the white section followed by ‘846’ in the red, then later on in the evening I decided to check it again to write it down as it seemed high considering we are the first occupants and it read 47312 !?!!? An increase of 3466 !! I understand this reading is in cubic meters which doesn’t make it any better though if anything it makes it worse!!

So can anyone tell me please if I’m reading it incorrectly??

Admittedly also I didn’t think to check the meter when we first moved in, rookie mistake big time on my behalf though I do recall glancing at it and I do remember that it certainly wasn’t anywhere near 0,

So if I’m not reading this wrong my only version is a gas leak??

We are yet to even use the ducted gas heating so its never been turned on by us, we only use it for cooking with if gas cooktop of an evening and our gas hot water is one of the new Rinnai’s & it only heats the water as it is used, being sometimes two short showers a day, hot water when washing dishes , I only use cold wash on if washing machine unless its a cycle for our socks/underwear.

So I would think we use very little gas right??!!

Please any advice would be fantastic!!


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6 Responses to Possible gas leak?? high gas consumption!!
michcon michcon 12:52 pm 03 May 13

Read only the white numbers, as andym said.

We only use gas for cooking – stove top/oven, and that accounts for 1/3rd of a (white) unit per day, on average. Your usage sounds a little on the high side, but I’ve heard from a plumber that although those infinity units are good in that they heat only the water that is demanded, they have to seriously blast it with heat and on the whole they’re only more efficient if you are a frugal or infrequent user of hot water. If you have kids and run a bath everyday – you’d be well better off getting a storage tank.

Next time you’re out for the whole day, or away for a weekend, take a reading as you close the door and another when you come back. Should be much the same if all is right.

tim_c tim_c 12:20 pm 03 May 13

If you’re not sure, take a note of the reading ahead of a time when you’re not going to be using any gas (eg. just before you leave for work in the morning), noting particularly the position of the needle on little gauge without numbers (see here: http://www.actewagl.com.au/Help-and-advice/How-to-read-your-meters.aspx), then check again when you come home before anyone uses any gas appliances. The meter shouldn’t have moved.

Make sure none of your appliances have pilot lights (most don’t these days as they use electronic ignition, if unsure, stand next to the appliance and listen for a clicking/ticking sound when it starts up).

Jivrashia Jivrashia 12:07 pm 03 May 13

OP said:
I understand this reading is in cubic meters

andym said :

Only read the white numbers

47.312 – 43.846 = 3.466 cubic metre

Conversion: 38.6 MJ/cubic metre
Gas rate: 2.5234 cents/MJ

So, daily consumption of gas by OP = $3.37

OP’s quarterly bill will come to approximately (inc. supply fee) = $360.

Sounds a tad bit high for two adult residence.
Try shortening showers down to 10min each and see how you go.

PinkJellyBean PinkJellyBean 11:25 am 03 May 13

Maybe the metres dont read 0 when they are conected. Could even be a metre that has been used previously.
I would call ACTEW and ask them the question about how to read the metre etc.
If you had a leak you should be able to smell it.
Being a new home which is most likely on a slab the gas may run through the ceiling. Pop you head into the roof space and see if you can smell anything.

andym andym 11:07 am 03 May 13

I looked it up for you
Only read the white numbers

PBO PBO 10:40 am 03 May 13

Crawl around under the house with a lit lighter, you will be able to find out quickly if you have a leak or not.

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