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Power outage in Mawson/Farrer

Savannah 21 November 2005 15

Yesterday afternoon the power blipped out in the suburbs of Farrer and Mawson (any where else, I wonder ?). When I rang ACTEW-AGL, a recording told me that there had been a power failure in these suburbs and power would be restored at 5 p.m. (it actually came on about 14 minutes past.)

Not bad, she grudgingly conceded, but why did it go out in the first place, and is this
a taste of things to come this long hot summer ?

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15 Responses to Power outage in Mawson/Farrer
seepi 10:19 pm 22 Nov 05

Well we have a lot of power outages in Hackett, and always have (for the last few years since I've been here anyway). It is a pain in the neck - alarms don't go off, the oven won't work (until the next power outage magically revives it), the dvd player died altogether. I called ACTEW to try to find out if the problem lies with our house, or the street or what, and they specifically asked me to call in whenever there is an outage - before that I was only calling if the power actually stayed off for awhile.

Not everybody who isn't exactly like you is a whinger.

FB 2:21 pm 22 Nov 05

Ari, I didn’t say everyone were whingers, Just those complaining of a few outages. Meaning that if I can put up with and understand a series of outages, then a few here and there should be of no consequence.

The ones in my suburb were for about an hour or two every other day for about 6 weeks. It was understandable maintenance. If you saw the condition of the old wooden poles you would know. It was a Major job for them as they replaced nearly every pole in the area, with very little inconvenience (when you consider the scale of the job).

You can’t expect to have an essential service without maintenance. I have lived there for nearly 4 years and other then the pole replacement I only experienced one power failure.

You can’t expect a power company to NOT have outages. My father owns a property in Toowoomaba and he has at least two outages a week, each lasting about 4hrs on average. He’s been there for 18 months and it’s always been like that.

Ari 11:10 am 22 Nov 05

FB, your first paragraph says we're all whingers for complaining about "a few power outs every year".

Then the second paragraph says people in Downer "had power outs on an almost daily basis for a few months".

Which is it?

FB 10:45 am 22 Nov 05

WOW, a few power outs every year, ACTEW must be bad. Whingers. Try living in Brisbane for blackouts. Or even rural NSW or QLD.

Ssanta, I know they are also replacing the old wooden poles with new shiny metal ones, and that is affecting power in some burbs too. They just replaced most of the ones in Downer and we had power outs on an almost daily basis for a few months while they did it. The end result will be a better grid and less blackouts.

Working for ACTEW on the fault line must be something akin to working IT help desk. You get a 5 min power out and get 100+ calls from people telling you it's out.

Helpdesk is the same. A server goes down and every fucking user calls you to let you know. They always say "I'm sure you probably already know (yes we do) but just in case you haven't noticed, I'm having trouble with ....." After the 20th call you feel like saying "We know the fucking thing is down and if you stop calling us we can fix the bloody thing"

Absent Diane 10:29 am 22 Nov 05

electricity man...he is pretty evil you know... sucks energy from houses to use it for his cunning plans of destruction

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 9:56 pm 21 Nov 05

That's funny, when I rang ActewAGL about a short power failure they blamed possums for that too. Either we have a lot of electric possums or a strange cover up.

seepi 7:09 pm 21 Nov 05

We get constant mini blackouts in Hackett - maybe monthly? As well as a few more serious blackouts and one brownout where the power just went to about 1/4 strength for about 4 hours and which destroyed the cheap dvd player. Last time I rang about it ACTEW blamed possums.

Ari 12:26 pm 21 Nov 05

No, I'm not kidding GF.

I've worked at Deakin for three years and have lost count of the number of blackouts during the day there (it's in the order of 10 or so) in that time. Admittedly it was worse last year than this year.

I've lived in O'connor for about a year and have already had four or so (that I know about since there seem to be many during the day when I am not around, according to neighbours). The latest one was from 10am to 4pm last Wednesday.

Perhaps it's a sign that the infrastructure in the older suburbs is getting creaky.

ssanta 12:16 pm 21 Nov 05

I am not bad, I just cant spel.

Growling Ferret 12:03 pm 21 Nov 05

You are kidding Ari?

In three years in Gungahlin, 0.

In the previous 10 years in Weston Creek, 2. And that was after some fires in January 2003...

Move to Adelaide or Brisbane or Melbourne - where brown outs each hot summer day occur with monotonous regularity...

Ari 11:52 am 21 Nov 05

I reckon Canberra has far more blackouts than elsewhere, both planned and unplanned.

Chris 11:28 am 21 Nov 05

Gee, it's reassuring to know that not all the bad boys are on the other side!

ssanta 11:05 am 21 Nov 05

If you were on Life support you would be in TCH where back-up power would enable you breath easily. Mind you, I would have flicked the switch and then kicked you in the nuts!

Chris 11:03 am 21 Nov 05

SSanta, if I was on life support i would be whinging and how!

ssanta 10:17 am 21 Nov 05

They are testing for grid for any weaknesses, in case of fire, towelheads etc. Be patient, stop whinging and find something better to do with your time.

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