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Gold Creek Hair

For most ladies (and a lot of men), a relationship with a hairdresser that understands exactly what you want for your hair is worth climbing over broken glass for. Peta and the team at Gold Creek Hair have run their salon on that philosophy for the last 10 years. Here are their top five tips for finding the right hairdresser and getting the style you want.

1) Communication is King – Stylists style hair; they don’t read minds, communicating what you want your hair to look and feel like is one of the most important factors in getting the results you desire.

2) Know what you want – Think carefully about the cut you want. Asking the stylist to do whatever they think is best could end in disaster! Magazines are a great starting point to find the styles, shapes and colours that will suit you best. Discuss the ideas you have with your stylist and see how they will suit your hair’s shape, texture and growth patterns.

3) Be specific – Saying you want a “short cut” could have you walking out looking like anything from G.I. Joe to Ellen DeGeneres. The more specific you are with your instructions, the better your chances of getting the perfect style. Use specific measurements like “10cm below my shoulders” and don’t forget to bring in those pictures from the magazines.

4) Get to know your stylist – You won’t build a relationship in just one cut, however it’s a great idea to get to know your stylist. Not only will it give your conversations more substantial topics than the last week’s weather patterns, a stylist who knows you on some degree of a personal level will be more likely to understand exactly what you want for your hair.

5) Before you commit yourself, ask for a free consultation – Client focussed salons should offer a free consultation service to allow you to meet their stylists, assess your hair and help you plan your perfect style. Consulting with the stylist first allows you to get an insight to their ability and willingness to follow your instructions before you are committed to an appointment.

To celebrate their 10th Anniversary, Gold Creek Hair are offering free hair treatments as part of their obligation free consultation service during November and December. Hair treatments make styling easier, leave your hair feeling silky smooth and most importantly looking fantastic! To sign up for your obligation free treatment and consultation call 6230 9990 or register online at

Got a good tip for getting great results with your stylist or want to find out more about Gold Creek Hair and their 10th Anniversary Free Treatment Special? Post a comment below…

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9 Responses to Read this and avoid the climb over broken glass
GoldCreekHair GoldCreekHair 8:48 am 16 Nov 10

jennybel75 said :

Do you have a stylist there who specalises in curly hair? Or at least has a lot of experience in dealing with it?

We certainly do! Come in and ask for Peta, she has over 17 years experience in dealing with all sorts of hair types.

First step, jump on our website and register for our obligation free style consultation so you can get to know our stylists before enlisting their help.

GoldCreekHair GoldCreekHair 8:44 am 16 Nov 10

ConanOfCooma said :

I want to have my dreads brushed out… How much?

The best way to brush out dreads is with the clippers! Its a laborious task to brush out dreads and depending on how old they are the hair isn’t always in the best condition once the product is washed out.

Why not take advantage of our obligation free style consultation service and come and see us to talk about your dreads and how we can help you move on to your next style?

GoldCreekHair GoldCreekHair 8:38 am 16 Nov 10

eyeLikeCarrots said :

What would a basic cut for dude cost ?

Men’s style cuts are $30 including style product and we’ll even give your hair a wash afterwards so you don’t leave with a head full of those annoying little hair offcuts.

Come in and mention the RiotACT when getting your style cut and we’ll gift you a tube of our favourite styling product.

ConanOfCooma ConanOfCooma 4:00 pm 15 Nov 10

I want to have my dreads brushed out… How much?

jennybel75 jennybel75 11:18 am 15 Nov 10

Do you have a stylist there who specalises in curly hair? Or at least has a lot of experience in dealing with it?

eyeLikeCarrots eyeLikeCarrots 8:51 am 12 Nov 10

What would a basic cut for dude cost ?

VacToTheFuture VacToTheFuture 4:56 pm 11 Nov 10

cmdwedge said :

Stott-Despoja works at Gold Creek now? I never knew!

If it is her she’s much better at hairdressing than politics! I’ve been going to Gold Creek hair for 6 months or so now and have had my hair done by a couple of different girls out there. They are always really friendly, do a top job and I leave with great looking hair (which is a big ask given the head that I give them to work with!)

colourful sydney racing identity colourful sydney racing identity 3:48 pm 11 Nov 10

well spotted 🙂

cmdwedge cmdwedge 10:30 am 11 Nov 10

Stott-Despoja works at Gold Creek now? I never knew!

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