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RiotACT Camel Peddlars

By che - 27 September 2005 42

In response to this story from Maelinar about not needing to register your pet camel the CT have picked up the idea that RiotACT are the authority on Canberra Camel ownership.

CT Camel Story

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42 Responses to
RiotACT Camel Peddlars
Mr Evil 2:16 pm 27 Sep 05

Hey Bulldog, I’ve seen heaps of videos of women’s fun bits! 😉

che 2:03 pm 27 Sep 05

Actually Camels use more water than horses, their usefulness in the desert comes from the fact that they can travel further before they need to refill

and in this time of high petrol prices I think we should be looking at livestock as another viable transport option

Mr Evil 1:30 pm 27 Sep 05

Check the RSPCA; you never know they may have found a stray!

Thumper 1:23 pm 27 Sep 05

Well, i couldn’t find one on eBay….

Mr Evil 1:06 pm 27 Sep 05

A camel would be a good pet to have as they don’t need much water so would be very low maintanence during Stage 3 water restrictions.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 1:06 pm 27 Sep 05

Are stuffed animals exempt? If not, did CT get permission for the pictured pet?

bulldog 1:06 pm 27 Sep 05

Good work Mael. Kinda funny really.

As for RiotACT being the authority on camel ownership, I say this to the CT; Just ask any of us, we are the authority on absolutely everything.

Oh, and guys- the whole camel toe thing; gettng a bit Hoff-like in it’s un-originality and repitition.

Mr Evil, I suggest if you’ve never actually seen a real woman or her fun bits to move slowly away from the computer, take a shower and hit the streets. Not saying you aren’t a playa, but anyone who spends that much time obsessing over one thing sounds like they need to get out any more. Don’t mean to be harsh, childish or nasty but I have to make the point. Now, prove me wrong.

Thumper; so many good ideas, so little time in the day. Although I don’t know; what is the going rate for a camel? Can someone with too much spare time google this?

Thumper 12:49 pm 27 Sep 05

Do camels cruise? or saunter? maybe they amble?

Dunno, but they are big, dumb, scarey, and ugly, and i don’t think I’d own one for a pet, except to scare Charny bogans away from my house.

Admittedly, it would scare me away from my house as well, but that may be the price you pay.

Maybe we should start up RiotACT Security services and hire out camels….

Mr Evil 12:41 pm 27 Sep 05

Know the toe? Hell, I love the toe: except when it’s attached to a fugly!

ssanta 12:05 pm 27 Sep 05

There is actually a bloke down past Royal Belco Golf course that has a camel. I noticed it cruising down there last weekend.

Thumper 11:41 am 27 Sep 05

I am laughing so much I think i’m about to have a heart attack!

Indi 11:26 am 27 Sep 05

Mr Evil – the visual I’m getting is disturbing, but sometimes you’ve got to ‘know the toe’

Mr Evil 11:15 am 27 Sep 05

Yep, if you spend some time at the gym you’ll see plenty of cameltoes.

Maelinar 10:24 am 27 Sep 05

I feel strangely honoured 😛

Indi 9:46 am 27 Sep 05

contrary to CC’s assertion there have been no recent sightings of camels, there could be a case for plenty of camel toe sightings…

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