RiotACT Winter Wonderland Competition

Jazz 11 July 2007 24

ok, last chance to make a submission. would hate to have to give it to Absent Diane based on the submission below.

[first published 27 June]
RiotACT has something to give away. Yes, i know you are all stunned as it doesnt happen very often but the National Capital Authority were kind enough to send us a family voucher for 2 Adults and 2 children (over 5) to go ice skating at their upcoming WINTER WONDERLAND And we’d like to give it to one of you!!

The Festival is aimed at families with kids for the holiday period with ice skating, face painting, fairground type rides, kids “characters” , DJ’s and other stuff on the foreshores of Lake Burley Griffin near Questacon from July 7th to July 22nd.

Now the important bit, how do you get this magnificent and unparralleled $64 prize?

All you need to do is submit a Canberra winter themed piece of Poetry or Prose, or an Image of Canberra also with a winter theme before Saturday 7 July 2007. Entries will be judged by NTP and Jazz in some obscure but incredibly impartial method that we will come up with and the lucky winner will be notified by email.

We’ll judge all submissions in either of those two categories until the 7th, so dont delay in dusting off your camera, or setting pen to paper.

Enter now. You know you want to!

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24 Responses to RiotACT Winter Wonderland Competition
Absent Diane Absent Diane 12:26 pm 12 Jul 07

yes I think so.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 12:22 pm 12 Jul 07

I had a Philosophy/Theology lecturer named Bruce, it wasn’t at the University of Wooloomooloo though and he didn’t know the song.

Thumper Thumper 12:12 pm 12 Jul 07

Winberra is near Kickacanalong isn’t it?

Absent Diane Absent Diane 12:03 pm 12 Jul 07

Canter, Canter, Canter, Canter
Winberra, Winberra, Winberra, Winberra

Absent Diane Absent Diane 11:56 am 12 Jul 07

Winter, Winter, Winter, Winter
Canberra, Canberra, Canberra, Canberra

Thumper Thumper 11:48 am 12 Jul 07

Monty Python hey Bruce???

barking toad barking toad 11:41 am 12 Jul 07

“This here’s a wattle
It’s the emblem of our land
You can stick it in a bottle
Or hold it in your hand”

(I so totally stole that)

Thumper Thumper 10:39 am 12 Jul 07

Truly captures the image of a canberran winter.

Such prose shalt live on forever in the memories of those who remember…

Mr_Shab Mr_Shab 10:27 am 12 Jul 07

As the morning shakes me from slumber
I peer at the ceiling through fogging breath
Again, the grim, harsh day denies me
the glorious succour of my rest;
the warm body beside me stirs, and contends;
“Bollocks to this, we’re getting ducted gas”.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 9:52 am 12 Jul 07

Thumper, nice work, but I thought you could’ve added “a bus that never comes” at the end, instead of “a waiting bus”. 🙂

Thumper Thumper 9:06 am 12 Jul 07

As I awake from my deepen slumber
the frost and chill nipping savagely at my ears
the razor sits cold and lonely in a white bowl
the water trickling forth bracing to the point of pain.

frozen air that paralyses old lungs
and fingers blue with a deathly icy palour
the grass crushed and broken beneath your feet
as you walk stiffly and painfully towards a waiting bus

okay, that’s crap 🙂

lateralis lateralis 8:45 am 12 Jul 07

Frosty dawn,
Morning horn,
Another Canberra day is born

Blue sky bright,
Ross is right,
10 degrees, no clouds in sight

T-shirts bold
in arvo old
sun goes down… and then it’s cold

Bartron Bartron 11:48 pm 11 Jul 07

Sooo….anyone heard anything positive about the Winter Wonderland? So far all I’ve heard is it’s overpriced and rather lame…mind you, I haven’t been. I’m just hearing through the social network of local mums.

A poem though:
Roses are red
Violets and blue (although the colour violet is named after the flower, however “violets are violet” a) doesn’t flow well and b) states the obvious….I’ll settle for “blue-ish” though)
Ice is cold
Winter Wonderland is too (so pack your woolies)

ant ant 8:24 pm 11 Jul 07

oh boy! Face Painting! I must compose a pome. Possibly, there will also be a jumping castle!

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:56 pm 11 Jul 07

Winter in the capital.

Noses running like Stanhope runs from responsibility.
Hands cold like Mulcahy’s heart.
Lips cracked like Foskey’s head.
Toes bitter like Pratt’s personality.
A wind that cuts to the core, like Barr’s pen through a list of schools.
Even beer doesn’t taste right at this time of year.
Thank God for single malt Scotch!

Thumper Thumper 4:40 pm 11 Jul 07

Ohh… thank you 😉

Jey Jey 4:26 pm 11 Jul 07

*te he*
the poems have put me in the right frame of mind for my visit tomorrow!

I particularly like Thumper’s

Maelinar Maelinar 4:20 pm 11 Jul 07

Too late. Even is death too late.
Had it but come — silence. Put out
These sniffling fools that wait,
with hungry jowl and, slobbered snout,
My end — foregathered, at the feast
Like jackals when the lion is dead.
But you, who were among the least
Of all my friends, too late.
The 7th of July was last week.

(original concept by Jack London, screwed around with a bit by Maelinar).

Mr Evil Mr Evil 1:45 pm 11 Jul 07

A cheery little poem for all to enjoy!

Winter by Mr Evil.

Winter, winter everywhere,
like death it surrounds us all.
Cold, dark, wet tentacles smother all that they touch.
No one is immune from its spell.
You try to escape, but there’s nowhere to run to -bloody Hargreaves took the bridge away.
We’re all going to die a horrible death,
all because we voted for Labor!

caf caf 1:41 pm 11 Jul 07

Frosty commuters
waiting at frosty bus stops.
I feel the power.

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