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Sam needs to be glassed

By Jazz - 11 November 2005 47

Normally Johnboy likes to steal all of the limelight when it comes to special guest appearances on other websites. But on this occaision Samuel Gordon-Stewart has completely upstaged him and grabbed mention on The Spin Starts Here and Needs to be Glassed.

Personally i’m not sure if the second one is something you should be aspiring to SGS, but to each his own. At least you scored 5 glasses for that yellow turtleneck.

What’s Your opinion?

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47 Responses to
Sam needs to be glassed
Samuel Gordon-Stewar 3:50 pm 11 Nov 05

Oh fine, I’ll bite…Yes I did, and in the thirteen years of it only one person ever commented.

For those who aren’t aware, K-12 is actually 13 years, not 12…I probably wore them in preschool as well.

terubo 3:50 pm 11 Nov 05

Hey Caz, tough gig PMT eh?

kimba 3:49 pm 11 Nov 05

Not sure about the skivvy look. The Queer Eye guys need to do a makeover on our Sam.

nyssa76 3:46 pm 11 Nov 05

Ok, I’m still laughing my arse off……can’t help it. So shoot me. I needed a laugh the Dept sucks it out of me each day 🙂

nyssa76 3:41 pm 11 Nov 05

I’m sorry, I had to laugh.

SGS I thought skivvy’s went out in the 70’s.

Please don’t tell us you wore them to school 😉

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 3:40 pm 11 Nov 05

Again??? Oh right, the “Evil pompous loony woamn” comment, of course…I’m sure you’ve been called worse…I know I have.

Thumper 3:32 pm 11 Nov 05


Will You lot stop arguing!

Go and have a beer, its friday arvo….

Hmmmm Beer, happy thoughts….

areaman 3:26 pm 11 Nov 05

I don’t think people are claiming it’s uninteresting, more that it’s an object of ridicule. Sure you probably think you’re smarter than the people making fun of you, the fact of the matter is you’re probably not, I know I wasn’t.

Caz 3:25 pm 11 Nov 05

it will certainly make me think twice before doing it to anyone else.

You left the word “again” off the end of that sentence darlin’. xxxx

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 3:20 pm 11 Nov 05

And yes, I’m very proud of my blog…no matter how uninteresting it is to the general population.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 3:18 pm 11 Nov 05

Look, I really don’t care if people do or don’t like my blog. If there is one thing I have learned from this odd experience it is what being defamed feels like (and no, that isn’t a treat to sue)…it will certainly make me think twice before doing it to anyone else.

Cameron 2:58 pm 11 Nov 05

I’d be very surprised if this thing goes as far as the Star Wars Kid did… though wouldn’t that be a feat? That the kind of publicity you want Sam? As areaman has a point in that the blog really isn’t something to publicise.

areaman 2:51 pm 11 Nov 05

Samuel, I don’t know how to tell you this but publicity is only something you want if you have something to publicise (and no you blog doesn’t count), otherwise you’re just being made fun of. That being said I welcome the rise of our own local “star wars boy”.

tom_crumz 2:51 pm 11 Nov 05

slinging shit on little sammy gordon makes you look like a bunch of pussies. it reminds me of the tough kids in school finding an easy target: a woosy little turtle neck wearing kid who they know has no big wig to stand up for him.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 2:27 pm 11 Nov 05

I’ve already said what I think about Needs To Be Glassed on this site…this is interesting publicity anyway.

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