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Sam needs to be glassed

Jazz 11 November 2005 47

Normally Johnboy likes to steal all of the limelight when it comes to special guest appearances on other websites. But on this occaision Samuel Gordon-Stewart has completely upstaged him and grabbed mention on The Spin Starts Here and Needs to be Glassed.

Personally i’m not sure if the second one is something you should be aspiring to SGS, but to each his own. At least you scored 5 glasses for that yellow turtleneck.

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47 Responses to Sam needs to be glassed
Mr Evil 4:46 pm 16 Nov 05

Kerces, you are a legend, and I salute you!

Kerces 11:33 am 16 Nov 05

Mr Annon:

Going through my morning RA and checking out what I’ve missed out on over the evening and night and I find you’ve taken it upon yourself to comment on almost every post that’s got current discussion on it.

Fair enough, except that your comments have little or no relevance to the discussion at hand. Now an occasional off-topic comment is ok, but an entire series that are increasingly offensive and foul-mouthed is definitely not.

I note you’ve already been told by Jey and NTP in the bar crawl pics thread to go away (yes, I know I’m too polite), but as this thread was where the comments I found most offensive were, I’m treating you to the same message in my own way.

Calling someone gay as an insult is not clever or intelligent. It’s infantile. It’s something young high school kids do. If you have taken offense at the people who run this site for some reason then explain that reason and be brave enough to enter into an adult argument. I know Godwin’s Law is not about calling someone “gay” to win an argument, but to my mind it’s comparable. And if you’re just doing it for kicks or to get a rise out of them, you seriously need to go learn how to have fun.

Judging and sniping at people for their fashion sense may be fun for a short while, but when someone turns it nasty, that is not fun. Clothes are a very superficial way of judging people anyway. Although they are an expression of a person’s personality, they should never be used as the only way to judge someone’s personality. To do that, you need to get to know the person in question.

And finally, I personally guarantee you that Johnboy is not gay, nor has “assignations” at Cube. I’m also very sure about NTP and would take his word that none of the others who run the site are gay either.

Now fuck off.

Lots of love,

Mr Annon 10:12 am 16 Nov 05

Yeah Johnboy … I’d bet you have your name on the door at Cube. I hear Sammy regularly lurks around incognito by rolling his turtleneck up over his head. Not that you’d notice, because I’ve heard that every assignation you have in Cube YOU ARE TURNED THE OTHER WAY!

Mr Annon 10:05 am 16 Nov 05

Fuck all this intellectual bullshit! There’s nothing a good glassing and a vigorous poofta bashing can’t fix!

terubo 8:05 am 16 Nov 05

The latter. Amazing how some of them can actually read, given they can’t write.

Mr Evil 7:57 am 16 Nov 05

It’s interesting to see that whenever there’s something on RiotACT linking to TSSH or Needs to be Glassed we always seem to get a much lower class of uneducated redneck scum making comment here. Is this just a coincidence, or does it say much more about those two blog’s readership?’

johnboy 10:14 pm 15 Nov 05

Actually I think Sam’s dress sense is definitive proof of his heterosexuality.

You won’t see anything like that in Cube.

nyssa76 8:43 pm 15 Nov 05

Who gives a toss if SGS is gay or not? I sure as hell don’t. He can do what he likes with his blog and if you don’t like it – here’s a thought, don’t read it.


Mr Annon 4:46 pm 15 Nov 05

You like like a raving poof and that’s good enough for me!

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 4:34 pm 15 Nov 05

Excuse me? Since when does my name indicate anything about my sexual preference? For the record I’m straight, and there is nothing wrong with my dress sense, if you don’t like it, don’t dress like it!

Mr Annon 4:24 pm 15 Nov 05

I noticed Sammy, whose hyphenated wanky name and dress sense seems to confirm what we are all thinking, doesn’t deny he’s an in-the-closet FAG BOY!

About the only “twisted joke” on this fucked-out blog is the mornon gibeerings of its owner.

Hey, I’ve got a great idea … if you seek some “interesting publicity” how about you sponsor and enter a Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras float?

Yes, glassed, poofta bashed, kicked when he’s down and then set alight would be a good start!

Absent Diane 9:45 am 14 Nov 05

Poofta bash = Being beaten up by homosexual rough necks????

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 1:08 am 13 Nov 05

Please tell me that is some kind of twisted joke heatseeker. I was kind of hoping we didn’t have people who actually believe that tripe.

nyssa76 12:37 am 13 Nov 05

sad…….very sad

heatseeker 12:29 am 13 Nov 05

“heatseeker – so I take it that you’re referring to the usual male “pissing contest”? Alpha males must dominate and bag out anyone who isn’t like them?”

Yep, that’s me exactly … oh, and I think this skivvy wearing clown should also be poofta bashed as well as copping five glasses and a bonus jug!

I know it’s not right to kck a man when he’s down, but I think that would be entirely appropriate in this case, after he’d been glassed and poofta bashed.

johnboy 9:03 am 12 Nov 05

Sure you probably think you’re smarter than the people making fun of you, the fact of the matter is you’re probably not, I know I wasn’t.

Amen to that. (seriously, not taking the piss)

Jey 8:27 am 12 Nov 05

I smoked on and off at Dickson College (2000-2002), you couldn’t smoke right near the buildings, like where the smoke could easily blow inside, but you could smoke everywhere else.

nyssa76 7:05 am 12 Nov 05

jey, when I went to Dicko I wasn’t a smoker – didn’t start until I was 21ish. Every student who wanted to smoke, smoked in the quad – even some staff. Then again it was 1993/4 and the PC BS hadn’t fully taken a hold on our society.

heatseeker – so I take it that you’re referring to the usual male “pissing contest”? Alpha males must dominate and bag out anyone who isn’t like them?

Jey 3:38 am 12 Nov 05

“Mind you smoking is banned on the school grounds, so u can only smoke in the carpark!”

They banned smoking on Dickson College school grounds?
*shakes head*

heatseeker 12:57 am 12 Nov 05

“Needs to be glassed” … and you’re thinking this is good publicity? That’s a bit like thinking that turtleneck is fashion sense. And don’t even get me started on that crap hairstyle! Have you ever had a root you don’t pay for? You need all five glasses and a jug, which may go a small way to giving you some cred! But, yes, you’re right … a mention on “needs to be glassed” is, for you, good publicity … unfortunately, for you, it’s about as good as you’re ever going to get!

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