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Same Sex Marriage – It’s none of my business

By John Hargreaves 10 August 2014 22


For the record, I am in favour of same sex marriage. I don’t see why two people who love each other deeply can’t express that love in the way that society endorses those relationships.

Let’s get a couple of furphies out the way. There has to be a separation of religious and secular rules. Not all of us are religious or share the same notion of Christianity. I separate conversation with a deity and the secular.

This notion that marriage is all about procreation is unmitigated nonsense. Relationships between individuals who are not and never were married often result in offspring. It’s been the case since there were more than two people on this earth.

This nonsense that marriage is sacred and is for life has never really been the case. Divorces have been possible for centuries and we all have friends who have been in marriages and are not happy about it. This notion is a religiously imposed once given to us by a bloke who had never been married. That works, doesn’t it?

Secular marriage is about two things. It is about an expression of devotion (at a particular time of life, something to be celebrated and shared with others who hold both parties in affection.

The other is about legal equality, the right of inheritance, the right to shared estate ownership, the right of “next of kin” status.

At the end of the day, in terms of human relationships, religion gets in the way. Look at the imposed marriages in some Muslim and Hindu societies, look the outrage at marriages between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland, look at the interference in birth control by the Catholics in recent years gone by.

I won’t be told who I can live with by some bloke in a dress who talks to an imaginary friend. Who I have as a life partner is none of anyone’s business except me and my partner.

All I need is the State to recognise that union for the purposes of legal equality. When I meet the Almighty, I’ll discuss the matter with Him/Her. Until then, He/She can get out of my face.

It seems that is too much to ask.

We’ll see when the Coalition, Labor and the cross-benches exercise their conscience votes in federal parliament. Although, it is a bit academic for us here in the ACT until we get true sovereignty.

What’s Your opinion?

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Same Sex Marriage – It’s none of my business
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HiddenDragon 6:15 pm 13 Aug 14

watto23 said :

HiddenDragon said :

Let’s hope (in a nice, mature way) that this won’t be an issue in the 2016 ACT election. There are many other issues which are worthy of, and inevitably will be, the subject of partisan debate – in this day and age, this issue should not be used for political purposes, particularly at the sub-national level.

The reason it remains an issue is because one side of politics won’t acknowledge it. Political parties go to an election with many many policies. Gay marriage is one of those, and obviously enough people are either happy for it, or don’t care as much to change their vote because of it.

This applies at all levels, not everyone who voted for the coalition federal government, agrees with stopping the boats, axing the carbon tax etc. Even less agree with the coalition policy on the NBN. Still you have to give and take regarding policies and vote on the set of policies that appeal most to you.

While gay marriage was found unconstitutional the way it was done in the ACT, it would not even be an issue if the politicians stopped listening to groups with vested anti-gay agenda. In fact many politicians have changed their mind in support of it.

I agree its a waste of time debating this, it will happen eventually, it doesn’t affect me, but I just can’t understand why a selfish minority feel the need to interfere in someones life. The census shows the number of christians/catholics are diminishing in this country and its probably due to antiquated views of families and life in general that forms part of the reason.

My point was essentially about the High Court decision – the message of which seemed to be that this is a legislative issue for the federal parliament. If that is the case, then I am not overly impressed with any State or Territory politician who – however they dress it up and present it – try to use the issue for the purposes of product differentiation, particularly when this involves making an emotional appeal in order to distract voters from issues which are clearly the responsibility of the relevant State or Territory legislature.

VYBerlinaV8_is_back 1:49 pm 13 Aug 14

Masquara said :

The fact that Julia Gillard prevaricated on gay marriage support means there must be a lot of anti-gay marriage sentiment in the ALP.

That’s right. Politics, despite what many would like, is still a conservative business.

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