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Scotty and Nige Hangover Party

By YoungAndVocal - 2 June 2011 41

Was anyone else disgusted about 104.7’s decision to hold a competition for people to attend a hangover party?

It is absolutely disgraceful that a local radio station promotes an event, obviously aimed at the young people of Canberra, encouraging them to go out and party with D-grade celebrities in order to have a next-day ‘hangover party.’

As a young person in Canberra, I found this extremely careless and fail to see the logic behind this competition. 104.7 PR needs revisiting. This is a PR disaster – encouraging young people to drink to the point of ‘achieving’ a hangover when binge drinking and alcohol fueled violence is already enough of an issue.

What’s Your opinion?

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41 Responses to
Scotty and Nige Hangover Party
MrMagoo 12:11 pm 02 Jun 11

Calamity said :

This is ridiculous. Just an excuse to have a moan about something.
You can do better than this, surely.

Apparently not.

Sleaz274 11:51 am 02 Jun 11

Wow another think of the children post. The internet is making me discover more and more that people are a) mostly stupid b) completely and utterly banal c) easily outraged.

What will they think of next, a come down party? a chill out zone? a music festival? high tea at the Hyatt (which btw is excellent)?

Calamity and Mr Magoo are dismissed from a) b) & c) above

XO_VSOP 11:49 am 02 Jun 11

What more do you expect from these guys …they slide further and further away from the glory days when Marty and Erica would actually entertain and make a difference, Martys Crazy calls were a highlight. Its starts at the top.

Calamity 11:17 am 02 Jun 11

This is ridiculous. Just an excuse to have a moan about something.
You can do better than this, surely.

Beserk Keyboard Warr 10:54 am 02 Jun 11

Scotty and Nige D-grade? They wish.

MrMagoo 10:18 am 02 Jun 11

Young and Vocal – did the soap box need an airing. Firstly, the promotion was aimed at a Movie bearing the name The Hangover II. Secondly, and in support of a few other posters, can you or anyone else not make the distinction between the name of a promotion and the consumption of alcohol as a self choice mechanism. The pretext you posted on that it was a promotion to get drunk and turn up to a movie is baseless and quite frankly naive. People are freeto make their own choices and thusly need to stop blaming media outlets for their own personal behaviour choices.

Harden up, make choices and live with them, don’t look for scapegoatsor others to blame. It is so typical of the culture at moment to look for someone else to blame instead of puttingyour hand up and saying yep, i did it and its down to me.

John Moulis 10:17 am 02 Jun 11

mouthface said :

D grade celebrities at a local radio station? Yes I was disgusted..

D grade, yes. Celebrities, no.

Holden Caulfield 9:51 am 02 Jun 11

I still can’t get over how many people listen to that tripe.

our-interface 9:49 am 02 Jun 11

I think you’ve overreacting just a little OP.

Chop71 9:37 am 02 Jun 11

lol, back in my day I didn’t need a radio station to promote it. I could get smashed any night of the week without social media checking up on me or telling others of my exploits.
From The Canberra Workers Club, Jolly Jugs, The Bin and Mooseheads when it had live music in the early 90s (and the see through dance floor) Good Times, and the 3 day hangovers ….. wow they toughened me up.

Rangi 9:37 am 02 Jun 11

People like the OP are why we are turning into a nanny state. No one forced you to go or to drink, stop being a sook.

Daspuck 9:33 am 02 Jun 11

That’s Scotty and Nige for you. Beer o’clock, early happy hours.. They’ve been doing this sorta crap for as long as they’ve been on the air.

They’re just the worst radio jocks ever. Nige makes some poor joke about being wasted. Scotty bursts out laughing at Nige. Nige beats already bad joke to death for the next 5 minutes. repeat. till 9am.

They’re the reason why I switched to triple J. and I always hated triple J. (like it now)

mouthface 9:30 am 02 Jun 11

D grade celebrities at a local radio station? Yes I was disgusted..

magiccar9 9:29 am 02 Jun 11

If you bothered to listen to the promotion and understand it, you would know that they weren’t promoting people to go out and get hammered. They encouraged them to go and have “a few drinks”. Nothing mentioned about the necessity to have a hangover the following morning.

Sure, people probably did get hammered, but that was their choice. Scotty and Nige weren’t there forcing drinks down their throats. The entire time the choice was with the people doing the drinking.

I think you need to actually make sure you have a sound understanding of the competition before you create a post like this.

mouthface 9:26 am 02 Jun 11

Are you sure you are a “young person”?

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