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Shake for the Quake

By loadedog 24 August 2006 16

Fundraiser gig for the people of earthquake striken Jogyakarata

Shake the Quake Poster

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Shake for the Quake
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Absent Diane 1:57 pm 26 Aug 06

um… nama saya gemuk kepala dan apa nama ayam anda?

behasa indonesie saya tidak baik sekali!!!

Maelinar 10:41 pm 25 Aug 06

Ayam tak murah dong. Ayam ada lebih bagus seperti dengan kechap manis.

Northey 2:28 pm 24 Aug 06

Jogya is a pretty big town, not far from Mt Merapi, Borobudur Buddist temple, and Prambanan Hindu temple (jeez – Im such a tourist!)

the damage and death toll is frightening

I hope you all have a great evening at the benefit gig – which is a pretty good line-up for the $$ on any night

Thumper 1:47 pm 24 Aug 06


Cheers LD…

loadedog 1:41 pm 24 Aug 06

I’ll see your retracted ‘fuck off’ and raise you a retracted ‘slimy arsehole’.

Thumper 11:29 am 24 Aug 06

ACtually LD,

I retract the ‘fuck off’ bit.

That was uncalled for.

loadedog 11:29 am 24 Aug 06

Indonesia’s recent disasters have been extraordinary in scale and beyond the capacity of one country to repair.

Australia’s reaction to the Tsunami was generous and represented an unequalled opportunity to spread goodwill amongst the people of Indonesia (who don’t, in general, hate Australia).

Even the great United States was the recipient of overseas aid from private donations and from governments after Hurricane Katrina (and look how well they’re looking after the people of New Orleans). Perhaps they could flog off a few ICBM’s?

This event raises funds for an individual aid worker working on the ground in Jogyakata distributing funds directly to recipients aiding in redevelopment of infrastructure and restoring the local economy.

Mr Evil 10:52 am 24 Aug 06

Loadedog, maybe the Indonesian Govt might consider selling it’s latest Soviet Sukhoi Su-27 fighter jets to pay to help their own people?

Thumper 10:35 am 24 Aug 06

Thank you loadedog. So I’m a cynical bastard. So what.

Is that a crime?

As for bigotted, ignorant and jingoistic, you can get fucked.

I also tend to agree with Santa in that we have an obligation to those less well off.

But I was making a valid point and one you really cannot refute.

Absent Diane 10:00 am 24 Aug 06

ayam ini murah

S4anta 9:33 am 24 Aug 06

sorry about the link, try this

S4anta 9:32 am 24 Aug 06

Irrespective of how the country behaves, or does business, I honestly believe that it is the job of those of us who can help, regardless of where we are to put out a hand and help those who are disadvantaged.

Except for those intellgunt desine barstards. They can go and get f**ked.

loadedog 9:30 am 24 Aug 06

Thanks for the typically cynical, bigotted, ignorant and jingoistic replies from f******ds, sorry, commenters 2 and 3. You know nothing about how these funds are being delivered in the specific and probably nothing about how overseas aid works in general and yet you’re somehow jutified to cast a slur, in public, on this event. May an earthquake (or fire) destroy your houses, you slimy arseholes, and we’ll see how much sympathy you think you deserve.

Thumper 9:15 am 24 Aug 06

Does it occur to anyone that we seem to be spending an inordinate amount of money on a country that hates our guts and seems quite unwilling to even look after its own people.

And by the way, corruption, as we see it, is not seen as corruption in many SE Asian nations. It is an accepted way of doing business.

But point taken.

Mr Evil 9:09 am 24 Aug 06

Yay, more money from Australia that can end up being ripped off by some corrupt bastard in Indonesia!

S4anta 9:00 am 24 Aug 06

flash poster kiddies

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